Harley Davidson Stunt Build #Shorts


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    The worlds quickest parts list on this 2016 Harley Davidson Roadster stunt bike build! If you want to see more of this bike check out the new hood eats HERE! kgup.info/get/nZhnk5bCqqxipXs/video
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    1. brian_636

      What is up guys! Hope you are enjoying these short vertical videos! Watch some action on this bike HERE! kgup.info/get/nZhnk5bCqqxipXs/video

      1. Paul Aagaard

        Like what your doing on hood eats. Puts city life in perspective for us hicks. Is the engine a stock 1200? What kind of cruising speed do you get with the gearing?

      2. AJ motorsport bike life 636

        Definitel live that harley Davison and all the upgrades on it ma love and respect to you and the family ma guy may God bless you guys out there stay safe 636!!!!!!!! Mafiaaaaaa gang for life 💯.

      3. benny reich

        Love from UK 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    2. Saul Delgado


    3. Phillip Fiorovante


    4. Untamo

      Man im hungry after watching them hoodeats

    5. Jory Nelson

      I'm in love

    6. duane howard

      Cage really?

    7. ching chong

      That's a whip that bro

    8. Keegan Rathbun

      We love you Brian please be careful we don’t need to be losing any more brothas keep it up man we proud of you 🤗

    9. KuruMoto

      Official name of the new Sporster: da Vinston

    10. Booniebabie

      Nobody cares..... As much as me

    11. Jim Jackson

      Love to see what you think of a 72v Sur Ron!

    12. gillyman 715

      Just ordered parts for my 15 636 build, bought cocks clip ons, cage, gpr damper and core moto lines. Any recommendations on grips?

    13. Francisco Rueda

      Harley davinston lmao

    14. SubCult Productions

      You make me want to wheelie my 40 year old hardtail bobber....

    15. Mayjick The New

      I need more content BRIAN! haha!

    16. Christian Lance #72

      Too clean! 😍

    17. Kenzie Merchant

      Your so cool cousin

    18. Sudweeks. Jpg

      What is Davidston?😂

    19. Jordan Oz

      Harly davidtsin

    20. Nick Bercik

      Hey Brian wanted to ask what you think about flipping bikes to make some money? (All legally ofc) trying to start out young and save up for stunt parts😂

    21. KELL

      We who?

    22. OneSekcBagel

      We need a compilation of brian saying WHOO!

    23. _Foul Mouths_

      Herley davinston 👌

    24. John Slavin

      Yeah they are all enjoyed even thow I bust my foot, are, fingers since I first starting following you an learn tricks keep posting brian.

      1. John Slavin

        An all I get is a heart lolol love you to brian lol

    25. Steven Crutchfield

      Turned out awesome!

    26. Gandalf with an AK-47

      She’s pretty quiet compared to the Sportster

    27. master cheif

      Did you like ride for the legends ?

    28. MitchDee

      Brian just wanted to say ive been a fan since 30k subs, i commented on a clip saying how your underrated and how you dont have more subs with your reply saying "thanks appreciate it". Now your over 300k, knew it.😂👍fair play brother

    29. Jay Tripp

      I just saw you on a k&n add on that bike bro!! Love the Harley stunts

    30. Trinidad Sanchez


    31. Coy Here

      Feel sorry for those 2 people who got covid, and only can hit this dislike😭😟🤯

    32. Wipeout

      Butt grip on the tank looks good

    33. Matthijs Beets

      So sick bro 🔥🔥

    34. J Boogs

      Video was hella fast... I couldn’t tell but if I had to guess I’d say that was a Harley.

    35. KJC_ hondakid

      Hey Ik you probably won’t respond by are you still in Chicago and if you are do you think you will still be there in 3 years

    36. FR35H7Y84K3D d

      Gross ass cruisers. Puke

    37. Kyle Barn

      2016 Harley Davidston

    38. GoGoGonzo 77

      That was the “DAMN ITS COLD OUT” version. Here’s to spring my guy!! Stay warm and frosty!

    39. bennyboom63

      I like it. Looks a little different from what everybody else is building too which is always cool. Good luck with it brotha.

    40. DC_ Hoonigan

      Man that bike is so sweet💯

      1. brian_636

        Thanks brother!!! Glad you digging it!

    41. Matt Liptrot

      Love how she came out. You're just adding more bike ideas to my shopping list

      1. Matt Liptrot

        @brian_636 I'll always be around to support the homies. Keep up the amazing stuff and thanks for always being humble. You the man 👊👊

      2. brian_636

        Hell ya brother!!!! Glad I got guys like you always here!

    42. Richy 2016 street bob

      Ride safe

      1. Richy 2016 street bob

        @brian_636 I'm thinking about starting up a KGup page for my bike

      2. brian_636

        You too brother

    43. exa_norii

      ma mans gone mad with a dirtbike setup on a Harley

      1. brian_636

        Yee yeeeee

    44. Pysen


      1. Shakey Bones

        I came here to say this, but knew in my heart it had already been said.

      2. brian_636

        HAHAHHAHAHAHA Sorry loling

    45. Kara Elizabeth

      Such a clean unit 🤤

    46. SpookyCereal

      Chicago snowy weather

    47. George

      The goat🥷🏾

    48. benny reich

      First from uk 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 you're dope bro, we love u here... Come over and ripp the streets

      1. benny reich

        All of my mates learned how to stunt from your vids... Just saying...

    49. Dom Joey

      If you had to chose between zack goes and dank wheelie which to you prefer?

    50. Shane Mayo

      are you gonna do power up grades?

    51. Ste_F4i

      its just a sick harley brother 😜👌👍✌🏍🏍


    53. Big Stems


    54. Shade Bike

      1 minute gang!

    55. JPMOTO_636

      That’s sicccccc bro

    56. Mehmet Carson

      So nice man glad you love it cause I do. 200 million dollars later and you’ve got a full build haha jk

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya loling

    57. joshua jury

      Love the harley! She’s an essential member of the fam.

      1. brian_636


    58. Myles Duncan

      Best stunt rider in Illinois

      1. brian_636

        Thanks Myles! All love!

    59. RedDotStuntz

      I really dig the short videos But man the longer videos hit better

    60. Batman 212294

      What would you say is your most favorite bike out of all of them u built and can you do another gas tank build plz on a different build

    61. Train'n Wheelz F3


    62. dankoboost

      Love it!!

    63. JPMOTO_636

      When I see the notification 👁👅👁

    64. Tom Conlogue

      Looks good. Can’t wait for the stoppies 🤙

    65. WASD 09

      Looks sick

    66. Makynzee Dura


    67. The_chill_samurai 12


    68. Kody Cunningham


    69. Carter Bygren

      Keep it up Brian

      1. brian_636

        Thanks Carter Will do!!!

    70. NB Tavares


    71. B3TA_CYP3R

      Everybody is first until the page refreshed

      1. B3TA_CYP3R

        Thanks Brian!!!!!! Keep up the awesome videos!!!!!

      2. MasterSpino


    72. EVAN.norwalk California

      Watching from Cali....and first