Bar Setup Roadster LIVE (Part 2)


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    Today I show you how I setup my handle bars on my Harley Davidson Roadster stunt bike build! Enjoy this video! Brian 636!
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    1. 68Ninja

      Dirt bars on a Harley looks sikk

    2. anna massey

      Wow wat a beauty n luv watching ya build vids all the love u put into ya babies 😃👌. Top 1. 💜🏍️ North west of England UK.

    3. sSHaDoW cRUiZer2o3


      1. brian_636

        All love homie

    4. Akiem Shea

      Yes podcast

    5. bash romero

      I want a podcast that would be dope and yes to starting another channel directed towards the podcasts

      1. brian_636

        I agree brother! Thank you!

    6. GameStation

      nose wheelie????? i hope you do it on this roadster

    7. Erik G

      Brain how come you never show yourself? Guessing your camera shy...

    8. Lone_Star_Gixxer

      Loved the latest hood eats bud. And loving this latest build. Keep being you my guy.

    9. Gabe Messercola

      Why the chain drive over the belt? Is it just a style choice or is it adding something for the stunt setup?

    10. John Allen

      Chitown in da house.. nice job

    11. 유호

      I'd like to buy your bike. It's a nice bike.

    12. Nathaniel Risner

      How do you like these bars? I went with the clip ons but they suck for stop and go traffic being hunched over lol.

      1. brian_636

        I haven’t rode on it yet but feels great!

    13. Swavis Davis


    14. Joshua Longoria

      Brian i got a big question What size of sprocket do you recommend me for a lil stunt. And a lil for street ?

      1. brian_636

        I got a 60 on the back

    15. Stephen Nelson

      Yo I didn’t get the notification for the video it was my birthday yesterday to damn whiting it now love ya bro

    16. Ricardo Vargas

      Its activities better for you . to work out on winter . . ur body brands more fat .

    17. Brand Odd

      I didn’t see any Kona Gold featured?

    18. Outlaw

      A harley handle bar pad be good be easy to make the foam and a print shop.

    19. Toby Moysen

      Yes to the pod cast

    20. Miller

      Thoses grips are sweet

    21. Toby Moysen

      Personally I think you should come explore Brecon

    22. Full send Tv

      Just bought 2 stickers homie ! Rep the 401

    23. Gslash25

      Podcasts with interviews are cool, but we already got Stunt News and now Nasty Nate starting to do these interviews and it's hard to watch the whole thing

    24. TP Aaron

      Everything grows it’s destined to change, I would love to hear a podcast from you dude

    25. PhaedoMoto

      Omg watching you break that grip.. just take both the screws out of the control housing wtf you smoking my dude? Damn man this video was painful to watch. 1/2 inch and 9/16 on the clutch cable. Harley isn't metric. Mybad i just hold you at higher standards and expected better of you. LoL 😆

    26. Footbrake Killer75

      Like no#555🔥😂

    27. Trinidad Sanchez

      Brian _636 Against the world ........ . I was thinking Russia but ..... Go Chase it!

    28. Kevin Kwon

      Podcast is the beez neez! If I’m working on my bike I’ll be listening to Joe Rogan but to listen to stunters/youtubers about their experiences in the lot, out on the streets or their personal lives that don’t involve bikes is sick! Just like hanging out with your own bois. A bigger personality helps though especially with our short attention span. Someone who has tons to say and pretty open. I’d say go for it! Post one on the channel, get some feedback and assess what you wanna do next, should be clear by then.

    29. Conway

      I'm really tempted on building one

    30. Bobby Barraza

      Build list?

    31. Caden Shoun

      What's your favorite stunt bike

    32. Ahmad Maulana


    33. Salvador Najera

      “Gonna wipe off the lens, see if that makes it any better” Ends up making it worse. Lmao I can’t wait to see the finished product 🤙🏾

    34. JCC CCC

      For anyone watching this, please take the cables and controls apart completely before re- assembling. He made it harder than it had to be.

    35. OGBONGJR

      Podcast alerts ... let’s get it !

    36. All things 2 Wheels

      As a guy who works on only Harley’s for a living i am in pain watching this lol love the build so far tho

      1. brian_636

        I bet loling, that tank was hard to see get welded and cut

    37. Alan Phelan

      Super super machine! Can't wait to see you both in action!😎😎😎

    38. Del_619

      Sorry I missed the live stream or would’ve been screaming in chat. There’s two screws in the switch housing!!! Haha everyone watching you struggle like that 😩

    39. Ground Side Spark


    40. MrTack89

      Hell yeah podcast

    41. Easy from TN BTW

      I’m definitely down for a podcast I liked the one you did with bikes and bs

    42. MrTack89

      I run the same bars with 4.5 inch risers

      1. DevilDude75

        What Bars are those?

    43. CRAWLER JUNKIE Vlogs

      Brian idk if you already have an idea for relocating the bottons but there is a plastic piece under the gas tank that you can mount the to. I did mine the same as Rob Revolution and it works great especially if your gunna do tank tricks

    44. PG4TEEN

      Would love to see the podcast’s man!! Keep up the great work 💪

    45. Jessie Paré

      Yeah baybeeeee I 😉 💙💙💙

    46. Kyle Hofstetter

      keep up the good work sorry i missed the streem

    47. Media Tool

      First time you slam the tail down after a stoppie, that exhaust is going to snap off....prediction

    48. Rob Swift


    49. Brandon Ej32

      Yes do the podcasts it’d be cool to hear some behind the scenes stuff

    50. Lustwtf

      I am early I think

    51. Sir SkiffleBrixx *Brap*Gripz'n'Rippz

      Ayo Brain, straight up we love you too my G, gotta live that good old youtube effect creating new psychotic stalkers daily! Happy Holidays! Thank you for the great and always entertaining content. I appreciate your efforts and hard work and am motivated everytime I see you putting in work and progressing! So much so that I'm wrenching my Grom clone now to take in the cold Denver streets and make sure myself wheelie variat9 are still solid it's been a minute! Keep it up my brother I hope we get to ride together in the future

      1. Sir SkiffleBrixx *Brap*Gripz'n'Rippz

        Unfortunately bny Harley's are technically classics being over 25 years old and even though I've been tempted to transform them into stunters, I just couldn't do them like that.

    52. rush


    53. Sir SkiffleBrixx *Brap*Gripz'n'Rippz

      Ayo shout to my favorite moto vlogger whom in which I just learned that I am 10 years his senior, which is wild. My guy lemme get at all them stock joints, deadass. Il put em in the front lines hard body. Got an old HD that is forever being wrenched on but never ridden that could definitely use some B636 Luck and blessings. Word up holla at ya boy!!! 😉🤣9

    54. Josh Jury

      Would you help a subscriber build their stunt setup?

    55. Justin Ferran

      No dirt bars?