I'M FINALLY HOME!!! (#HoodEats Eps.32)


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    We head to the neighborhood of Austin on Chicago's West Side to try out some Jerk Tacos on the Yamaha Yz450f Supermoto on this episode of Hood Eats. Austin had ranked as Chicago's deadliest community for 5 years in a row, in this motovlog I cover some of the reasons it continues this cycle, enjoy this vlog and history lesson! Love you guys, Brian 636
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    Hood Eats is a series that explores Chicago's rich history as well as amazing food in neighborhoods that have somewhat been forgotten by the rest of the city. Join me as we head to Austin located on the city's far west side on the Yamaha Yz450f! Always make sure to have the proper motorcycle insurance company backing you when you ride in the streets. A motorcycle tech check your gasoline, oil, tires, chain and other safety equipment as well! Enjoy todays vlog! Brian 636!
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    1. brian_636

      Hope you enjoyed this episode and some of my family’s history. Support my channel and be entered into the drift bike giveaway HERE! www.patreon.com/brian636

      1. Lucas Ardagna

        Good shit! I just got my mt07 out last week here in Boston. Stay safe out there its salty af!

      2. Planes,Trains, Automobiles

        you need to do some hood eats on north side Professor

      3. South Side


      4. 903_PAUL williams

        @Lloyd Mathewsss_ 12-14 Friday is the night ride add me on Instagram I’ll send you more information anyone else’s also @Paul32w

      5. Austin Davis

        @Lloyd Mathewsss_ • FRIDAY KSU @ 9:30pm - Technology Blvd, Dallas SATURDAY KSU @ 2- (10 min away from Friday night spot) SUNDAY - Riders Choice (lot sessions and more street rides) Come ride in Dallas March 12-14

    2. Mike Kingsbury

      I'm pissed about your rear tire just as much as you are cuttin this hood eats short

      1. brian_636

        It sucks but I tried my best to get the most out of this one! Please sub brother!

    3. E X P

      dumb question but do the cops just not care that you don't have plates on your bike?

    4. Gabriel Quinten

      Great video man! You’ve got yourself a sub! Keep it up❤️

      1. brian_636

        Thanks for the sub and welcome to the family!


      when stunters dont where gloves it get me mad so much and idk why

    6. Ethan Cooley

      Can someone explain to me how he drives around without licensed and registered moto ? Sick vid and bike

    7. BrandonPrive1432

      as a canadian these hood eats just blow me the fuck away, cameras on poles in neighbourhoods, car service for drugs, did you say shot spotters i don't even know wtf that is, also every hood eats resturant is fucking served through like bulletproof glass with a little window cut out, fucking insane, you might aswell be mars compared even the east hastings in vancouver BC that im close to.

    8. gonadiator

      I prefer brian_450 over brian_636 :P

    9. SuperHodge08

      You sound alot like the Kleb, you gotta be brothers or somthin

    10. Meqamarcial

      Gotta hit chef daddy's on lake street

    11. Space Invader


    12. King Zach Red

      Is the supermoto street legal?

    13. Junior Carrera

      5:40 thanks for the plug Brian lol

      1. brian_636

        MY MANNNN !

    14. FaZe _Ghost125

      What is that guy listening to at 5:45

    15. Robotkid18

      Love it brother keep hold it down in the Chicago much love from Georgia, usa 🇺🇸 ❤ 💙 🙏

      1. brian_636

        All love to Georgia!!!

    16. B-Dang

      Definitely my favorite moto blogger!!!!

    17. Bill

      I grew up in Libertyville IL. I live in Oklahoma now... So I really like seeing Chicago learn new stuff from you plus the trucks you do are awesome bro.. I ride a 2020 street glide & custom chopper I built but I can't do a wheelie on a peddle bike let alone a motorcycle lol lol... Stay cool bro !!!!

    18. FLS sqene


    19. adnuar mendoza


      1. brian_636

        Hell ya brother!

    20. Ordinary Us

      The other day we met the wife of the original shot spot engineer designer.

      1. brian_636

        That is awesome!

    21. Arden Nielsen

      I had my food rations cut hard for the first 22 years of my life, can still pin a RMZ down the highway for 200 miles.

    22. caption312.


    23. Adriano zz

      Good food everywhere in Chicago.👌🏾

    24. DemonKing Astaroth

      Chicago could have 40 degrees and some sun, grillin weather. Florida 50 degrees with clouds, full winter gear. Another reason why I love Chicago, cuz we don’t give a fuck here. Dope video dawg

      1. brian_636

        Right loling!!!!!

    25. Zenrick

      Brian: “snow is melting pretty quick” No one: Me in Canada: “only 2 feet of snow bouta go ripping on my sled”

    26. Kenyan McGee

      This is where I was born nd raised

    27. MechEMitch

      Never been pulled over crossing Austin and do it probably 3 times a week. Oak Park is a great town

    28. Joshua Kroboth

      Get a 2 stroke super Moto

    29. vldmelvin_

      I hate history lessons, But I love to hear these history stories.

      1. brian_636

        Thanks man!

    30. Juan Villagomez

      That's insane my man said 50° is super warm for yall out there 🙅🏽‍♂️💀 it hits 50 out here and i consider that cold lmao

    31. Tony Surma

      Outstanding dude

      1. brian_636

        Thanks Tony!!!

    32. Joe Bonner

      Love seeing you back on the sumo!

      1. brian_636

        Thanks Joe!!!

    33. The Real Dietz

      Pleeease make an FZ09 edit of some kind! I have a friend who thinks gixer brah is on your level lol he’s WRONG. Help me prove that to him!

    34. Kristian Vincenty

      Grate video my friend 💪🏽

      1. brian_636

        Thank you Kristina!!!!

    35. Rolfie

      Those tacos look soo good omg!!! 🤪🥵🥵

    36. T Brapp530

      Hood eats and the sumo... let's go 🤙🤙

      1. T Brapp530

        Get that tire fixed lol

    37. Straight Torque master

      Dope dope dope 🔥🔥🔥 you inspire me to keep grinding on my motorcycle and develop more skills

    38. Dylan Patras

      Not a hood eats or anything but you should go to the shameless house

    39. Даниил Димитров

      1:42 did i just saw the Buffalo from GTA 5

    40. Victor Manoel

      Só quem é do Brasil vai curti!!! 🇧🇷

    41. Roll Cam 🎥

      Love the history lessons and bike ride, maybe you should start a bike life charter 😂😂😂 Blessings bro

      1. brian_636

        All love my guy!

    42. Josh Grant


    43. Kyree

      People in traffic probably be wondering why you waving your arms around😂

    44. South Side

      Hes lookin for a tire sponsor too. Get those positive shootouts in.

    45. South Side

      Food network needs to pick u up . im sure u could get a time spot.

    46. Wyatt Cutlip

      Get a 2 stroke

    47. Pmarriott

      Love HoodEats!!!


      Brian the Legend

    49. RuckinScott

      By far my favorite bike for a sumo and love the graphics.

    50. FeTTi Pulse

      When you start to realize education is a real thing... 🙄

    51. Matthijs Beets

      ah yessssssssssssssssssss here we go

    52. The Banks Films

      You gonna bring back the gloves anytime soon on the website? I’m trying to get some as finally I can ride in a month when this snow is gone

    53. T om

      i love these videos man

    54. Filip René Bajla

      Where can i get titanium ? So i can do sparks ?

    55. Logan Seyfert

      Damb bud sorry about tire sure if u got enough speed you could have stoppied home lol good videos keep em coming

      1. brian_636

        All love Logan!!!

    56. Zach E

      Thank you for this amazing series. Having left Chicago in 2014 for Australia, this has reminded me of many memories. Unfortunately I only started riding after moving so I am dying to get back to do some rides. 😎

      1. brian_636

        Come back my guy! Love it here

    57. doraora2

      My most favorite part is you putting smiles on faces of people in one of the deadliest hoods. It REALLY puts smile on my face and most likely many other viewers too.

    58. BigDirtyFo

      Someone pressed Brian636 and asked where he from. He responded, "I'm good in north, east, south and west Chicago" Buddy said my bad, ion want no problems 😂

      1. brian_636


    59. marqavis harp

      Don’t keep leaving that bike‼️ that 450 gon be missing

    60. Stickie Quickie600

      You the man

    61. Abe McEwan

      Hoodeats the best

      1. brian_636

        Love doing them man

    62. diskonnect

      my favorite series on youtube! keep doing what you're doing!

      1. brian_636

        Will do man! Glad you are here

    63. Tor v

      Where the hell can I get a dual brake caliper mount made

      1. brian_636

        I don’t have one on this bike

    64. Peter Gawron

      That neighborhoods a shit hole, I would never ride there

      1. brian_636

        Understand, thanks for watching though!

    65. Richard Burns

      Dump Town, USA

    66. R6_RiftyyX

      Correction my fav moto vlogger

      1. brian_636


    67. Ashton John Arcay

      Ok so imma be that one guy... What's the title of the song at 10:23

      1. Ashton John Arcay

        @HAMIDISTIC Thanks dog


        luv. ly. in. luv. (no drugs=pain)

    68. The Bmoe sho

      Great content and info about the chi you really bring ppl into your videos with the history and food spots

      1. brian_636

        Thanks homie

    69. Blunder

      bro its like you are reading a script written on your visor with all these history facts.

      1. brian_636

        Just enjoy my city’s history brother

    70. Bulbazoth

      i feel like iv been the only person riding in chicago lately. i saw ONE guy on lake shore drive a few days ago

      1. brian_636

        Oh we are out brother...

    71. Armel Brinson

      Can you do a hood eats a jerk48

    72. Windy City Assassin

      Love the videos bro...making me miss home Semper Fi

      1. brian_636

        Semper fi brother

    73. Gandalf with an AK-47

      So happy to see the 450 again!

    74. Wild Films

      Love the supermoto vlogs!

    75. Travis B

      Everybody in Chicago: 'Are you that wheelie guy?" Doesn't matter which hood, everybody knows Brian_636 is that guy repping Chicago with the wheelies .It's great to see all the love you put in for your city, you get it back, no matter where you are.

      1. brian_636

        It has been so humbling when people already know who we are and get love from all sides

    76. Keith F

      Was hard watching you cruise through them alleys... and then..... damn!

      1. brian_636

        Gotta love it

    77. Tweak

      These videos are just so chill, thanks for keeping the series running. Always bringing good vibes.

      1. brian_636

        Thanks for being here homie

    78. Wei Zhong Xian Fumario & Beans

      What's the temperature like, guy

    79. Reilley Weatherford

      Love the hood eats keep it up brother

      1. brian_636

        Will do🥰

    80. Brett

      is your sumo technically street legal?

    81. Media_man Rhys

      I have already eaten but dam these videos make me hungry 😂

      1. Media_man Rhys

        @brian_636 I’m not going to lie it makes me wish I could move to America! England is so shit 😂 bike life and awesome food...what more could a man want

      2. brian_636

        They make me hungry watching them lol

    82. Alex_ Welk

      bro least favorite what do you mean, i think you mean welcome back to your favorite moto vloger

      1. brian_636


    83. Robert Chandler

      That's my neighborhood 636 and I will tell you it has changed big time from the 70 and 80's it's still the hood tho

    84. SPO NG


    85. Gixxer brah

      Dumb tire

    86. Tommy Shea

      I had my favorite Burton back pack come off by backseat while going over a bridge transition on the freeway once, so it locked my back tire, the tire then blew after the 100' lockup of course making a huge flat spot on the tire. A fellow rider stopped, had a fricken tire changing machine in his garage, we loaded up and I had a fresh one on 20 minutes later. Shout out to tire changing machines

    87. josh akers

      Man, fuck that nail. When I bought my GSXR last fall it needed a fuel pump. It got lost in the mail for nearly 3 weeks and when I finally got it and went to pull it out of my shed I spotted a nail in my tire.

    88. RedlineRiders269

      You are an amazingly smooth rider it’s unreal

    89. Trinidad Sanchez

      If only you had a screw in your pocket . We could have pumped it up and kept riding

    90. LifeWith Winter

      YOU LITTERLY RODE PASS MY HOUSE BY COLEMANS💀💀 come back over hereeeeee💓🤟🏾

      1. brian_636


    91. AP Dada

      Those are my stairs you was eating on 😂😂

      1. brian_636

        That is awesome loling!

    92. David Vaitenas

      the quick shift into gear just incase made me laugh at 2:40

      1. brian_636


    93. cain sample

      Im pissed you got a flat tire too😂 ✌

    94. cain sample

      You Know The Deal Brother💪

    95. Shane RR

      Hey brian what back brake setup do you have on that 450?

      1. brian_636

        Just stock homie

    96. Shane RR

      My favourite moto vlogger by far more like it lol

    97. Chimmy

      Need to get yourself a disc lock Brian when you leave your bike in places to grab things! Extra bit of security and they're easy to put on and remove!

      1. brian_636


    98. Chimmy

      I love seeing the moto

      1. brian_636




    100. Davontae Sashington

      Love these videos man it's crazy how far you've gone and how far your channel has come congrats Brian keep up the good work man

      1. brian_636

        Thanks man, just gotta keep grinding!