This Zx6r Sings! #shorts


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    Police escorted Charity ride Doomsday 2020 in Chicago IL on the Kawasaki Zx6r! #shorts

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    1. brian_636

      What’s up guys!!! Thought I’d try out the New KGup #shorts and upload a little vertical footage! Have a great weekend! Brian

      1. Chris Michaels


      2. Mohd Iskandar

        stupid geng..

      3. South Side

        Bring us more content

      4. EludeAdaptSurvive Reid

        Would this happen to be in Jax, FL? That cop cruiser looks like JSO

      5. Brian Skehan

        Thanxs for ur service's

    2. William Hughes

      Acting a fool lmao

    3. Jason Twister

      Yeah real cool until u hit the pavement doing 100mph .it could never happen too u right until it does and you're head and other body pieces are scattered across the highway.😩

    4. Irma Oliva


    5. Tray K

      Don't nothing sound better than that kaw 🐄

    6. matt bolinger

      A highway full of douche bags

    7. RazorQtr

      Omg a bike riding itself doing wheelies and a flying helmet!

    8. Toot Deville

      I swear does wheeling ever get old? Im sick of seeing the SAME OLD tricks. There's only so much you can do on one wheel.

    9. Fonzie Bulldog

      I ,m a biker and must tell these small kids that were is two wheels on a bike.

    10. Héctor Arevalo


    11. Oki Mitchell

      This shit is scary 😳

    12. 김승환

      다 대져야됨...👹👹👹👹

    13. x2WheelThrottle

      Was really hoping for a rear tire failure !!! And they say why don’t people like us bandit bikers?? Idiots !!!!!

    14. Russ C.


    15. Javier Vasquez

      En todos esos vídeos siempre es lo mismo no hay nada fuera de lo normal o extremo

    16. Mad#Matt 48

      Harleys sing. The ricer just whines...

    17. §hąřpśhøõțëŕ❕• 40 years ago (edited)

      Pretty impressive recording.


      Must be a highschool nearby; fishing for attention with that parade.

    19. denis csn

      Une bande de blaireaux qui fait chier le monde sur la route

    20. X_ Gamer

      How many bruises you get before learning that?

    21. Everett Sykes


    22. The Shrimp Gamer


    23. CloverKing Production

      Sneaker weeker at their finest.

    24. Fernando Aguilar

      Te recomiendo no tentar al destino. No te ENVIDIO te lo aconsejo por experiencia,te deseo lo mejor.

    25. clifford wright

      I'll stick with my Harley Davidson

    26. Jim Puddy

      Couldn’t do this on my ‘73 750 Four

    27. mjoelnir58


    28. Henry Vill

      I wanna see the fails 🤣😈

    29. mrrvparks

      How do they get that many people to agree on something so dangerous, illegal and stupid? Sometimes my wife and l can't agree on what to have for dinner or what video to watch.

      1. brian_636

        😂😂😂 Welcome to the channel big dog

    30. SS Chevy


    31. Tim C


    32. Thomas L

      Stolen Valor!!!! 😆

      1. brian_636

        Yeah lol right

    33. michael123 cody

      They really dont know how stupid they look. It's one thing to do shit like that but to do it where other people can get hurt is normal to them.

    34. 焼鳥マン


    35. David Hollandsworth

      I agree, a bunch of look at men's blocking traffic with people that work for a living

    36. 박야곱


    37. Kenny Sherrill

      A pack of organ donors. 😅😅😅

    38. Caleb Evans

      Imaging the bike just gives out while doing a wheelie... or something like that

    39. falcon15050

      A herd of idiots on wheels.

    40. Matt Dunn

      These are the ones that wreck and bring down the crew behind him down... Especially the one that pulled the stoppy in middle of the interstate.

      1. brian_636


    41. Gottlieb Zablonier

      Idioten allen den Führerschein abnehmen und die Motorräder

    42. Dementia Galaktica

      How about .....popin' that willy going forward but in reverse, with your back facing the direction of traffic?

    43. Foxy Foxington

      Grunt marines dont want to wear cammies if they dont have too

    44. ian jones

      Uprated Oil pump ??? Or melted cams. ?? Still good balance skills mate. Better than me lol.

      1. ian jones

        @brian_636 glad to hear it. Pretty Bulletproof,, but not meant to go Vertical lol. Cant beat an old Kwak, I'm still abusing a zx9r C2. Take care out there . 👍😎

      2. brian_636

        Yes sir! Oil pump relocated

    45. latika washington

      Yes I’m going to go get off work

    46. Hernando Cortez

      Stolen Valor

    47. John Wren

      Sign your donor card, we can use your eyes when you f up (& u will f up)

    48. Silverado Nation #FLYCHEV

      These guys doing yoga on bikes

    49. Mac Allan

      Circus clowns

    50. Ben Duncan

      Front tire last 100,000 miles

    51. Dick Party

      Idiots. Lmao

    52. j mcd

      That is a man with a death wish

    53. C Almeida

      Some times they died no piety

    54. A_Frame Pleasantries

      Could atleast be out of uniform....

    55. Keeko

      My uncle has the same bike 🏍 but in blue 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    56. Craig Taylor

      One idiot that proves certain people shouldn’t be on bikes

      1. brian_636


    57. Sharky's Machine

      Love it when caught,.... fines and licenses revoked!

    58. Joseph Bragg

      That's a great way to sharpen your but on the asphalt at a high rate of speed.

    59. Aces & Eights

      Bunch of losers...

    60. JM CUYA

      Kong dito Yan SA Atin huhulihin Yan at p perahan only in the Philippines 🤣

    61. Dave K.

      I don't ride with squids.

    62. MrMisterMan

      I guess we should be impressed

    63. Todd Baumann

      What a bunch of assholes they all think they are hot shit! O boy look i can ride a wheelie let go to the track and see great you are when you accutally have to have to us some skills other then riding a wheelie

    64. Dylan Long

      Take the fkin uniform off..

    65. David Junior

      I didn't see the crash..

    66. Shaun Bennett

      Dude videoing on the harley needs to fox his fuel gauge

    67. Wes Waite

      Are you active military?

    68. Brian Paquin

      Not in the military. Wearing camo. Children, if you had any wouldn't be wearing camo.

    69. Freddy 2828

      Stupid is as stupid does!🤔

    70. Miles


    71. William Morin

      Not even wearing boots! 🤣🤣🤣 Someone's out of regs! 💯

    72. anoobis noo3in4tor

      Are these the guys who attack the police officer?

    73. Bambang Irawan

      Aku pikir tadi mati semua, tak seru... Kalau mati semua baru mantap..

    74. Nobody

      Bugger...wish I was there👍

    75. Chris Watson

      That leg up front was a little bit sus

    76. shabad kirtan forever

      Why tf is he wearing marine corp uniform with f*c*ing tennis shoes and white under shirt ; the disrespect 😤 😑

    77. Michael Shuler

      The few The proud The marines

    78. Junlorenz 0806

      Maybe its time for him to know how asians make a motorcycle sing😎

    79. Kyle Risenhoover

      This guys out of reg. Not to mention making us look bad smooth move sh1t bag.

      1. brian_636

        Thanks Kyle😂

    80. anyhony chapman

      You guys are good 👍

    81. Wikanda Kitana

      Some of the dirtiest wheelie work I've seen

      1. brian_636

        All love my guy

    82. VENT X

      Ohh shit that is bryan

    83. pelonchaz Chinelo Ortiz

      Chicago unite riders 4 life 🤟🏻😈

    84. Brady Opalenik

      That's a really bad attempt of Stolen Valor

    85. Kat Rummel

      Let me just lift my leg up in the air Splat

    86. South Side

      Hood eats . hell yeah do more shorts.

    87. Galactic


    88. R P

      Don't knock it til you try it all the haters can't do

    89. L Steck

      Their blocking traffic, where's the cop's when their needed!

      1. Alphabet Soup

        Is English your first language ?

    90. Angel Delacruz

      Thats nice, but if you want to be hatred go here in philippines and tape it

    91. SpaceLord 4Life

      His chain looks loose af

    92. TheLondonCyclist

      Can anyone tell me why most of these motorbike videos from the U.S., they barely ever ride with plates, like ever... are they allowed no plates in some states or just in general on motorbikes? In the U.K., the police will butt fk you for this... Cheers

      1. P C

        Unfortunately, if the cops went after them they would ride even more dangerously to get away. Cops should wear civvies and ride a bike following them till they park it and confiscate the bikes or just run them over in the parking lot. Fools on bikes and they wonder why insurance is so high.

    93. JL's Jk

      All of em.passed a cop...and kept going???

    94. Enzo Zesta

      A bunch of trash in the road saying "this road is our dad property, we can do what ever we want"

    95. La Jik

      Mad Skillz

    96. Mohd jamilul fakimy Jasni

      Stolen valor

    97. Aarif Shaikh

      So hard bro

    98. Ant Man

      Stolen valor

      1. brian_636

        😂😂 Ya right, you must be new here huh

    99. Chad Boyum

      It's tough giving all bikers a bad image... keep up the good work.... idiots

    100. Charles Morris

      Bike for sale excellent shape never been on a track!

      1. Richard Smith

        What kind?