RIDE OF THE LEGENDS 2020! (Insta360)


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    Today we head to Los Angeles to ride motorcycles in memorial of our brothers Rocko, Capone, and Bconn, for ride of the legends 2020. The LA stunt riders always do a good job at putting this ride out together and making sure all the out of town stunters are taken care of. Enjoy this vlog! Brian 636!
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    Los Angeles has always been one of my favorite cities to ride streets in. The roads are smooth, the local riders are chill, and the scenery is amazing! This year ride of the legends or rol 2020, was no different! Before every ride on the street, we check all essential parts on the Harley Davidson 1200 sportster stunt bike, Yamaha Yz450f supermoto, and Kawasaki zx6-r motorcycle. Insurance, gasoline, tires, chain, and oil are all inspected by a motorcycle tech. Always wear your DOT approved helmet, leather gloves, and motorcycle insurance company.
    #RideoftheLegends #LA

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    1. brian_636

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      1. brad wright

        brian_636 how on earth did you not blow your motor up

      2. v n

        What's up dude I got to confess I haven't seen videos in 6 months a lot of work has gone in the way but to night I'm watching them all back to back. You boy @whitefeatherstunts

      3. Brian Bouchard

        Thank you for the 360 review.

      4. joshua jury

        Brian my guy. You gotta stop wit that least fav moto vlogger bro. I only watch two dudes and thats you and dank who you had in a hood eats and then i started watchin him. You are the best dude. You make me wanna stunt

      5. Johnathon Riley

        Will you do a face revil

    2. John Jr


    3. Dexter X arts

      When the daredevil legends take over the highway epic😎👌

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya my guy!

    4. Activet1x

      Plugging🔌peoples instas in random comments till the get to 1k: phoenixcl1

    5. o.m #z

      That moment of silent got me emotionel

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    6. Stoobie Doob

      I never see the point in this if it was cars it’s just called traffic so how is bird any different 🤷‍♂️

      1. brian_636


    7. Ewo 1x

      I wanna see you with zack goes

      1. brian_636

        Zack is in a few of my videos man!!!

    8. keirra Leggins


    9. Benjamin Rajsky

      you got secound clutch or what is that lever?

      1. Benjamin Rajsky

        on the left hand

    10. Malcolm Morphis

      Great video man I see people showed up from all over...0:55 seconds I even spotted a flex on pdx shirt hell yes all the way from the 503 love it......

    11. Kristine Curtis

      Do you know Dan spata out of Naperville has a bad ass gsxr 1100 blue and white slammed all chromed out ?

    12. Explicit

      Download the app PI on android and ios, it works just like bitcoin and you can mine from your phone. Use NoaOk as your invitation code. Free money😳

    13. Youssef Ayad

      7:54 what type of bike is that

    14. mick muller

      I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm

    15. Zivo

      Where do I find rides like this

    16. Jaime

      Wooow! bet that looks better in person 100 folds!! 11:31

    17. Dirtnap

      I see brians 636 more than my own r1 🤔


      360 Shots R Dope

    19. Mr. T

      Hey does anyone know where to find out info on these huge ride outs? Is there like an insta page or something? Let me know. Thanks!

      1. Niko's Chop Shop

        If you know you know. If you don't you won't officer

    20. 2 wheel diesel demon

      Great riding again.just in awe on how you ride with such ease. Be safe my brother

    21. Roaring Pistons

      19:01 That's me yooooo 👀👀👀👀😅

      1. brian_636

        Hell yAaaaa

    22. CrazyStunts 309

      Hey Brian, I’m new to the stunt life. you’re my biggest idol, I just got my first supermoto, maybe we can do a video or ride together

      1. CrazyStunts 309

        @brian_636 you got Snapchat or something, I hit you up on?

      2. brian_636

        Yes sirrrr

    23. NIZAR_ JX

      This is the best notification💜✌

      1. brian_636

        Helllll ya

    24. Yourr Highness

      I’m so ready to join the stunt life ⚙️🔥💯🕺🏽🕺🏽

    25. Carter Shelnutt

      I love your videos!!!!!

    26. LIL_ PUNKING

      what is the name of the song u use in the begging

    27. Zach zz

      That jeep thoo jeeezzzz

    28. Rsd3113

      That bridge crossing was sooooo cool

    29. 2_male_KiDare


    30. 2_male_KiDare


    31. ĞÅŘŔĖŇ !

      9:32 highside joe said "NANI?!"

    32. TIMO SMR


    33. Damon Adams

      where did you get your wheelie tank from

      1. brian_636

        It is built from stunt army

    34. Mathew Flick

      Hi Brian it Mathew from Australia it great watching ur vlogs...I like to wish u a merry Xmas and be safe...

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya Merry Xmas!

    35. Webstar22

      I think they need to start putting the speedometer in the front wheel lol, yeah she's only got about 100 miles on her, its an 02'🤣😂

      1. brian_636

        100% lol

    36. Jason’s Reptiles

      You should go to meetups with just your grom and act like you haven’t tried a bigger bike and ask to use someone’s and start slow then slam wheelies and stoppies in front of them

      1. Jason’s Reptiles

        @brian_636 I cannot believe you actually replied to me! You are my role model man! I’d kill to meet up with you or see you some day you’ve gotta come out to nantucket and try out some of these island roads brotha if you ever do you’ve gotta message me

      2. brian_636

        That would be funny af

    37. MAY DAY


    38. MAY DAY

      go go trump

    39. Brandon Cochran

      Fire 636

      1. brian_636

        Thanks homie

    40. jaydangle

      Macho man Andy savage

    41. jaydangle

      Dude the new camera is awesome..

      1. brian_636

        Thanks homie! Love it!

    42. Luca Sebastian

      enntire world is in lockdown america what the fuck is corona

    43. Jayce Sutter

      hey brain what was your MO for the military? i just curious because i’m still thinking about joining the marines and i don’t know much about the jobs.

      1. brian_636


    44. mr moto meme

      Is it only on mac and or window's 2 ?

      1. brian_636

        Both man!

    45. Jesse_That Honda Guy

      Top of the head mount is the best please do that

      1. brian_636

        I agree

    46. Ben Wilson


    47. Trey vlogs

      Did anyone see the kid at 2:07

      1. brian_636


    48. clayton smith

      So I'm building a stunt bike and want to relocate my ignition switch like @brian_636s bike anyone have suggestions

    49. MrBooshScadoosh

      Been watching since u were stuntin on super pocketbikes lol. Thought ur x18(or19?) was so cool, i just had a 50cc cag. Long time ago haha

      1. brian_636

        That is awesome man! Thanks for being here!

    50. LoftedJester

      Maaaan I just found your channel and this shit is SWEET

      1. brian_636

        Thanks brother! All love

    51. Greg 1340

      When and where is 2021? We might swing up from Kansas. Great vids and love the clothing run. So cool boss....

      1. Greg 1340

        @brian_636 running that busa gets fun. Years and years on that big ol girl, have the gixr 750 for stunt, the wife's rock'in her 750 as well. Would love a big Chicago tour. Need to get away for a while from this craziness!

      2. Greg 1340

        Shoot me details, would love to bring some good people and join you all for a bit. Might bring the big old 1340 just for fun. Ever need help on a run i can get together a good group, I'm from the old schoolers Stunt times, aka rough rider days 30 years ago. Keep it up brother.

      3. brian_636

        Thanks Greg all love

    52. GioPlays

      Love the videos!Keep it up!

      1. Spacegamer34

        Thanks for commenting back!im a big fan! Stay safe

      2. brian_636

        Thansk man will do!

    53. Jacob Robinson

      Can you Take out by the super MOTO out more

    54. the rider 2020

      Starting to get ok at wheelies on my mini it's hard to with no brakes but alot of power and no weight

    55. T Brapp530

      Pulling up for circles in parking lot to merging into the pack🙌🙌 That was gold

    56. Gage Goralnik

      Try doing a stoppe and do the rev limter 🤟

    57. kashaan_dh

      This made my day!!! Your a inspiration for me bro I rlly want a bike later like you stutb around. Pop wheelies 😍😘 My dream bike is a cbr600rr yamaha r6 kawasaki H2r 😍😍😍

    58. Trevor Bremer

      What's the merch of the hoodies/shirts with that cool S on them?

    59. And wave

      - nice! - cool!


      that camera is sick

    61. OGBONGJR

      Was fucken awesome to see you ripping the actual city streets I ride every day... sick

    62. durty

      Another great vid! @brian_636

    63. Snowflake Superbike

      Great Stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    64. Scrator

      how did he die

    65. lawrence swanson

      I love the channel bro The hood eats are fucking awesome i love the history that you give as well its cool

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    67. Nick Pinto

      so sad you actually think biden is our president or president elect he still isnt cause of the legal stuff going on still not till all court cases have been finished he has to wait still so hes not our president and Trump is legally still the president

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    69. FeedOnSpeed

      that 360 footage is so sick 🤩 congrats on the sponsorship too!!

    70. PattyCakeStunts

      Coolest Ride Ever !!! Wish I could Of made it !!! Looked like 👍 Murderers Ride , Str8 Killas Every Where 😎

    71. Diskord 138

      Video is bad ass, we been riding er day al day. First nice weekend we are heading north, Hope's me have the dr done!!!

      1. brian_636

        Thanks homie have fun this weekend!!!! All love Brian

    72. Donald Lauton

      U got any suggestions for a first bike for riding and stunting?

    73. Busch garden’s Roller coaster op

      Why do you have 2 clutches?

    74. ChoinkTv

      You should get a fz 🥵

    75. ChoinkTv

      11:40 beautiful scenery😍

    76. Ahmad Maulana


    77. Hollden Dix

      where is the supermoto?

    78. Badass Moto

      Great video brian 636 best stunt yt keep it up

    79. ZackGoes

      DAMMN Andy burned that sumo UP!

      1. brian_636


      2. Yeet Azozkmahawi

        Zack wussup am a big fun bro love the vids keep it up

    80. Sauce Junior

      GOD DAYM! baybee

    81. fourtwentycg

      I'm over here like 2 hours away and missed this shit.... Ima go back to my cave in northern Arizona now. I would say sorry I missed it, but y'all better off without me... Maybe I'll catch homeboy in the future if I get lucky enough

    82. Talyarose Benjamin

      When they hold there rev it sounds like their communicating😂😂😂

      1. brian_636

        Like whales lol

    83. fourtwentycg

      Fuck. My mans dropping that fire to lite it up!!! And I'm here at my lowest point. Thanks brother, you're helping more than you'll ever know my dude!!!

    84. Ben VanLue

      Love it as always Brian

    85. will rosario

      My boys🔥🔥


      Bro you inspired me to do stunt riding

    87. Matt

      Awesome throttle hand shots! I like this video!

    88. Andre Marrisupial

      Hey Brian, agreed, that insta 369 is one brilliant setup. I look forward to seeing what you will be doing with it in your Chicago Eats vids. Stay safe!

    89. Tyler Lipscomb

      Can u do more videos like the ghost town one? I love the exploring🙃

    90. Jon Holbrook

      Looks like a wicked fun ride beautiful out there man great video 😊📹👍👍

    91. LakeErieMonster

      Damn the Chick in the Jeep🗣👀😧😮 damn Brian !!!!!

    92. S H

      Man, you guys get me so hyped!

    93. Luis Abreu

      Well done.. ya becarefull on the road salud for all street biker 👏👏👏🛵🛵🛵

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      Why do I feel like I watched this before

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      Trjmp was one of the best presidents

    96. Devon B

      “Some of the best riders in the country out here” like he isnt one of them 😂

      1. bikelife noob03

        he is just really humble not big headed like alot of people.(not stunters)

    97. David Ku

      8:45 this guy merges better on 1 wheel than my mom does with 4 lmao.

      1. DJ Gorilla Man

        Bro I'm literally dying right now that was hilarious what you said Olol lolololol

    98. sketchyfofiddy

      Homie almost got WRANGLED

    99. HandgunPro

      That camera is so dope.

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      When you start the video at 6:36pm...