PARTYING WITH THE COPS! (EastCoastin 2020)


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    We head to the legendary East Coastin Party where Harley Davidson stunt riders burn rubber, drink beer, and perform stunts all while New Haven Police give riders a one day pass and even join in on the fun! Enjoy this Vlog, Brian 636!
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    The East Coastin crew is a group of Harley Davidson stunt riders based in New Haven Connecticut. They are known for their stunts on Dynas and Bagger motorcycles but more so for their infamous block party that they host once a year. Join me as I bring you coverage from start to finish of one epic motorcycle party!
    Before every ride on the street, we check all essential parts on the Harley Davidson 1200 sportster stunt bike, Yamaha Yz450f supermoto, and Kawasaki zx6-r motorcycle. Insurance, gasoline, tires, chain, and oil are all inspected by a motorcycle tech. Always wear your DOT approved helmet, leather gloves, and motorcycle insurance company.
    #EastCoastin #StuntRide

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    1. brian_636

      This was a crazy one! Support more videos like this by joining my Patreon HERE!

      1. victor lopez

        Much love to u man i appreciate u showing love to us in new haven def was the best day ever

      2. keirra Leggins


      3. pukar shahi

        I am your biggest fan from nepal Lots of love from nepal

      4. Ride or Die


      5. Bikelife 9920


    2. Friskie

      no wonder america has 500k covid deaths

    3. Aris Wester

      i would just go to america just to ride with groups because this looks fun af

    4. Ribalder R

      'Murica!, Fok Ya!

    5. FriedRice Gaming

      Ahhh the life of a biker.....You Live, You Love, and You Fuckin Ride Baby. Love your vids bro

      1. brian_636

        Yes sir brother!!!!

    6. HB Adventures

      Anybody else notice the cop smoking the cigar? 🤣🤣

      1. brian_636

        Dude is a boss!

    7. FiveO Shooter 62

      looks like a covid hell hole bust fuck duuuudeee keep it rolling !!!

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya!

    8. theodor Myhra

      me from norway watching this with a meter of snow outside... i wanna fucking move to america now jesus

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya big bro!

    9. Rabbit Edwards


    10. just real

      Lol@ LIGHT EM UPPPPPPP @ THE COP... they were mad cool though..that's what's up

      1. brian_636

        They are awesome!

    11. Max Wamsley

      half the bikes disappeared in the smoke

      1. Max Wamsley


      2. brian_636

        FOR REAL LOL

    12. Aaron's Aquatics

      Amazing video bro you made me forget how boring my life is 😂😂

      1. brian_636

        All love my guy

    13. Joe Salazar

      Dude this video is going under rated!!

      1. Joe Salazar

        I ment to say "So under rated" but I was drunk at the time like I am now lol

      2. brian_636

        FOR REAL!!!!! One of my favorites

    14. Niagara Falls New York

      Dude with the glowing pipes at the end was drunk af 🤣

      1. brian_636


    15. Havoc


    16. ShadWhiteFace G

      its awesome how a music can change everything lol even the cops are cool

    17. HOOK DB

      if @12:30 does not give you CT feels then what are you doing here

    18. ちゃんねるM


    19. Karolis Dolgaliovas

      Cool party once again 💪🏻💪🏻 Who is that skeleton who hit ya man? 🙈

    20. mick muller

      I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm

    21. Jimmie AXE

      Wow! This shirt was intense 🔥🔥

    22. CA 88

      Whats that covid thing again? 🤦‍♂️

    23. the Yesinator

      Atleast nothing bad is happening i appreciate what your doing

      1. the Yesinator

        I'm packing all my stuff to bring to my grandfathers

      2. brian_636

        All love brother!

    24. E Swizzle

      The red pipes haha that man was juiced

      1. brian_636


    25. Timothy Roomey

      That pretty much sums up that crazy day, can’t wait for next year

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya brother!!!!!

    26. Coy Here

      God I love your videos. RIP Johnny #LLJ

    27. Footbrake Killer75

      Fcuk you guys know how to party 😂🔥👌

      1. brian_636

        Yee yeeeeeee

    28. DrinkMDeveryDay

      18:56 Spotted a wild DankWheelie In his natural habitat

    29. Dice Kash

      Looks like a awesome fun day those sunset shots always look bomb with a wheelie

    30. clayton smith

      yooo my girls got an 03 636 its gotta crack in the gas tank cover. doesnt leak gas. anyone selling one or know of a way to cover it. kinda looks hideous. thanks

    31. v n

      @White_feather _stunts ... was here Brian

    32. Jake 72

      Man this is awesome!! Good to see the police connecting with the community. Also, thank you for your service Brian🇺🇸

      1. brian_636

        All love brother!!!

    33. aden dennis

      Never seen anything go so hard

    34. CJ Stunts

      The red-hot pipes had me DONE!

    35. Neus Cortada Gomez

      Wow!!! Brian eres increible y tus videos me inspiran tanto!! Continua así....puedo mirar tus videos por horas hahahaha saludos desde España:))))

    36. Ricky McDonald

      Damn Brian u were in my hood?!

    37. xBlind

      “This is complete and utter chaos” *cuts immediately to Brian causing chaos*

    38. Raj channel

      Plzzzzz reply me

    39. Raj channel

      How to Kawasaki 636 model no. 2003 bike use this speedometer name

    40. NES TV

      Watching from Bali

    41. Live Free Moto

      this would be dope!

    42. Jordan Emmons

      Wish we can do this in California

    43. Brian Gillespie

      Yo this ride was fucking awesome this was my first year riding an i cant fucking wait for eastcoast 2021

    44. boosted.integra.

      Bro that was so fuckin lit 🔥

    45. KanaiHawaii

      So fucking LIT holy shit 🙉🙉🔥🔥

    46. Mr. Debin

      Question: what bike did you use for your build? Or did you grab scrap parts?

    47. Bikelyfe Percy

      Yup this is definitely in the plan of 2021

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya brother!!!!

    48. radoisdope2

      That fill her up at the end had me dying

    49. demodaii_

      this is crazy mate, y'all must've had a ton of fun. it's cool to see you guys ripping burnouts and wheelies everywhere plus legally.. cheers brother 💪🏻

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya brother!! All love!

    50. MeierMoto

      i love your videos bro....thanks that i can watch :)

    51. Bobby Zwickey

      Love seein more and more harleys. Shits rowdy 🤙

    52. Lover Sarh is My Girl friend

      Brain Are You Real?

    53. Lover Sarh is My Girl friend

      I Love You Brain And I Love Your Friends Too✨✨✨😂😂😂💖💖😎😎💘💘😃😃😄😄😄😁😁💲💲😜😜😙😙😅😅🤪🤪🤣🤣🥰🥰😀😆🙉😲😘😗

    54. Donte Stanley

      Where was this!? Mad I missed this and I'm on the east coast

    55. Ritzy Rêve

      That was awesomeeeeee 💯 🙌🙌✌️

    56. Akshay Tambe

      Love from india 🇮🇳 brother ❤️🙏🏼 wish I could b there 😭

    57. I like pie

      You're a fucking celebrity in the stunt world dude. Also you channel has been growing mad last year. And as always, thanks for the content!

    58. Mal

      That guy was so drunk and high doing that burnout hahaha

    59. Rich Piana’s oil pump

      Damn I wish that cop had lit them up

    60. Rich Piana’s oil pump

      Hell yeah to good cops

    61. Sonar

      The first video of yours I watched was you in the army 6 years ago. That was when I was 10 and now 16 still watching you

    62. Ricky Bobby

      18:43 damn...

    63. herrajepardi

      10:00 did he really just walk up to a dude and start humping him??

    64. Jeremiah

      Insaneeeeee!!!!!! Everyone walking up the next day like 🤮, 😔, or 🤣 lmao.

    65. CasperDaPyro

      I wish the cops were able to show off too 😔

    66. rogeroperates

      Pumped I made the vid haha was awesome meeting you and partying with ya man!

    67. Matthew Sharnick

      lol was the first scene behind IKEA?

    68. zech P

      So sickkkkkkk lol

    69. Chris Parsons

      Yooo I made the cut in the video! I’m a see you this year my guy! Eastcoastin 2021

      1. Chris Parsons

        I’ll be on a stunt bike next time brothah!

      2. brian_636

        Hell ya brother!!!!

    70. OsceolaLongBeard

      Damn... I'm glad the Helmet Police haven't checked in yet

    71. brandon hall

      Unreal is right ahaaaaa plowin the streets

    72. Jayce Sutter

      this is nutz

      1. brian_636


    73. DerbiDRDLtd

      12:37 perfect background

      1. brian_636

        Love that shot!!!

    74. oneBULLETcounts_

      Wish stuff like this happened in the uk 🇬🇧

    75. Diskord 138

      2:14, looks like how my dr350 used to look, sweet.

    76. Steve Merritt

      Another bad ass video!

    77. Gonschi

      ✨Corona has left the chat ✨

      1. brian_636


    78. Blake VanDam


    79. That Guy

      My 600 check came hour later it was gone with a new helmet, and bike parts lol

    80. Kane Kochera

      Why no BLM rideout

    81. Kiema Gen

      Yo brian 636 bro I'm like 18yrs from another country and I love your videos man love the stunts love the action lol

    82. Cyber Plays

      I am now deaf, but it was worth it.

    83. KapteinFruit

      This is the craziest bike shit Ive ever seen lol

    84. مدري مادري

      شسويت ب عراقيين كلها احترفة من وراك ههههه 😂 مو بس انتو ابطال احنا همين ههههه 😂

    85. Danngg Okies

      I don’t get it. Mabey they need to get out more often.🤔

    86. Dragon Storm

      This video was fucking epic

    87. Hunt the Gamer

      I was there I saw you. It was so fun

    88. keirra Leggins

      ❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 happy new year

    89. kewlhand_87 S1kR

      East coastin was one of the coolest things I’ve ever been to, live in the state now and wouldn’t have missed it

    90. Romeo Roberts

      16:16 was a real crazy man i never saw something like that till now 👀👀👀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    91. Jordan Alexander

      Bro highside joe pouring out some Henny for the homies😎💪🏼🙏🏼🕊

    92. chunkyryan

      id be so nervous of blowing my engine lmaooo damn that shit looks fun tho

    93. xf3ar Pilo YT

      Brain 636 is the fucking best

    94. Adriano zz

      I could watch east caostin vids all day!!🔥🔥

    95. Adriano zz


    96. Qba 636

      Made my day. Europe why don't we have event's like that...

    97. Hawaiian Joe 10SG

      Nothing but love for Mr. 636 up here in the cold East Coast 🤙🏼 636 Ohana!

    98. Goosie S

      wish this shit happened in australia D:

    99. Austin Barnett

      I don’t know if you’re still trying to keep your face hidden but someone on insta just posted one with you in it. I’m not trying to expose you so I’m not gonna say who it was but still...

    100. kashaan_dh

      This video made my fricking day Brian your my inspiration to get a bike later ❤️❤️🙏