GHOST TOWN RIDING! (#HoodEats Eps. 28)


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    Today we head to the city of Cairo Illinois on the Kawasaki Zx-6r for a halloween special of Hood Eats at Shemwells BBQ! Cairo is know to for its ghost town like feel as many residents have fled over the past 60 years, Enjoy this vlog! Brian 636!
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    Before every ride on the street, we check all essential parts on the Harley Davidson 1200 sportster stunt bike, Yamaha Yz450f supermoto, and Kawasaki zx6-r motorcycle. Insurance, gasoline, tires, chain, and oil are all inspected by a motorcycle tech. Always wear your DOT approved helmet, leather gloves, and motorcycle insurance company. Please ride safely and enjoy the motovlog! Love you all!
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    1. brian_636

      Hope you guys enjoy this Halloween Special of Hood Eats! Help support my travels and videos HERE!

      1. v n

        What's up dude I got to confess I haven't seen videos in 6 months a lot of work has gone in the way but to night I'm watching them all back to back. You boy @whitefeatherstunts

      2. Andy H

        Let me give you some help, I know what a full town in US got abandoned, the simple reason is because everything in Chicago is run by Liberals

      3. بركة بوشعاب

        @Fecatus v

      4. Mr Berg

        Love the Halloween sound track!

      5. Alante Doyle

        Come ride in VA!!!

    2. Christian Cabrales

      Does that van have a bed let us get a van tour

      1. Christian Cabrales

        @brian_636 haha that’s actually smart af ima go check them out!

      2. brian_636

        It does!!! I have a van tour or two up already

    3. Reza Nobrain

      this ride on the bridge !!

    4. Brian Peterson

      Did a ride through that area about 20 years ago. It was rough then!!! Very sad to see our cities disappearing. Thanks for sharing.

    5. Kis Ning


    6. SCHNIPAA Clips

      Ordered your black and orange hat, also grabbed a shirt. I am so glad I stumbled across this series, absolutely amazing!

    7. Salamar Cox

      Yo you was where I live I actually live 20 mins from Cairo man that’s crazy

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya homie! Love it down south!


      Yisser he said my city East Saint Louis

    9. Ccursed

      Hey sir, i am a graphic designer and i was wondering if u would want me to design you some stuff, for an example stickers, shirts, hoodies etc. would be great for your channel growth. hit me up if your interested :)

    10. Tyrus Della-franca

      I like the guy that got cheese cubes

    11. Kar-98K

      i have to stop watching these

    12. DJ Nate

      That's what the deep state wants the rest of our country to be like.

    13. BE IZ

      Brian aka my history teacher

    14. bykush_

      This video is not spooky because you didnt filmed it at night lol

    15. Tonygr_ yolo

      hey brian i dont know any places there bc im not from the us but you should go to a place and eat greek food you will love it!!!

    16. Javier Garcia

      Yo Brian! Have you made a hoodeats in Little Village? I visit there all the time, look up the restaurant Aguascalientes out in Little Village hands down the best Gorditas I’ve had!

    17. ross valdez

      i swear every one of your vids is just a history lesson

    18. DJREFOR

      Hi! what is the brand of your motorbike please? thank you

    19. A C

      what bike was JP on??

    20. Filip Drena

      So spooky. I love your motorcycle Brian. You are my favorite motorcycle youtuber. Keep going🏍🏍🏍🏍

      1. brian_636

        Thank you brother!! All love!

    21. The GorillaBiker

      Man that was legitimately sad seeing it all so abandoned and empty. Those houses are the worst part...pity people can't be given the option to move there and do up the houses! Brilliant video as always man.

    22. Andy Carter3

      Love getting history lessons with Brian pretty dope my friend

    23. Ed I

      Hey Brian, are you ever going to visit Evansville Indiana ?

    24. Jestin Arthurs

      How do you clean your hands when you do the hood eats? I know these places dont have bathrooms

      1. Jestin Arthurs

        @brian_636 savage, just slip the meat beaters back in the gloves and let them marinate in the sauce. Do you ever venture out towards rockford?

      2. brian_636

        I don’t


      looks like a cool place to metal detect

    26. Jessica Samm

      You missed Magnolia Manor and the beautiful neighborhood around it. That’s the last nice part of town and it’s absolutely beautiful!

    27. Adam McNeely


    28. Shawn Wells

      That town make my town look like a baby population wise

    29. Mike_naugz88

      Cuz everyone knows that gas in cairo is completely evil... duh

    30. zayzay lindsey

      I live in Missouri

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya man! Nice state ya got

    31. Sam Dunne

      Is your 636 carb or efi Cheers mate

    32. COD PLAYZ

      Can u be my history teacher plz😷

    33. VALDI

      Keep up the great work man!!!!!!!

    34. Dylan Wright

      I live in Kansas City missouri


      9:14 Definitely would've grabbed that C64

    36. Karson Gibbs

      Go to gross burger. In danville il. And have a ride out from Champaign to Danville. We gotta decent little biker comunity out here

    37. Karson Gibbs

      From Champaign il myself awesome ur so close. By

    38. c35 n


    39. luis Rangel

      What kind of bike is it the one he is ridin

    40. LightenUp!

      It's poignant that you're highlighting the abandoned projects, especially since they were abandoned largely due to riots. How(or whether) the parallels may apply to the present remains to be seen. There are pockets of places like this in my home. (Interesting video, but 👎on the creepy music). Be careful out there.

    41. Joshua Bradley Jr

      That was down the street from my house if you would’ve went down the road to the right

    42. Alexander Anderson

      I like how you tell all of the history and stuff like that I’m 13 and from your videos I can teach my history teacher lol

    43. Hipe _stunts

      Do you carry any weapon when you ride?

    44. Joseph Centola

      Such a great dude love watching your videos keep them coming sending love from Boston 💯💖💙🙏🙏

    45. Eclipsis

      no joke inspired me to get an 2007 636 last weekend bro keep it up.

    46. DA B000YZ

      ever since i heard of this guy i was inspired to ride more and get out and explore the world more lol

    47. Edenie Firdaus


    48. Kyle David

      Did a job at the bean plant there we weren’t allowed there after 6pm.

    49. marc briones

      I had a sneaking suspicion that it had to something to do with black people why the town got run down and later on in the video Brian explained the race problems led to the desertion of the town. It make sense, black people usually runs down the community and the white people leave. That happens in most black neighborhoods.

    50. Joshua Tucker

      hi i watch and love your vids i would really like a shout out if you do those i love you

    51. Depter

      I love how your most your videos start with daft punk

    52. Iv Shxde Ix

      I wish you were my teacher the content is golden and the information you provide is unbelievable man good job

    53. Rob Shaman

      Aye come to Detroit bro

      1. brian_636

        I would LOVE to brother!

    54. Katto Suroto

      Brian I'm here n New Jersey come teach me to ride.

      1. brian_636

        I am on my way

    55. GM_0892

      Looks like my forgotten games projects on UE4

      1. brian_636


    56. Silicon Slick Media

      Those buildings are probably hot for Asbestos, be careful out there.

      1. brian_636

        Will do brother!

    57. Silicon Slick Media

      I really enjoy your videos!

    58. LaShawn Garrett

      where do you get your tank cover

    59. Coy Here

      8:35 8:36 bryan whos that in the back left!? please dont tell me thats a ghost

      1. Coy Here

        Omg..I even slowed it down and it looks like it darts left. Lol yikes

      2. brian_636

        It sure as hell wasnt us

    60. chuck stacy

      Is that white bike a 19+ 636 with led headlights?

      1. chuck stacy

        @brian_636 ahhh makes sense but those headlights looked pretty sick!

      2. brian_636

        Its a 03-04 with 19 fairings

    61. Jack

      how tall are you and how well do u flat foot on the 636 if u do?

      1. Jack

        @brian_636 how much of a bend i your knees do u have sitting on the bike? im considering getting a 636

      2. brian_636

        Im 6 foot bro


      Great content man (definitely learn a few things here including stunts)

      1. brian_636

        Awesome, thank you!

    63. Oliver R Hansen

      7:05 what song is in the background??

    64. Progress24/7

      That music in the beginning gave me serious Halloween vibes. Got a lil bit of anxiety when u were doing that wheelie across the bridge with this music 😂

    65. Elise Mueller

      This was a good one! African Americans are Americans- people in and from other countries think you are all the same

    66. N8YOM8Gamez

      He really said America was the most prosperous country in the world lol

    67. CasperDaPyro

      Ah Southern IL aka Little Egypt. I used to live in Vienna (V-I-Anna). Its a town just north of Cairo (Kay-Row) in Johnson County named after Austria's Capitol. There is a lot of history down there but sadly not much to do or much work anymore. Both towns are pronounced differently than their original counterparts.

    68. Ty Morrison

      If you have a chance I’d stop at zips pizza in Iowa. The Taco pizza slaps

    69. Amer Ican#1

      Come to Iowa nest spring.

    70. Ste_F4i

      wow i missed this one,cool place but sad to see a town ghosted 👍👌✌👏

    71. Conner Crumby

      Stay spooky brian

    72. Dominik Aman

      love to see you guys just riding and vibing in ghost town lol

    73. RetroBathingApe


    74. Macaroni Beep

      You you wer like 4 hawer away frum me that’s cool

    75. Jace Gewe

      Your so close to me I’m shaking

    76. Prakticle J

      had to go to court in Cairo man it seemed shifty out there

    77. JDUBTHE2ND

      Love the videos bro!I live in champaign so im close to the city im gonna try and goto the big rides up there this upcoming summer!

    78. The_Huber_Show

      I pass through this city every year for our guys golf trip in Kentucky. It’s a crazy ghost town forsure. Gonna have to stop next year and try this place

    79. Eatdatpoon

      Hit jefferson city next

    80. Brian brah

      What year is the new 636?

    81. Brian brah

      What is the exhaust u got on the new 636

    82. Daniel Staggs

      Haven't seen the supermoto in a minute

    83. Louie Lucena

      Great documentary film on KGup about Cairo call “Between Two Rivers” Brian great episode! Love the channel.

    84. Kobe Moose

      U should have toured some of the houses

    85. Kaleb Feagin

      Okay dope ass video to start! But I grew up around here and it’s pronounced (CAY-RO) Always get pulled over through this town. And fun fact it was almost flooded a few years ago but they ended up blowing up a Levee and flooding farm land instead.

    86. Silver Rider PH

      I wonder why tho

    87. Freddie the Fly

      Hard to believe people still live amongst the rubble. Like you said, looks like a bomb went off there and they just go about their business.

    88. manvoy

      When you guys/girls when you just started riding what was your worst crash. Mine was on a tao tao pit bike I hit a pothole on my way to a track and burned a hole in my leg with with the chamber and the burned hole is like half an inch deep now.


      What's up man been following you love the ride that you did with maxi in Chicago really hoping to get my Moto vlog foot in the door your videos are great man if you get a chance message back

    90. laze magma cole

      You Should Come To Down Town Jonesboro AR

    91. Slept On

      Dat r6 though 0.07

    92. FeedOnSpeed

      that is so crazy to see a town abandoned like that... would be cool to see it up and running again (if that'd ever happen 😓)

    93. Marcus Hardigan

      Truly! Dope content!

    94. Fooliganx3

      You should buy a house there and then make it the stunt city

    95. Richiewrich 69

      Interesting vid Brian . that’s crazy like you said here in America that you would find those type towns... good content bro...✌️

    96. Dj Brown

      G herbo does a lot of work with Chicago kids. You should hook up with him and make some happen for the kids of Chicago. Everyone should request Brian to do that just in case he doesn’t see this comment.

    97. Richard bryce

      imagine buying Brian's bike "careful 1 owner" not knowing who he is and then getting home and finding his you tube channel lol

      1. GM_0892

        Would be a honor

    98. Gnarly Kook

      What helmet do you wear?

    99. Gnarly Kook

      Kept waiting for the old guy to come out of the house “Get off my lawn”😂😂

    100. Sean Winningham

      Im only 257 miles from there ill have to check it out next year