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    The Chicago boys head to get some sunshine in Florida and ride the Yamaha yz450f, on this lonely Wednesday night ride in Orlando! Enjoy the vlog and some motorcycle hooligans ripping some night streets! Brian 636!
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    The motorsports extreme sports industry when it comes to motorcycles, has been booming even through the virus, and the job loss of millions. With more free time, empty streets, and more chances to do what riders love to do, motorcycle shops have never been busier! We head to Florida to ride our yamaha 450 supermoto with some of the local Orlando guys this week! Always make sure to have the proper motorcycle insurance company backing you when you ride in the streets. A motorcycle tech check your gasoline, oil, tires, chain and other safety equipment as well! Enjoy todays vlog! Brian 636
    #yz450f #supermoto

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    1. brian_636

      Hope you guys are enjoying these travel vlogs! Want to win a drift bike and support this channel? Enter here! www.patreon.com/brian636

      1. v n

        scooter gang gang gang 💨💤

      2. Damari Brackett

        To all my motorcyclist why did u choose a motorcycle over an atv

      3. Chris Reed

        Hey that was Mario on that grom, rode with him a lot in indianapolis

      4. Michelle Pendry


      5. JPMOTO_636

        Yessir love them

    2. J Wheelie

      I likey

    3. جعفر الباش


    4. Blue Roar

      so lucky you don't have snow

    5. garrett johnson

      This video shows a lot of love! I have nothing but love and respect

    6. Kkev 2x

      Dude downtown Orlando. I knew i recognized that area, I do bikelife but pedal bikes, we got a thing called critical mass on Feb 26th, huge rideout we do at the end if every month. Downtown orlando is where its at.

    7. Taekook islife

      DAMN!!! 105 I wish I could live that long!!😂😂🙏🏻🙏🏻✋🏻✋🏻 0:15

    8. MotoMC

      Nice vid man ✊

      1. brian_636

        Thank you brother❤️

    9. Damari Brackett

      To all my motorcyclist why did u choose a motorcycle over an atv

    10. Snowflake Superbike

      Bro we are Frozen down Here ,,

    11. Kyle Stalter

      When will your gloves be back in stock?

    12. xR34LxOGxKUSHx

      What headset do you use? If you don't mind me asking im about to grab one. Idk if I should go with sena 50s or cardo packtalk bold!

    13. NixR6Fix

      bro your like BATMAN......no one know what you look like! it's not to hide who you are but to create what you are

    14. Empire_Grom

      I'm a new grom channel in Ontario, Canada. Just doing edits right now until I have enough time and money to start doing full motovlogs, come check it out only got 2 vids right now but still have a couple to edit from before winter and a bunch of footage from our crazy snow adventures I might compile into a few videos. Once the season starts there will be more stunt ride videos and group ride videos of all the shenanigans canadian mini bike riders get up too. Come check it out and give me some feedback on how to improve my content before the season kgup.info/must/GsbsJt9bpLcR6TAW4yyKhw.html

    15. J cReW

      Does anyone run all short v stacks in there 03/04 636 stunt bike?

    16. Trisha Mercer

      @brian_636 I got 100$ on a hood eats grom ride

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    18. marty balls

      This is King level

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    20. Lily

      Why don't y'all stick to one side of the road? Is it to block traffic? I ride, but group rides aren't my thing. No hate, all love, just curious.

    21. Chris Jones

      Still wont let me get a Notif Bell... wtf youtube.. this censorship needs to stop! There is no reason why some bullshit like Buttery Films can let me get notif bell but i can't on a REAL bike vlog? wtf..

      1. brian_636

        Make sure you just keep checking over here my guy! Still putting out videos!

    22. Emlarun

      Wah bro i checked Yammie for some minits ago and i saw he got 800k subs. How is it possible? You are so much better than him in every single way so i dont understand how he reached that far. But please continue with motovlogging and all that stuff you are doing because i love your videos bro

    23. ching chong

      Yes brian lets go!!! It's more than just a bike it's a family thing!!!! Big up from U.K!!

    24. Coolincatt

      love the travel vlogs come visit the bay!

    25. Ramon007

      Thursday Night is bike night at Ace Cafe, near to that 7/11

    26. Derbi Rider

      Hey brian, i just wondered what LED light bar You’re using on the supermoto! love your hood eats, or in reality every video you make :))

    27. Tom Jendra

      fz07 limiter is goated

      1. brian_636

        It is NASTY

    28. King

      Big brain wheelie

    29. Justin Robinson

      How’s your bike street legal or are you that raw cops don’t fw you??

    30. MediumRareFully

      haha your guy that was like that lost penguin getting mixed up with the other group!! lol

    31. charleston hamilton

      We need more combos on the super moto

    32. Alejandro Guerrero

      3:01 yeah it must be nice brian🥲

    33. joseph ledford

      in florida you say

    34. Super Slow SS

      I'm not sure why you don't have 1 mill subs yet

    35. Ghost RidER

      Ride or Die 😎

    36. kashaan_dh

      Imagine. A ride in snow or in lightning no Rian 🤩🤩

    37. G O L D F I S H

      3:28 who?

    38. Your MAMA

      Bro i just wait for summer so i can go ride and go to meets with friends 😎

    39. ĞÅŘŔĖŇ !

      anyone else notice the creepy black van at 1:29

    40. dantekiller25

      Now I see why nastynate didn't go to AJAY funeral ok.

    41. Michael

      Big bikes? What you riding a 450? Lol

    42. Darren Wolfanger

      I think I'm going to go look at a 06 636 with 20k, anything I should look/listen for?

    43. 2014 kawasaki kx

      Fire video bro!

    44. candyman


    45. NLThomNL

      Please do youre Insta 360oneR straight on your mount! 😂 So the stick falls away and we dont see the stick in the video. Looks 10 times better!

    46. Jhusgus

      My guy trynna be like Wcdirtbikecody lol

    47. poprocks

      Any one got a free pit bike for me

    48. Sending it With stiles

      Brian if you wanna get super Epic shots with that 360 you need to Get an extended or extendable pole for It, the long the better. They make 10ft ones..... you will get the best shots possible man

    49. Turbo Mane

      if your still in florida and near orlando you should go to ace cafe, they have bike meets every thursday and they usually have amazing turnouts

    50. glock modder

      walled in 7 elven gas pumps 🤯 i would go there everyday

    51. Mathew Flick

      It unreal watching you ride...I WACTH ur vlogs every Sunday and when u put a new one out ...roll"in burnouts are my favorite... All the best brain and be safe...🇦🇺

    52. TnTBLANKS

      When anybody says you can’t drive high I just show them a stunt video , 85% stunters in a video of people are stoned to the boned.

    53. Andrew Pallotto

      It's videos like this that make it all the worthwhile saving up for a bike.

    54. Elias Black

      As A Florida Man I Respect This...

    55. Envy Taco

      I can't wait till I get a motorcycles license. But until then it me and the 100. Forever and ever

    56. Eddy Gutierrez

      Wassup brian how you doing bro love to see these vids dude keep it up

    57. Solo Sullivan Jr.

      Just got my zx6r yesterday 🙏🏾🎯

    58. FeaR_RyZe ツ

      song plz?

    59. Glenn Bryant

      This is almost like Chicago without the riots.

    60. Juan Escalante

      This looks like a good time ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽🤙🤙🤙🤙

    61. Restivochris-stunts Restivo

      360 cam rocks you rock even more ⚡️💪🏻 good video

    62. Big Nugget

      Where can we get misguided merch?!?

      1. brian_636


    63. Gabriel Tatrow

      Hey I was in fort lauderdale florida is that were you were?

    64. Adam and anna daddy

      Watching these videos while my bikes in the shop gives me hope in life 😔😂🔥

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya , know that feeling

    65. T Brapp530

      Sumo love ❤

      1. brian_636

        Yes sir!!!

    66. SiorZen

      Is it easier to learn to wheelie on a stock sport bike or on a dirt bike stock?

    67. josh bygrave

      yoooooo so hyped for a nother vid

      1. brian_636

        Glad to have you here brother

    68. KillaGrom

      Yooooo who’s bike is that at 4:30. I have the twin grom with the purple and teal! If you see this add me @killagram_ on Instagram

    69. Outdoor Solutions

      The bike as low key clean as fuck after homie cleaned it for you, she shining lol

      1. brian_636

        Right!! Dripped lol

    70. shay goldstraw

      Let’s go supermoto is here

    71. CODM AceOfSpades

      Big fan from new Zealand love your content dude keep it up 👌

    72. Big Stems

      Love it

    73. Adrian S Gmail

      Cool content! Great narration! As a straight up mx guy, this was super informative!

    74. thejahfox

      Glad to see yall in my home state Florida!! The Australia of the USA.

    75. Romeo Roberts

      Smoking and joking thats the way to live ohm..🔥🔥🔥

    76. Katie-bug Hoston

      I watched the premiered yesterday it was awesome!

    77. Moto Gordo

      I thought that cop truck was Yummi R6 for a second😂

    78. Akiem Shea

      Hey man keep the videos coming

    79. Ben VanLue

      Still the cleanest supermoto I’ve ever seen. Love it brother

    80. Brannon Doughty

      get up with broward vee

    81. Sam Abrams

      You should come to the UK sometime my guy, link up with me and some of the boys

    82. Eliano veiga

      Brian the Great...Love from Portugal

    83. Malingerin Chief

      Yo Brian are you coming down to Dade?

    84. Dirtbike Kitty

      This is normal just some Florida mans out here

      1. Dirtbike Kitty

        I be riding my dirt bike cops be pullin up like they have nothin else to do

      2. brian_636

        Yes sirrr! Good ass times

    85. Coy Here

      360 might change the game..litty p.s helping the local car wash!! luh ya bro

    86. Garageless

      Really enjoying the new camera! Cant say it enough!

    87. FARIS ١9

      Good 🤞🏻🤞🏻🖤🇸🇦

    88. DeOnna Williams

      Brian it’s time. Your face needs to be all over this channel my guy.

    89. Gabi

      Brian, yours stoppies is sick!

    90. Eliezer Velez-Rodriguez

      Wednesday? It's Friday tho

    91. Joe Jose aguilar

      The groms need firblade or cbr fairing hands down

    92. Miming Killah

      Always gotta get the bike washed before you ride it dirty... Ma man.... Brian!!!! With the Supa!!!!! Moto!!!!!! Love that bike bruh... Keep doing vlogs with it man.

    93. _Oroku _

      Always enjoy the content. With a 360° camera you don't have to angle it towards you. If you pointed more towards the sky you could still see yourself but you wouldn't see the pole..

    94. _Oroku _

      Always enjoy the content. With a 360° camera you don't have to angle it towards you. If you pointed more towards the sky you could still see yourself but you wouldn't see the pole..

      1. brian_636

        I will try it that way next time I’m out brother!

    95. Matt Lockz

      Ur videos rlly inspired growing up always wanted a bike but couldn't afford one always had to borrow other ppls but I picked up a crashed ninja few weeks back and been rebuilding it honestly probly wouldn't of had the motivation to do it without this channel

    96. Weston Kyle

      On average what would you charge me to build me a stunt bike if had the bike and all stunt parts

      1. Weston Kyle

        Ok thanks and if I got a steel frame to would you be able to swap everything over for me??

      2. brian_636


    97. joe

      That girl got a channel ? Teaching wheelies etc

      1. brian_636

        She does! Smash stunts!!!

    98. Michelle Pendry

      You is so sweet

      1. Michelle Pendry


      2. brian_636

        Thank you! Glad to have you here Michelle!

    99. Oliver R Hansen

      love leanedbackluke, his bike looks sooo good

    100. Michelle Pendry

      Keep up the good work bro