Miami's INSANE Dirt Bike Riders! (GVO 2021)


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    We head to Miami Florida for the 2021 GVO rideout, and to get some nice weather on the motorcycles! ZackGoes and a few others met us down in the sunshine state to have some fun on the bikes at the new MLK Rideout! Enjoy! Brian 636!
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    Join me on the good vibes only or GVO rideout this year in 2021! The motorsports extreme sports industry when it comes to motorcycles, has been booming in 2021. With more free time, empty streets, and more chances to do what riders love to do, motorcycle shops have never been busier! We head to Florida to ride our yamaha 450 supermoto with some of the local Miami guys this week! Always make sure to have the proper motorcycle insurance company backing you when you ride in the streets. A motorcycle tech check your gasoline, oil, tires, chain and other safety equipment as well! Enjoy todays vlog! Brian 636
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    1. brian_636

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      1. Chaotic Flower

        @Dave_ Wheelies no one cares dude. He's not a secret agent lol.

      2. Dave_ Wheelies

        Yo Brian Moto bro leaked ur face in his new video

      3. v n

        my guy scooter gang gang gang 💨💤 Miami FLORIDA

      4. keirra Leggins

        Great video bro 🔥🔥🔥❤

    2. DaDdY_wili MoG

      That race track at 15:18!! Miss pompano


      Van life or no life

    4. Teddy

      its just black guys wheelieing for 20 minutes lol

    5. Bruce Werner

      Stop wiliy

    6. Pay2Play ENT

      THATS THE 3o5 Move -

    7. Pay2Play ENT

      Was waiting 4 that HiGHCHAiR YES.SIR

      1. brian_636

        Love it man!

    8. BikoTheAnimator

      Meanwhile, during this week, I had no electricity from Monday to Thursday in trash Texas with the winterstorm. I miss living in the Bay Area. Beautiful weather and scenery there.

      1. brian_636


    9. Swug Jug

      The amazing dirt bike riders in Florida are on Motocross tracks. These are stunt squidz.

    10. mark675

      6:33 dudes got skills

    11. tony r

      Man. That was total chaos. I drove in Miami in a car and was stunned at the craziness. Lanes out there are just a suggestion. Can’t imagine riding a bike... while among others... while doing wheelies. LOL.

    12. Eduardo Jacome

      Make some wanna sell my street bike and stunt out a 636

    13. Raymond K Santillanes

      This This is where I belong!

    14. Rock out G

      Wait was this showoutboyz ru dirt bike group?

    15. exa_norii

      i picked up a pretty much brand new zx6r from 2003, never had such fun

    16. L1.Maundzz


    17. Thin Ice215

      Are y’all having a ride out in Chicago this year

    18. Abc123

      Know u wont see it But if i could meet 1 person to be with a day, it would Been you🥺

    19. Cillian Byrne

      Omg he an x games mode

    20. Jeanine Samson

      I THINK i SAW tekashi 69

    21. Seth Daniel Myrick

      5:05 what a f’ing savage man😂😂😂

    22. yfnbrandon 444

      Come to Dallas Texas next we be having a ride out every Sunday DFWbikelife🏍

      1. brian_636

        Gonna come down there soon brother!

    23. njmenaceify

      seems like every city in america has the same dirt bike and quad riders

    24. some dude

      I mean you got the only street bike, that makes you stand out more. Kinda like the can am

      1. brian_636

        My man❤️

    25. Josiah Trujillo

      bike life🏍️🏍️🏴‍☠️🏁

    26. Dragon DemNuts

      dudes out here trying to see can leave the longest red line down the highway fuck boys get a damn helmet

    27. Dgzy Channel

      One of the things my guys wanna do if we ever get the chance to visit the US🇺🇸

    28. onewayjones

      When zackgoes was doing a wheelie you said look at this street legal YZ85 but it's a KX85

    29. Jennifer Eguakun

      Name of beat?

    30. John Jr

      So awesume, U r a hero.

    31. Cody Glisczinski

      someday I will join my brothers and sisters on two wheels...

    32. Rayan Cotto Sanchez

      why you dont git a grom?????

    33. Spitin Tv

      That dirt bike was trying to make a baby dual sport with your bike

    34. The wings of speed

      ❤️ from 🇮🇳

    35. Muhammad Wasimuzzaman


    36. ностромов

      3:17 It could stay up, I think, not sure. Maybe, yeah. :)

    37. Dean Winchester

      5:02 🤣🤣🤣

    38. C0METz WAR

      yoooooooo you people are wild ass helllllll i hope one day to join yous!!!

    39. Clarkee

      Can't wait for HoodEats...

    40. Cole Louis.

      Was Brapp Vlogs there?

      1. brian_636

        Yeah didnt link with him though.

    41. Adriano zz

      Ye looking good out there dawg!🤙🏾💥

      1. brian_636

        Thanks big dog

    42. Omar Mahmood

      Should I over fill my bike with oil if I'm going to stunt it out?? 2018 MT07 btw unfortunately not a 636.... yet lmao

    43. αѕнαиτι τнοяиє

      I wanna own a dirt bike and be able to ride one or be involved but I cant rn, maybe 1 day, just subbed

      1. brian_636

        All love my guy

    44. Mees Van Der Kooij

      9:34 kx85*

      1. brian_636

        I know lol slipped

    45. ARZUN RN

      Can’t wait for another one

    46. βƗrd ぺ英セ

      i just found this chanel and this guy hes such a good guy and he just does what he loves and he has a honest oppinion and hes not afraid to share it

      1. brian_636

        All love brother

    47. Justin Forman

      I know exactly where that racetrack is

    48. Jordan Alexander

      Bro when zack put his tire on your bike🔥😂

      1. brian_636


    49. Leonardo Cruz

      9:05 damn...

    50. nedmac allen

      8:50 a local Florida man in his natural Element haha Please consider subscribing

      1. brian_636

        Hell yaaaa

    51. Exequiel Erices

      Nice brooo, from chile

      1. brian_636

        Chile hell ya ❤️🙏

    52. Electric_ Traveller

      636 belongs at the front of the pack. If you can't hang then get to the back of the pack baby.

      1. brian_636

        All love my guy

    53. Dan Hyde


    54. Jokerfacewild 92

      I barely have any rubber left on the rear. 5 minutes later bouncing it off the limiter in a rolling burnie 🤣🤣Have been waiting for this vid! Didnt realize i was a few days late!

    55. Enes Parlak

      2:58 pcx ganggg

    56. The Mighty Wooosh

      Miami economy - tattoos and dirt bikes Looks like a great bike city ! Are the clubs open yet?

    57. Dom Fer

      The police should crush these bikes

    58. Michael Franklin

      they are inssaanneee

    59. halflife876

      Do you Miss Capone Bconn and Rocko

      1. halflife876

        @brian_636 they went too soon

      2. brian_636

        Of course man😔

    60. widow-zx10

      Im ready to mail u gopro batteries lol

    61. Sam_ S

      It wouldn't be Miami without a scooter

    62. Ewan Bradley

      Greta clip cracked me up 😂

      1. brian_636

        Thanks my guy

    63. pitbike ryan

      9:36 yes yz 85 it's a kx85 lol

      1. brian_636

        I know lol slipped up

    64. JessP Tx is next

    65. Trev H

      Can't wait for spring. Finally in a situation to get rid of a couple vehicles for a super.

      1. brian_636


    66. Aziz ahmad


      1. brian_636

        He is🙏

    67. charleston hamilton

      Did you say yz85 it’s a kx😂

      1. brian_636

        I did lol my bad

    68. Kawasaki DownUnder


    69. Charlie Brown

      That boi @toosick just be hitting it every time!!! ✌️

    70. Chaotic Flower

      Dude STFU 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆the scooter😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 that shit just made my week.

      1. brian_636


    71. Chaotic Flower

      The two stroke is king!!!!! Ya what the hell indeed.

    72. Ace Fraze

      This is the first video of yours I've watched, and I'm glad I did! I'm also from Chicago, and also in Florida now (but living here, haha). The quality is awesome and you seriously know what you're doing, the control you have is *chefs kiss*. As an older Gen-Z, I'm hoping to convert my friends to loving bikes as much as I do (I'm already partially there with my partner). My dad's a marine, he loves bikes, and honestly I think it's in my genetics at this point! Good thing he doesn't ride a Harley, lmfao!

      1. brian_636

        All love, glad to have ya here now and tell your dad oorah

    73. T Brapp530

      Sooo many killers including yourself! Its always awesome seeing you from outsiders view... you make it seem so effortless its hard to tell how much your killing it until you throw those clips in 🔥🔥🔥💯

      1. brian_636

        Thanks man, means a lot hearing that from you guys, work really hard making it all come together

    74. D Myrick

      Get more batteries bro jesssus haha

      1. brian_636


    75. X_MELO_X YT

      U are my favorite moto vloger

    76. Oscar Quinones

      He always catwalks with femAle on thr bike smh my dog crazy crazy

    77. Oscar Quinones

      The one on this cover skyblue on

    78. Oscar Quinones

      That look like my dog skeet miami bike rider my boy aint no joke on them dirtbikes

    79. Carlton Elleby

      Gotta come to Raleigh

      1. brian_636

        Never been there man!

    80. Oscar Quinones

      O so yall was on 441

    81. nwa vè

      What duh Hell. Brought to you by Brian 636.

      1. brian_636

        Hahahahhahaa what the heck!!! LOL

    82. The Bmoe sho

      Killa video

      1. brian_636

        Glad you dig it my guy

    83. HellaCrazy101

      Personal space...what's that? 11:10

      1. brian_636


    84. Brandon BMX

      Dude ain’t playing with the astroturf 😂

      1. brian_636


    85. Bilboswaggens

      Gotta get me one of them vans lmao

      1. brian_636

        Yes sirrr

    86. Akiem Shea

      Hey man keep the videos coming

      1. brian_636

        Will do my guy👌👌👌

    87. Eat Your Broccoli

      I speak for the trees when I say... more grom content 😓😓

      1. brian_636

        Over due FORSURE!


      Brian why don't u ride your new 636

    89. Angel Eyes

      Motobroo has this video to man

    90. norman perry

      awsome talent yer fuck you greta lol ace

      1. brian_636

        Thanks brother!!!

    91. S1

      Me:”did he really get the 636 up the hill” Brian:”WE GOT THE 636 UP THIS BIG FUCKING HILL”

      1. brian_636


    92. Richiewrich 69

      Pretty damn exciting ride ....✌️

      1. brian_636

        You aint lying man!

    93. Arlen Hernandez

      Love seeing my city turn up especially while I’m away on deployment Rahh

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya my guy

    94. Shawn Barnes

      And how are ppl supposed to attend these events?

    95. Connor Jay

      Phillys finest right there, sob ru i see you

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya my guy a beast

    96. Franco Farias

      Friend, you break it, I'm Argentinian, I'm 13 years old and I love your videos, I never miss one and you're the best bro, keep it that way.

    97. Footbrake Killer75

      Bro every vid you put out is 🔥🔥🔥🙏thankyou my guy 👌

      1. brian_636

        Thanks homie! Glad you like it!

    98. Mathew Flick

      Hi Brian it Mathew from Australia I just buyed a ktm 2010 85cc...and I got 2010 Honda crf 250...I'm going to start riding the ktm... Roll"in burnouts are my favorite... Be safe...

    99. Chase Sellers

      @Motobroo @ 15:11 "let's gooooooo"

    100. Savage 636 stuntz

      I can’t wait for spring!!!