Riding motorcycles, Kawasaki sport bikes, Harley Davidson or anything on two wheels, and motovlogging about riding them, is what I love to do. Explaining how to ride, stoppie, drift or how to do burnouts on your bike, is what I love to do! Riding, racing, group rides, drifting, motorcycles, or street riding with motorcycle insurance, gasoline in the tank, and new tires on the bikes! Currently on a 2004 636 Kawasaki Ninja street bike, a 2009 Harley 1200, and a Honda Grom!
If you like cool motovlogs and a fun new taste on the sport bike scene, you have come to the right channel for all you motorcycle questions and how to videos! Being a moto vlogger that pushes the limits on bikes is all part of the lifestyle!
brian_636 has been on bikes all over the United States of America and has close ties with some of the best out there from Streetfighterz, CBear, and many more riders from across the Streets of America!

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  1. MastaMoto

    Love this brother keep it up!! 💯👌🔥🏍️

  2. Freddie the Fly

    These videos are so much fun to watch. Makes me wish I had learned to trick ride when I was much younger.

  3. chesswarriore4

    Such a motivational video. loved every minute of it. keep up the good work and amazing editing skills.


    sweet idea dude, unique podcast. signed up cuz i figured adding this to your tasks is probably gonna be a lot of work; hopefully it works out. 🔥

  5. Kahaone Kelau

    You need to do a hood eats on the grom

  6. J Saucy

    Yessir your in my city

  7. Fattyvapes 69

    Been watching sense 2018 love ur vids bro

  8. Darryl Brooks

    My Aetna PPO says this is a no go... for me!!!

  9. StayShifty Squad

    Shoutout from Michigan! We gotta get get a ride going in Detroit, i feel like there’s so much potential here and not a strong enough stunt scene.

  10. Easy from TN BTW

    I fully support the easy content

  11. Full send Tv

    Sounds like your guys are underwater ... but Deff nice podcast

  12. Aj Leary

    Where are you guys finding these alternate KRT edition colors??

  13. KrazyCertified

    Your a legend bro

  14. Decker _705

    Brian honing your questions is epic this will take off. best part of this podcast is talking about the community. BE A SPONGE. ask questions and most people in the community are friendly and willing to help anyone out !

  15. EduTubeSA

    Looting and destruction is so wrong. History vs Future The Movie Idiocracy (2006) Man evolved. Looks like the opposite of evolution decline and regression. What has made people so stupid, the internet or cell phones. (Radiation ) Humans will be the only species that will document their own extinction.

  16. TomPhantom

    when you gonna do a face reveal?

  17. Foster Bennett

    What's up Brian 636

  18. Sky Hawk

    f4i gang middle of the map ride this weekend better be in kc bby

    1. Trevor Gondran

      Any info on it?

  19. paul duffield

    Wrecking a good bike moron

  20. Sky Hawk

    ahhh fuck yea

  21. kevon roberts


  22. Skye High

    O YEAH WHAT UP 636

  23. 125 F4i

    You and GixxerBrah in helmets interviewing would be dope, love to hear more about HighSideJoe, CBear, too many to list. Love all the content brotha and love the history/education in every video. So much respect!

  24. Elijah Watkins

    Love you brian, I've been watching you since probably 2016 2017"on multiple accounts" , I've had a couple bikes before but never a stunt build, however I just picked up a stunt bike. You might be mad but it's an f4i lol however it was just a good deal and imm gonna sell it in a couple months and joing the kawi gang baby!! hahah keep at it bro 🤘

  25. halflife876

    When are you gonna do a face reveal 500k subs or 1 mil

  26. Jones Jonas

    Brazilian fam here. Most of us can't speak english but if we could, we'd be subscribing to your shit! Here in são paulo, capital of our biggest city, we love stunt riding. But ours is a bit different, we like to achieve the balance point, coast, switch to neutral and ride rhe wave. We're not really educated on bike modification in terms of stunt riding mods. We're more street, similar to bike life but our own thing. Much love, bro Do your.thing

  27. Jones Jonas


  28. Kara Elizabeth

    I love the podcasts. Nice pause in all the riding to hear people’s stories

  29. Messier 87

    I love corona 🍻, virtual cheers brian & rev limiter

  30. Taron James

    Love your vids bro I been here since 2019

  31. life is fruitful

    Get them likes up guys

  32. Messier 87

    ha im first, for the first time, I guess there is a first time for everything 😆

  33. Kevin Petitt

    Let's get it! 1st time seeing this pod cast! From the STL!

    1. Coy Here

      Shady Jack's Baby!

  34. Carson Kelly


  35. Tom Conlogue

    Ah hell yeah

  36. Messier 87


  37. brian_636

    Check out Tippin Back on IG HERE! instagram.com/tippin_back/ Support My Channel HERE! www.patreon.com/brian636​

    1. Messier 87

      wish I had money to give you bro, you have quality videos! especially those (hood eat) eps buddy

  38. 414CycleRider

    Should come up to milwaukee sometime

  39. L U C

    today on : why im happy i dont live in big cities

  40. R U Hungry

    Imposter syndrome

  41. Kevin McCorkle


  42. Kassim Koteiche

    Thats whatsup Neto sick rider from TJ one of Tj's best riders

  43. Noah

    Everyone's talking about the news but not that BIKE. What kind of bike is it?! Looks great 😜

  44. Nickt_ATV T

    9:41 what type of gloves are those they look sick

  45. vTaqz

    What an awesome video, the vibe is unreal

  46. OG V1P3R

    What camera and mic do u use?

  47. Edward Kimock

    What dirt bike is that? Where can I buy it

  48. Owen Teichner

    You should Ride to the Shameless house ! It’s in Chicago

  49. hanky spanky

    he had fentanyl in his system lol he drug dead

  50. JPMOTO_636

    You gonna be down there this weekend?? I’m going down to Paris Island SC I’ll be looking for you! 😂🤙🤙

  51. sundialarmy911 PorVida Wey

    Dang bro!!!You really GOIN’GOIN’GOIN’-looking pretty WILN’STYLN’+HAH 🥷🥷🥷🥷

  52. Alejo Godoy

    Che brian porque no te compras una moto mejor es una baba esa madura dale deja de andar en una rueda y anda a laburar

  53. Cody Napier

    Welcome to NC u should ride the country roads there the best

  54. Michelle Keir

    What bike is it

  55. harlan therkleson

    Good on you buddy

  56. chronicdominic

    Did i miss the cartel scene? Wtf

  57. P.D.L. Stunts

    Dude those stoppie wheelie combos make me wanna learn stoppies so bad 😂 sick 🔥

  58. Brandon Elieff

    That guy is good. ;-) And on a Harley too. ;-)

  59. illateez

    Love those socks 😂

  60. WokeRider

    Nice. Safe riding giving Bikers a good name. Lol Smh

  61. Kasper Zysko

    Keep up the stunts, king ‼️👑

  62. Logan Tolley

    Him riding that front brake 24/7 is bothering me like ..he has his finger on it all the damn his brakes must drag bad

  63. John Crawford

    I had the same thing happen in SF. I got kicked out of a restaurant by a group of Italian men. No AR's but everyone had .45's and they were all wearing a ton of money (expensive clothing from head to toe). A friend of mine hand been telling me all day about how the Italian mafia had hooks in a lot of businesses out their and i thought he was just blowing smoke up my ass, it turns out he was dead on.

  64. Rouge Campos

    I'm here for the crashes n decapitated bikes..very disappointed people get tired of retards thinking they own the road..😂

  65. Axstrofnbr

    Brian I believe some bird has shit on your 636!!

    1. brian_636


  66. Gavin Lisicki

    6:20 among all the items being sold

    1. brian_636


  67. Blinkyy Yt

    you should most definitely do a hood eats in nc!

  68. Toxic

    Rumor has it he parks his bike with the frontwheel up

    1. brian_636


  69. Enzo Bhai

    Which country is this

  70. Travis Elmer

    Good stuff man! Keep it up!!

    1. brian_636

      Thanks Travis will do

  71. Axel Lask

    hey man sorry for your loss

  72. Todor Zhivkov

    part 2 please dudd hahaha

  73. Jordan O’Reilly

    23k views and 1.9k likes and 189 comments in 12 minutes 👌🏼 Definitely the best motovlog channel ever Love all your videos my dude 🤘🏼

    1. brian_636


  74. juhannussima teemukissa

    george died from drugs

  75. sSHaDoW cRUiZer2o3

    your kidding me thiS iZzZ amAzinG you Guys LetS wiN thiS biKe ayyye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Relaxedsand

    why do u hold your front brake in when your riding