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    Headed down to Dallas Texas for the annual SBK supermoto and dirt bike ride, hosted by the moto store on my Yamaha YZ450f super moto! SBK 2021 got pretty crazy but all motorcycles and riders made it home! Hope you enjoy this vlog! Brian 636!
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    Down in Dallas on the yz450 to take on the streets of Texas! Glad this motovlog went smoothly as the pack of bikes was pretty hectic at times! Enjoy this motorcycle vlog! Brian 636
    Riding motorcycles, sport bikes, Harley Davidson or anything on two wheels is what I love to do. Always make sure to have proper motorcycle insurance, safety gear, oil, tires, and motorcycle tech check over your bike before street riding! Explaining how to ride, stoppie, drift or how to do burnouts on your bike, is what I love to do! Riding, racing, group rides, drifting, motorcycles, or street riding, every time I ride any kind of bike, it makes me feel alive. Currently on a 2004 636 Kawasaki Ninja street bike, a 2009 Harley 1200, and a Honda Grom!
    If you like cool motovlogs and a fun new taste on the sport bike scene, you have come to the right channel for all you motorcycle questions and how to videos! Being a motovlogger that pushes the limits on bikes is all part of the lifestyle!
    #Yz450f #Supermoto #SBK2021

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    1. brian_636

      Whats up guys! Hope you enjoyed this vlog! Been on quite the road trip this month, support my travels HERE!

      1. v n

        ✋😎✋ LET'S GO 🚐💨💤

      2. Savage

        hell yeah i love vids like this moto 4 life i needa take my dirtbike our there one day those people are literal beast

      3. Anonymous Jev

        Hello Brian, My name is Brian with an i aswell lmao. you are the best rider out there though no cap. love ya brotha from Colorado.

      4. Tonyo-_-SUS

        @KINGSWAT he said it at the beginning of the video😐

      5. KINGSWAT

        Where at in Texas

    2. WokeRider

      Nice. Safe riding giving Bikers a good name. Lol Smh

    3. Travis Elmer

      Good stuff man! Keep it up!!

      1. brian_636

        Thanks Travis will do

    4. SUPERMOTO Madness

      Your bike looks sick! Bro 🔥🔥👌🤘

      1. brian_636

        Thanks homie!!!

    5. Michael Millirans

      12:48 was so clean

      1. brian_636

        Yee yeeeeee

    6. Tanner Wilkens

      You should come to Kansas City

    7. toby c03

      at 11:33 that building with the target painted on it is a cool ass axe throwing place, i went there not too long ago

    8. Preston Izzmyname

      This is sick

    9. Mathew Flick

      I wish that we can do this in Australia... One day I wish I can come over to usa and see you Brian... Be safe ...

      1. WokeRider

        Why can’t you ?

    10. 2wheeled Heathen

      damn i was down there when this was going down unfortunately it was to bury my brother

    11. Tabs King

      appreciate the content you put out brother thank you

      1. brian_636

        Thank you for supporting me😍

    12. Alexis Reaves

      seeing my husband in that first clip 🔥🔥 love this content!!

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya!!!! All love

    13. BrandonPrive1432

      stick to the 2 lanes so cars can pass, 2 minutes later, we mobbing the whole highway, its just the way she goes, no matter what anyone says, thats the way of the road!!

    14. Fran _.

      Muy buen video :) eres mi ídolo :D

    15. ClutchupCat

      Love it brother!

    16. Jitchy

      What gloves do you have Brian??!

    17. Ste_F4i

      looked a savage rideout bro 😜👌👍✌☮🏍🏍

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya my guy

    18. KacperLesny

      the vibes at the end of the video unreal

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya my guy!!! Glad you are digging the videos homie

    19. Elie Elio

      WOW.I wish that i can live that

    20. Frankie Pardo

      Dope as always! Come out to Kansas City

    21. Ronisha Ellis

      Your wheelies look really dope! Especially since its not in first person so I can see exactly what your doing.😉👍💯

    22. 2C Seui

      How do you find these rides?

    23. ActionJackson

      Next time put your mic somewhere else for better quality

    24. Fire unboxings & Reviews

      so underrated views for so awesome content love u Brian hope to one day get my ass on a bike

    25. Kyle Moto

      I love the supermoto content 😌

    26. patrickyork10py

      Hey Brian 636... what's the name of that motorcycle bar or restaurant you can ride your motorcycle up the ramp and park inside the building and it's located in st.Louis?

    27. Mark C

      This is why i dont ride in groups someone always wanna show off

    28. Chad Linkhart

      It needs to be a Houston one I think there is but I can't remember when it is

    29. Chad Linkhart

      See Texas show love boy

    30. Chad Linkhart

      What's up Moto bro you was in Texas man I didn't hear about that bro I would have thought what's up man all I need to do is put the back brake cable on and we could have ripped together

    31. My MTB

      I heard this drive by my house I was so exited

    32. ISpy Whipz

      Ride was lit 🔥🔥

    33. Burnzy Boy

      Dont young man me! 😂😂 good seeing ya. See ya at esr hopefully 🤘🏍 #misguided

    34. Bryan Spilner

      that stoppie on the highway was sick

    35. ALphA PRi3sT

      Collab with gbear

    36. Clutchup Anthony

      mannnn that mac beat at the end hit me harddddd. Great video as per usual. Need to practice those stoppies man, I wanna roll like you! haha

    37. Jonty


    38. Tylen Welch

      Much love from Louisiana!

    39. Jobvp

      i saw a little jake the gardensnake cameo on his adventure fz, doesnt really fit but oh well lmao

    40. BMOTO 720

      How do I find out when these rides are!!!

    41. AMMAR fishing

      This is awesome 😎😎😎

    42. oogabooga Man

      Scoop me up next time ;)

    43. stratos pagourtzis

      Now thats the fucking dream

    44. JakeTheSnake2005

      who did your bike?

    45. packer Yt

      The way the dude in the beginning said be safe don’t kill each other and don’t stop for cops

    46. Scott Springer

      In every moment of our live we step into the field of all possibility......I would never know this shit was possible without these videos......Thanks for stretching my mind Man! Now I wonder what else is possible.........for Me? 🙏🙏🙏, for all of us? Wow‼️

    47. Dark_Husq


    48. YT Mxyne

      Lashhhhgooo supermoto is back

    49. HOOLIGANfilmz

      Epic footage, my guy!

      1. brian_636

        MY MAN!!! Thank you brother

    50. JyotPrasd rv

      U are my cruss. Brian dada

    51. T Brapp530

      🔥🔥🔥all the killers

    52. Alexfrmda6

      It’s crazy dude cuz I live in Dallas but I’ve never seen someone do a wheelie nor a group ride and I love wheelies to the max 💀😔 I rarely see sport bikes or stunt bikes over here

      1. brian_636

        Damn really?? There is alot of people out that way homie

    53. SocalAdventuer951

      Does California have any like this???

      1. brian_636

        Yes sirrrr

    54. BR1 XH

      Thanks for the vid

    55. SlumMoto

      Too fucking lit 🔥💯

    56. PDX SQUID

      Love it brotha! Always stayin blessed 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      1. brian_636

        God bless my guy!!! Thanks for the love

    57. BLDH

      u too good man! Too good! :D looked so sweet!

      1. IceLuck

        so no covid in texas maybe u need to move to texas BLDH Sweeden is to cold

    58. TRDubsy

      Freakin love your videos m8, don't ever stop hitting 12 oclock man, doubt that you could stop that is.

    59. Bvda

      Harley content

      1. brian_636

        Yes sirrrr!


      KGup un-ficked My Bell MF, Flicked back now so checks bells ppl

      1. brian_636

        Not the first time they have done that to my channel brother!!! Make sure to tell your friends to check!

    61. Jacob Mitz

      Bro the way you live is inspirational man! Your vids convinced me to finally get my bike license. Much love to you dawg❤️

      1. brian_636

        MY MAN!!! Comments like this make my day

    62. kobe pham

      Glad you enjoyed Texas


      Hey brian_636 Come to San Antonio Texas and ride downtown

    64. Conner Crumby

      I want a supermoto

    65. Carson Calkins

      Face reveal at 400k????

      1. brian_636


    66. Jokerfacewild 92

      Makes my day to wake up to a new vid from Brian! Ride on brother!!

    67. terry aqualad

      I love how u guys stopped at that redlight sometimes its good to stop at redlights in massive groups so when you all pull out. It looks cool asf

    68. Grapexx

      Time flies, has been about a year since you got the harley

      1. brian_636

        It goes quick man

    69. Ethans-vibes

      I WASNT THERE 😭😭

      1. brian_636

        You should of been my guy!

    70. MastaMoto

      Great video great bikes great dudes 👌👌👌

    71. Rolfie

      I was there in my zx10r!!! My hometown babyyy

    72. Steve Thorne

      mm super moto

    73. Asgel TV

      Wow nice video and ride 👍 Keep safe always 🙏 GodBlessed I enjoying watching youre video 👌 AsgelTV here 👌

    74. Harshil S

      What's ur age mannn🔥🔥🔥🔥?

      1. brian_636

        I am 26

    75. jaydangle

      I dig the new outro Mac Miller clip

      1. brian_636

        Thanks homie!!!!

    76. Gslash25

      You should use that BDE beat more I think it fits the vibes of your videos really well

      1. brian_636


    77. Ninjakiddx

      Making me want to get a super moto 🤤

    78. tgm willy

      Yeeeeeaaaahh supermotoooooooos

    79. joshuakoppa

      Watching your vlogs makes me want another 636

    80. Tremaine Playz

      Also 4:07 and 4:08 they lemons

    81. Tremaine Playz

      Bro Brian pls tell me how u make all ur bikes look clean

    82. Bobby Allen

      Dallas hood eats?

    83. Donald Frank

      Bro you are the best

    84. Ramiro Castanon

      Could never go wrong with your vids!! Legend 🙏🏼

    85. Heaton 440

      Bro that cops ❤️ us shirt is awesome

    86. Karrosh

      Your videos just stopped being recommended to me for some reason, fuck youtube

    87. Michael Middione

      Yo brian, love the vids, you should meet up with gromie bear. He started to live in Dallas

    88. wristbraka1


    89. Jameson 8960

      That is so hot

    90. Madison's Misadventures

      Pawwwsome video!

    91. Cyber Plays

      I'm moving to Texas in a couple weeks, I missed it.

    92. Nicholas Agnesino

      Is that a pit bike? If so year make model

    93. AK shadowy

      hey guys its your least favriote moto vlogger!


    95. noimsteven

      Yo Brian, love this ride vid, can't wait till the real nice chi weather. I'm sure you've answered it before but where do you buy your chains for a big sprocket setup?

    96. Yeti spaghetti

      Loved the vid keep up the hard work

    97. VeeForReal

      you always say 'least favorite motovlogger' when in fact you are my favorite lol

    98. Moto Nate

      Nice seeing you down there! I will have to make it up north from Olney, Illinois for a ride!

    99. Colton Bletsky

      How old is the person at 9:29 he looks 15-14

    100. Norman Roland

      Sup brian 636 loving the content