Warming Chicago's Coldest... (Mini Monday)


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    Spreading some warmth to some of the Chicago's coldest residents on our Honda Groms at Mini Monday, this yearly charity ride helps to cloth some of our city's homeless! Enjoy the vlog, Brian 636!
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    Giving out blankets, hats, gloves, and socks is the least we could do to some of the residents who face homelessness in Chicago’s tent city and lower wacker. The fact that they now know who the guys doing wheelies past them through the summer are ready to help them through the winter helps build a relationship with them that is beyond just seeing each other in passing!
    Before every ride on the street, we check all essential parts on the Harley Davidson 1200 sportster stunt bike, Yamaha Yz450f supermoto, Honda 125cc Grom, and Kawasaki zx6-r motorcycle. Insurance, gasoline, tires, chain, and oil are all inspected by a motorcycle tech. Always wear your DOT approved helmet, leather gloves, and motorcycle insurance company. Please ride safely and enjoy the motovlog! Love you all!
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    1. brian_636

      What is up guys! Hope you all enjoyed riding along with us! Get your own Misguided gear HERE! misguidedco.com/

      1. v n

        What's up dude I got to confess I haven't seen videos in 6 months a lot of work has gone in the way but to night I'm watching them all back to back. You boy @whitefeatherstunts

      2. Madd House Billionairz Club

        Truly Outstanding!!!!

      3. Brett Ottinger

        How can I help brian 636

      4. john 1

        Yo brian when are you going to have gloves on the site?

      5. Nick Abraas

        Respect man! In these unbelievable days, it warms my heart! Grtz from the Netherlands 🙋🏻‍♂️🇳🇱

    2. Papi

      did you say least or best moto vlogger hahaha rewatching your videos my g, your my Moto figure i look up to

    3. —TIM —

      What is your Harley?

    4. Bart Oravetz

      Stop by and say hi you are the best have a great life and keep it going

      1. brian_636

        Thank you Bart!

    5. Lil Russian

      What road is that at 8:20

    6. B's Bike

      True OG my man!

    7. Downhill Park

      Well done!

    8. Ryan

      you got your top down lady your nuts..... *Rides by on motorcycle* hahaha

    9. TheBloodedHelm

      God's work you guys are doing. Hope you stay warm and continue to do so in these trying times.

      1. brian_636

        Thank you brother! All love

    10. Awpstardan

      Please do a cruse down old archerr thru willow spings such a nice motorcycle road then pull up to ricks yamaha. In lockport :)

    11. Alan Green

      In a world that you can be anything... Be kind. Love this shit bro ❤️

    12. EeryHickory

      This is why I’m proud to say that I’m from Chicago 💯

    13. sS BoneZ


    14. A Armstrong

      My 14 year old can get a job after school and during summer, then they can too.. No sorry given or blessings. Get off your asses.

    15. A Armstrong

      Kinda grimes my gears that he was so picky to want a "black one", take it or leave it stinky..

    16. Carlos Sanchez

      I’m only 35 mins away from where the video was shot, that’s awesome 🙌🏽 first time watching your videos and I definitely had to subscribe

    17. Erick Bowl

      Do a live stream u about hitting 300k subs

      1. brian_636

        Maybe I will homie!!!!!

    18. Linda Ahwazi

      God bless you 💖🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

      1. brian_636

        Thanks Linda!!!

    19. K0RRuPT3D _636

      You're super nice bro! Just snagged two snapbacks. I'd love to see a snapback in the color combo like the black and green beanie! Need that Kawi green!

      1. brian_636

        All love my guy!!!❤️

    20. Adrean Franklin

      That was nice of yall to give the homeless people the stuff they need im going to do that one day

    21. Chris Spivey


    22. cristian perez

      Always pass by those places glad people still help others

    23. Tom Kenney

      I'm so proud of you and everyone else who showed out to help the homeless. When me and my brother lived in Chicago we would try to take at least 50 blankets down to the homeless every year. So again I'm proud to see people still care ❤

    24. siribiriz


    25. Frankie Bonomo


    26. Frankie Bonomo

      anyone know a heap bike i could get like around $1000

    27. Lost Wisdom

      Love what you do. We need to help those less fortunate and set the example for others and future generations to follow. Salam alaikum wa ramatullah wa barrakatuh

    28. SquidBikeTV

      good stuff dude

    29. B-Dang

      Killing the game brother this genoristity is amazing.

    30. Chi Guy

      Great thing you all do all the time.. keep it up .. cheers to you. also that wind break is definitely something needed during the winter lol..

    31. Conner lucas


    32. Oliwier Freerunner

      Your first video was 11 years ago

    33. Luis Pereira

      The best bro 👍👏👏👏👏👏👏nice job

    34. G1 Loaded

      Can you guys do the wind Jackets with (Your Team Aint Shit) in the back :D Would bee cool!

    35. sergio davis

      yo the weather decent lets get another ride together for tomorrow need to test out the new bikes

    36. actionfaktory

      do you have a po box.. i wanna send you some riding gloves...

    37. on way to off road

      good job guys

    38. Bumpy

      Get a dirt bike

    39. wolfgang frank locher

      Man this is awesome. love what you do for your city

    40. Hamilton Hickman

      Whys mini Monday ending?

    41. Crazzy Smoke

      Love all you do my crazy brother

      1. brian_636

        Thank you homie

    42. D G

      I'll just keep sayin it.......YOU are good people dude!

      1. brian_636

        Thank you homie

    43. TorranceTennisCarBike

      Thanks for caring about the homeless and doing something tangible for them. #

      1. brian_636

        Thanks homie❤️

    44. denver hester

      Respect Brian it's nice to know people care.

    45. Dougieee

      Much love from PA over here love what you guys do inspire some of us riders to do the same just remember someone always has it better or worse than you treat others as equal as you can you may inspire someone to get back on their feet. much love! 🖤

    46. Jory Nelson

      You're so f****** awesome bro!! Thanks to you and everyone else for your kindness.

    47. ski 33

      You don’t need to do a hood eats it’s a place in the south call Bridgeport it’s by the Sox stadium call stix n brix pizza and they have a redline cafe in the building and I been there before and it’s pizza in a pit it’s a good place to eat at

    48. LeRoyce s

      seeing shit like this brings a tear to my eye man keep doin great things man 💯🖤

    49. UnDEaDGene

      Yo Brian, ima new face to your channel but not new to our Chi-Town Home. You nd The squad u got are coo for doing this. Our Windy City be actin on sum else when it’s cold😂and be testing the homeless to their limit💯. Seeing you ride round the Chi motivates me more to get my license n start riding🤙🏾. Thank you for showing dat the Chi got that special love hidden within💙. -W Side Chi🤙🏾💟💯

    50. Chibred

      The Italian beef at maywood express are good.

    51. Chibred

      It’s awesome that you give back ever year to the homeless. Wish I could help. Semper fi.

    52. Dragon DemNuts

      bro i have been using latex glove for years for hunting and just assumed that everyone knew about it, till i went to my first meet up on my drz and ended up giving out a whole damn box of gloves to people !

    53. Anthony Ayala

      Hell yeah love it !

    54. Saverio Bizzarro

      Why is he saying this it he last mino-moto monday

    55. Gerardo R

      Motovlogger in Chicago!?, finally! Know anymore by chance?

    56. Aj Pettson

      So you were the guys riding bikes while we were having a game on the side of you

    57. Pmarriott

      Want to buy some gear but I'm a BIG BOY... 2x is too small...

    58. PDX SQUID

      you're a good guy man!

    59. Kareem Stewart

      Good job my friend

    60. AJ motorsport bike life 636

      Yes sir may God bless all you guys ma 100000000000 respect to what ya doing 🙏 ❤ hopefully soon I can buy me ma Honda grom I can't wait definitely love the video yeeeeeyeeeee may God bless the fams always love you guys

    61. FeedOnSpeed

      i've been using your trick since you mentioned it and it's freaking amazing

    62. Ryan Connell

      Bro! You are restoring my faith in humanity

    63. tlads

      wow this is amazing man!❤️ heart warming

    64. Mathew Flick

      Keep up unreal gifts to the home less ...u are life saver in ur town u do a lot for everyone...all the best to you and family and friends....

    65. Mathew Flick

      Hi Brian can I please get a 3xl hoodie and a beanie...ur fan from Australia... Rolling burnouts are my favorite...

    66. Ray_

      i just found you but you are amazing

    67. suicide shots

      How do people get away with riding 4-wheelers in the city?

    68. L G

      This is awesome of you all to do! Much respect and proof that there is a lot of good still happening.

    69. Joseph Coombs

      I bought a grom cause of you and your wheelie video had me rippin wheelies the first day now I’m at balance solid you da best mane

    70. Chris Droopy

      This right here is why U da Man ☝, Keep spreading them smiles, hope & Love Brotha!!

    71. Robert Kraus

      Man I been watching Brian for many many years now. And one thing I can say about this dude is, he is humble and loves his city. Never cease to impress us followers and viewers with your kindness. Keep up the great work brother!!

    72. Itz Cliff

      You should do Front Up Friday

    73. Rick Davis

      Major props bro that is absolutely incredible

    74. LS the World

      this is the most kind and wholesome video I've seen in a long while

    75. Jeff Dixon

      Eyes wet with pride the whole video. Brian you are what we all strive to become. Thank you for your service to our country abroad. That is more than enough. But you came back home bringing love, and showing us how we should share it. "Simply" thank you

    76. joel lopez

      Dude brian, you are seriously straight up one of the coolest dudes ever my guy!! Everything you do to try and help out all those people in need is seriously extremely awsome of you!!! I seen you go around and give out blankets and stuff like that to the homeless people a couple years ago and seeing you do that literally inspired me to do that same thing as well Soo I also started doing that for the homeless and I also give out lots of food for them too around thanksgiving time. At the beginning of winter I give out coats, sweatshirts, beanies and gloves. And during Christmas time I give out lots of blankets and Coats. All because you inspired me to do the same thing my guy!!! Keep up everything that you do and stay safe out there bud!! You truly are an awsome person and also inspirational my guy.

    77. Art

      Please come out with misguided body amor jacket. I don’t ride without armor but I really wanna rep the brand. Also where can I get stickers from?

    78. WAstateofmind

      Brian posted a video? That's an easy like. Love how you can tell how much he loves his city.

    79. Eddie yo

      Nice.we been doing charity runs I have a video on my KGup of us doing outreach. Good footage bro!!

    80. Andrew Patrone

      bro who TF dislikes this??

    81. stay true

      Brother you are one amazing person

    82. Winters

      Living in Minnesota I know all about that latex glove baby. It really is a game changer. You don't even notice your wearing them its great.

    83. ItsRustgamer

      Brian, I just want to say thank you you have set my life back on track and I'm torn to know you only make $50 dollars a day from youtube keep making great content I know you probably never going to read this but thank you

    84. Greg Morgan


    85. Head Butter

      Hey bro im watching from Germany (Bremen) and i really love and enjoy your vids 👌💪

    86. Vanillabean 318

      Dude I'm a technician at a Toyota dealer and I use those black latex gloves everyday. I totally thought about wearing a pair under my riding gloves, good to know I'm in the game!

    87. Doug Russell

      Such a good dude I hope somebody gets to pay it forward to you

    88. Supermoto Jay

      Dudes the realest around.

    89. Joel Pierre

      Brain 636 me and him use the same background music yesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    90. Jack Ryan

      Wait...I thought there was a little piece that was supposed to be missing on the upside down Chicago skyline...damn, never mind then😂mines just special. A one-off, if you will

    91. Jack Ryan

      Damn, how did I miss an upload? 🤦🏼‍♂️

    92. CJ Gonzales

      I wish I could help but I am 13 and live in Hawaii stay safe man

    93. Doc Moto

      Always gonna like this about you bro, a kind person is a rarity these days.

    94. Шикио

      Love you all

    95. Highside_ Shrader

      Love how your brothers bike is in the garage lol the yellow one he’s a killer

    96. Marco Alejos

      the people's champ :')

    97. ricardo macias

      I’m from Houston Texas

    98. Exl

      im trying to build a kawasaki zx6r 2015 stunt bike but idk how to do all of the mods and frame and sub frame replace with a stroger ones than the stock ones anyone know someone to learn it from or someone in Florida that could help me

    99. Marly Adventures

      So inspirational!! Love this vid every year !

    100. Idan Gavriel

      God bless you brother keep being so kind and awesome for the people and the community 🔥🐐