Tijuana Circles 🇲🇽 #Shorts


19 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    The wheelie circle spot in Tijuana always gets wild! Glad so many motorcycle riders came from all over Mexico for TSR! #Shorts

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    1. brian_636

      Hope y’all are liking some short videos here and there! Check out the ride into Mexico HERE! kgup.info/get/mX-TZmaznpmPj3s/video

      1. v n

        LET'S GO 🚐💨💤

      2. Eve MCBARNETTE

        Amazing 👏

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    2. Yaroslav Volkovatrov

      Fuck yeah 🤟🤟🤘🤘

    3. Vito J

      Have you considered buying a 2 stroke??

    4. João Antônio de Oliveira Neto

      Bora Brasil kkkkkk

    5. Lonewerewolf777

      Sickkkk. Always a good day when Brian uploads. I’ve got a question for ya, have you ever tried skitching before? It seems to be one of those stunts that have died out from the stunt world

    6. Jake_77

      Your a beast🔥🔥🔥 love ur vids been watching since 2015


      Greatly appreciated 🙏

    8. Wei Zhong Xian Fumario & Beans

      Damn, that boy is a beast


      What do you guys think is the best bike to learn how to stunt on? I have a 14 600rr with only 2k miles so I don’t want to try to learn and total it. I’ve been looking at mt09 or maybe a older 600. I’m 6ft 200 lbs so I don’t think a grom could even pull my ass. I can do power wheelies and pop it up but only sit down as I’m too scared to do anything else on it

    10. joshuakoppa

      You make me want to buy another stunt bike lol I miss the sport so much just hard with family. Love the videos keep up the good work

    11. Full send Tv

      Diddy lee is nasty go follow him He’s going to break the record for no hand wheelie circles pretty soon

    12. sSHaDoW cRUiZer2o3

      iS DaT Da GuY???

    13. magic moto

      That 636 can take a beating 🤣🏍🏍 I'm glad you having a blast stay safe ride safe bro

    14. Summertime Saga

      video at least, brother

    15. prateek.

      Hi brain love you stunt riding

    16. Reilley Weatherford

      I hope to ride with you some day Brian

    17. Lakyn

      Hello Brian 👋

    18. Karl Cook

      Stay safe out there

      1. brian_636

        Will do Karl!!!


      Nice & Tight just how I like My ""circles"

    20. Tylen Welch


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    21. Money mancuso Money

      Yessir you are insane on that bike🔥🔥🔥💯

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      Dammmmmmmmmmmmmm 🤘🤘🤘

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      Yeah babyyyyyyy

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    26. Solid Entell

      Hell ya brah

      1. brian_636

        Lets goooo

    27. tgm willy

      Man i wish i could ride a bike

      1. tgm willy

        @THATSMYNAME dam boy ok, shine then


        I couldn't afford A bike at first, so I bought a crashed one for dirt cheap took it to bits Learnt on way how fix it which is bonus then I bought what parts we're needed each month little by little By the end of the year I had a Great first bike for really next to nothing minus hard work and a bit of saving but if You want something in Life set Your mind on it it will happen it doesn't have be a big flash bike start small and Never give up all that stops You in Life is TIME...

      3. tgm willy

        @THATSMYNAME wat stunts could u do?

      4. tgm willy

        @THATSMYNAME no not medical. Its just i dont know anyone with a bike who would want to teach me and oh its also life and i cant afford a bike


        @tgm willy Is their something stopping You Bro if it's Medical Am sorry 🙏

    28. Bm_xr

      I really hope for a day where I can do this

      1. Bm_xr

        @Clarence true, it’s all a process, getting past mental blocks

      2. Bm_xr

        @Fishin with Nick yeah it probably comes to some more naturally than others

      3. Fishin with Nick

        @Clarence it isn’t that difficult. It might take a few months to learn but I learned on a dirtbike in like 3 months

      4. Clarence

        Same man non riders will never comprehend how difficult this is too learn

    29. thomas samples

      Fuck yeah!!!

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      Not the jacket around the waist 😂

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        What do I win?

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        You win ! 😂🙏

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        Thanks Carson!!!

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      Hell yeah!

      1. jeremy brown

        @brian_636 looks like your having a blast in mexico!

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        What’s up Jeremy!!!

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      Plz my bday tomorrow

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        @brian_636 thanks I appreciate it

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        Happ Birthday brother

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      Hey brian can i get a shoutout

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        @brian_636 You are amazing great work 👏 blessings 🇬🇩 North Miami FL ❤ 🙏

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        What’s up big dog!!!!