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    LA Lot Day
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    1. Rey Anthony Dematera

      sick bro

    2. shadow_sentry 95

      Are you guys gangster

    3. sS BoneZ

      thank u Joshua Butler lmaoit was joseph

    4. sS BoneZ


    5. Onikoe

      Was dope I fw the supermoto u got stay safe 👍🏽

    6. Zayne Libar

      Is your bike automatic???

    7. O Seraozz

      Hey Brian, I’ve seen your tutorial on how to wheelie and I still can’t wheelie my bike, it’s a Yamaha 85yz ‘04, I have tried almost everything and I still can’t wheelie, the problem is not the bike it’s me that I’m a bit scared of falling backwards, is there anything that I can do to get more confident? I have tried poping the clutch and when the wheel is up, I try to use the rear break but I dunno man sometimes I almost smash the break and it doesn’t do shit, I need help hahaha, I have seen a lot of videos on yt of how to wheelie and I still can’t get confident enough

      1. O Seraozz

        @Jaime thank you bro I’m trying that today

      2. Jaime

        Oh man those things are easy to pop. Learn the "one leg on ground, other leg on foot brake" trick. Slow wheelies helps with getting the balance point and rear brake practice. Problem is you prob might fall but this trick turns 40mph fall into 5mph. Whats the lesser evil?

    8. SEN Shup

      WE NEED 300k SUBS

    9. Eisa

      At 19:10 where were you trying to zoom into?? Lol

      1. Eisa

        @brian_636 love your videos ❤️💯

      2. brian_636

        Ya hahahhahahahhaa

    10. Eisa

      Man, I love your videos, I hope one day I’ll be with the squad.

    11. Rmc Suf

      C spot poppin

    12. Donald Dickerson

      Spent the last 4 weeks deciding what bike to buy. Went through arbys and amount came to 6.36.. coincidence???

    13. And wave

      Let's keep it real good for the motorcycle

      1. brian_636

        Yes sirrrr

    14. Matthias Reichelderfer

      do a video on your supermoto

      1. brian_636

        Will do homie!!!!

    15. haaha7 ayayay

      Brian what is the year of your new 636?

    16. ItsAGHOST JY

      Hey Man U should go East Chicago by Gary their a lot banned building and theirs one church it’s been banned and u can go inside there were like a pic of it like some getting Marry u should check it out man

    17. Aidan Mcnutt

      If your in la head over to perris speedway this weekend nov. 14th and watch some motorcycle racing you've never seen before Speedway, 500cc dirt bikes with no brakes, they go over 100mph and your drifting the hole time. I race and will be racing there in the under21s. The sport needs more exposure in US and I think people will find it awesome.

    18. Calthecool

      Turns out all that smog in LA is just tire smoke.

    19. LTS ELITE

      Guys I want to start riding should I get a pit bike to learn how?

    20. tsurm1

      Do you ever sit still? I mean...dude you are all over the country!

    21. Alex _636

      It was a dope day. Great having you in Cali

    22. Janet King

      Dankwheelie helllll yeah

    23. Moist Muffin

      u should do something in orange county i always wanted go w u on a ride💯🦑

    24. A MAC

      Dam, not 1 stoppie

    25. Goon Rides

      Can’t believe I live 10 minutes away and still couldn’t come :(

    26. Exotic Rider

      I was there, that shit was sooo sick!!!

    27. Happy Panda

      I miss riding when I’m away from home. This brings me back

    28. Happy Panda


    29. Ethan Cutshall


    30. Ethan Cutshall


    31. Lucgecko


    32. forza everyday

      Ive seen that white super moto at my dads job

    33. Frank Myers


    34. Wiarnie Mew

      Yooooo, when are we getting some car videos????

    35. rush

      Freakin sick

    36. P.D.L. Stunts

      Man I was only 2 hours away from y’all couldn’t get the meetup spot though 😩 next time 🔥

    37. brianandzane

      I don't care what @YammieNoob says, squids are my favorite riders. 👊

    38. Gnarly Kook

      The 13 get off my lawn haters who disliked this video🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Jack Ryan

        This world is full of idiots😂

    39. Alitouriri_KILLER R

      lets gooooo mean!!!!!!😜

    40. EVAN.norwalk California


    41. Josh Drummond

      Y'all goin hard out there yeeee....what up from chitown 🤘

    42. Kent Kollath

      18:04 RIP fork seals.

    43. BroGnarly

      Another great video by our least favorite moto vlogger!

    44. Sierra 117

      DAAAAAMMMMNNNNNN SONNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SHIZ IS LIIITTTT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Also, what rear tire are you running and what size?

    45. Adriano Moreira

      Brazil 👎🏾

    46. candyman


    47. jay2378_8

      I came here from tiktok last year I'm pretty sure and its so good to see how far you have come

    48. Marciano Rodriguez

      Love from CA! Live to Ride

    49. Hades Norinco

      Where in la.. Looking to do some goofing off on my f4i 954 conversion

    50. Ahmad Maulana

      Street Kings!

    51. Freddie the Fly

      Great talent out there. Who has the green and pink bike? Does he have a channel? amazing stuff.

    52. MaskOn CreepSilent

      Look 👀 at all the misguided lol that’s what’s up you gotta come to Minneapolis

    53. BIKE LIFE Akeem

      Guyana was in the live. Respect bro. 💯

    54. [TZ]312 Rc Nation


    55. Dave Marriott

      13:25 for an epic entry!

    56. Alan Lopez

      Commerce stunt spot 👍

    57. Drift Life Clutch Twice


      1. P.D.L. Stunts

        It was cold af this weekend 😔

    58. GameStation

      shot out

    59. Antonio A

      13:40 😍😍😍

    60. Bnq

      Yooo inane

    61. Mawen Pro

      OMG! 😳 Good Bro❤️

    62. Samantha Mack

      OMG!!! 🤩🤩

    63. De'Andre Towers


    64. ManuelRd180 Motovlog

      🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀💯💯😍💪 duro 🔥🔥🔥

    65. sS BoneZ

      nice controlled enviroment ok boys

    66. WellwoodsLife

      That fuckin rev limit burnout tho!!

    67. Dan Dean

      Love from down under... this is the America I remember .... beautiful

    68. Nick Barnes

      GOD, Fam, 2Wheeles or ☝#LoveTheSkills&Focus

    69. Gabriella Damon

      LETS GOOO!!! 🔥

    70. kevin borrayo

      How long you in L.A FOR?

    71. Ta1was

      Maaan I hope i could come to group rides with you but I’m stuck in Finland with my 50cc moped. god dang it!

      1. x box


    72. J Rome Melodico

      Motorcycle Sideshow Only 🔥

    73. keep on truckin outlaw life

      Making me jealous Brian hear in Detroit Michigan brother. Much love and respect from Detroit

    74. ItsRustgamer

      Brian, I just want to say thank you you have set my life back on track and I'm torn to know you only make $50 dollars a day from youtube keep making great content I know you probably never going to read this but thank you

      1. Moto Bud

        Give it a few days, think he reads everything he can.

    75. i4Ni C

      Don't forget to pay your carbon tax.

    76. Matt Szymski

      AYYYYYY RIDE SAFE GUYS❤️much love

    77. UC Steven

      Yo moto trev killin it!!!!!

    78. Young Blood


    79. AlipTic


    80. DyLaN

      So Cool! 😃

    81. RatedSforStupid

      Definitely not fourth

    82. Jai Aneja Vlogs


    83. Sxt0bi


    84. Simon FIfe

      that first comment tho

      1. Sxt0bi

        Nice to see you made it before me. GG. Anyways second