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    The Chicago boys head out to Gatorland on my Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 during the day and a night out in Orlando Florida! Things got a little crazy after a stranger grabbed a stunt rider's snake! Enjoy this vlog! Brian 636
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    Riding motorcycles, sport bikes, Harley Davidson or anything on two wheels is what I love to do. Always make sure to have proper motorcycle insurance, safety gear, oil, tires, and motorcycle tech check over your bike before street riding! Explaining how to ride, stoppie, drift or how to do burnouts on your bike, is what I love to do! Riding, racing, group rides, drifting, motorcycles, or street riding, every time I ride any kind of bike, it makes me feel alive. Currently on a 2004 636 Kawasaki Ninja street bike, a 2009 Harley 1200, and a Honda Grom!
    If you like cool motovlogs and a fun new taste on the sport bike scene, you have come to the right channel for all you motorcycle questions and how to videos! Being a motovlogger that pushes the limits on bikes is all part of the lifestyle!
    #Motorcycles #Florida #Orlando

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    1. brian_636

      Hey guys, help support more trips and adventures like this over on my Patreon!

      1. Lucky Bar

        Bro i want to see stoppies on harley, i guess u bought it for the same reason! 🖤

      2. Tony Alan Marchant

        @Four wheelers can you not just test ride them?

      3. KotaPlays

        @brian_636 this is Clark’s exclusive brother KEEP UP THE FIRE 🔥💯👌

      4. Four wheelers

        Awesome vid like always brother recommendations for what type of bike is better either a tenets 700 or Africa twin which one is best in ur opinion ?

      5. AJ motorsport 636 bike life family

        Yeeeeeyeeeee am back babe Yeeeeeyeeeee 636 mafiaaaaaa gang for life 💯💯💯💯💪💪💪

    2. Nathan Sarsfield

      What’s the stunt bike you ride not the Harley-Davidson

    3. coolkid 12

      yessir brain makes me smile i wish i could see him in person doe

    4. Ryan Melømane

      Bro👊 I just get high and watch your videos man. Perfect combo! I ride a standard bike myself. A TVS 125. I don't stunt though...yet.😤 Your videos help me destress. Keep em coming!

    5. John Foster

      If you don’t subscribe your a pussy hehe ps keep up the amazing content Brian

    6. Shore Line Shrine

      What type of bike is the black cruiser

    7. AKUMA

      Lol the harley voices nice

    8. Ethan Richardson

      6:15 "I don't think this restaurant likes us" - donuts on Harley - Amazing

    9. oskarforsberg_

      Love from sweden!

    10. High revs

      I love AMERICA more day by day ...impossible doing something like those Rides in EU -.-

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya brother!

    11. Dhavidlee

      7:55 can somebody tell me who is she, i asked like that because she's look like my friend named sella

    12. Cracker Jack

      Let’s go boys

      1. Cracker Jack

        I need to ride with you one day!!! You guys are bad ass!! my KGup family!!!

      2. brian_636

        Hell ya brother!

    13. D P

      These people are the worst and I'm a degenerate myself lmao. Yikes.

    14. Erdem Kucuk

      I don't like your video's, they are too short.

    15. NHEFF09

      i can remember my 1st budweiser...hahahaa guy got slapped.

      1. brian_636

        Right loling

    16. zCloudnine

      You should do a hood eats in Florida next time you down here

    17. Yougotnomilk

      strangled a snake wtf

      1. brian_636


    18. Hiimbrad

      I want to know if that dudes snake is ok I saw him at the end but fuuck

    19. John smith

      I live in Orlando anyone know how to get into the local stunt scene?

      1. Aiden Maves

        @John smith im in canada i have no idea

      2. John smith

        @Aiden Maves I have a Bike is there a discord or Instagram page that post events for the area

      3. Aiden Maves

        Get a bike

    20. Nick


      1. brian_636


    21. marko smith

      This video got me to subscribe since I’m from Orlando lol good stuff

    22. 《Alae_cute》


    23. Jordan O’Reilly

      Whoa the fuq was going on there 😂😂😂

    24. Tokin

      Ahh so this is why the cops where so nuts a ace last weekend. It got canceled. They popped a dozen ppl in the parking lot not even on bikes the popped them again 15 minutes later when they left. It's all over local tunit

    25. Abdul Basit

      Where did you live?

    26. Jokerfacewild 92

      Brian you are a true sikko 💯💯💥

    27. Blake Strickler

      Love the show man LUL

    28. DaRK Godly1688

      Dude more vids like this PLEASE 🔥

      1. brian_636

        Thanks brother please share!!!

    29. jack walford

      damn that sh*t wild

    30. Another Idiot

      You kids kewl

    31. Ya Boi Eric

      You did an amazing job ngl

    32. Frankie Pardo

      that shyt was wild!!!!!!!!

    33. King Eli

      2 🔥

    34. i dont remember making this

      hey brain I am 12 but that's not the thing I'm asking about but I wanna do what you do when I grow up and I would like to ask what's the best starter stunt bike in your opinion? nothings down here

      1. i dont remember making this

        @Aiden Maves i have no idea what a 2 stroke is but okay-

      2. Aiden Maves

        @i dont remember making this if its a 2 stroke i would get it

      3. i dont remember making this

        @Aiden Maves but- its a grom- what about that 80cc kawasaki big wheel dirt bike they have :D

      4. Aiden Maves

        @i dont remember making this no groms are slow and no fun. A Honda 150r is a dirtbike not street legal and is good expirience for when you want to get a street legal bike

      5. i dont remember making this

        @Aiden Maves so a grom. got it :D thanks dude

    35. J

      Yoo Brian, have you ever had someone try to hi jack or steal your bike? Any tips for new riders for not getting bike jacked? Lol

    36. jaydangle

      Love it

    37. MotoSensation

      Florida sure does go wild

    38. wannabecarguy

      Imagine riding down the road and waking up in a helicopter. After 3 years of forcing myself to get on a bike I find good therapy in these videos.

    39. Sandy's Speedshop

      Love the videos bro, you guys ever come down to New Mexico?

    40. Henry Rouland

      Follow @tommy_vee_el on insta he kills it

    41. Henry Rouland

      leaned back luke in the thumbnail

    42. R.O.D.B. GANG‼️

      🔥🔥🔥🔥as always 🙌🏾😤

    43. Tremaine Playz

      Face reveal when?

    44. JaY BuDz

      Thursdays are for the boys!

    45. Yungmike77

      Song at beginning ?

    46. BARNYARD burner

      Where’s the stoppies @ Brian. Wasn’t that the reason for build bro?

    47. Scott Springer

      Love the bike stuff, no more crowded night life stuff, looks dangerous, i don wanna worry bout all y’all......

    48. Foster173

      Any tips for building a bike I recently got a 2019 mt 07

      1. Aiden Maves

        Crash cage

    49. ryan slater

      Yooo! This is the shit my Utah ass needs to get involved in!

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya man!!! Please share❤️

    50. cheesecake cheesecake

      That dude falling backwards from the horse🤣🤣, he be like "aw shit he think I'm a carrot😱🥕"

      1. brian_636


    51. Fishing And Riding Adventures With Beau

      I remember watching you when you had like 10k subs

      1. brian_636

        Keep spreading the love homie❤️

    52. Davaughn Martin

      I wonder if I could do that on a dirt bike

    53. Adriano zz

      Guess who got some free time🙋🏾‍♂️. Time to catch up on some vids.

    54. Dauntless Dan

      5:09 sticky balls bro, underwear rides up, maybe something got caught 😂😂😂

    55. T Brapp530

      Tank spreaders on a Harley... such a animal!


      Kinda sus how you rubbed his gas tank

    57. Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

      I been here for 3 or 2 year n all he’s videos gets better keep it up man n be safe

    58. LordBackShots

      we have ACE CAFE over here in London, Where all the bike fam meet up!

    59. Jon Holbrook

      Such a fuckin wild looking time love it dude hope to be out there someday with you guys!!!!!

      1. brian_636

        Glad you are loving it homie!

    60. Olly Boland

      What kind Harley do havr

      1. brian_636

        It is a Harley Roadster!

    61. Brice Hale

      That was sick looked like alot of fun

      1. brian_636

        It was a blast!!!

    62. What Would Grant Do


    63. Nrg_aidan413 On IG

      I had mad fun

    64. Stiff Pole

      i see a brian new video,drop a like then watch it :D love it !! Love and support from Croatia baybeee

    65. RageBot69

      Just by the intro this video looks sick

    66. Mirthe van Zwol

      I don't get why you guys don't wear (more) gear, because stunt riders probably crash the most compared to all other type of riders.


      Yer looking trick on the Harley like butter on waffles

      1. brian_636

        Thanks homie!!!!!

    68. Humor Boricua

      @motobroo 💪💪🇵🇷

    69. Greg Morgan


    70. 1kJay

      You guys pass my road to my house before you got on I-4🤙🤙💯

    71. Alpha & Omega Couture

      This would be one of the biggest event ever

    72. Alpha & Omega Couture

      Let's plan something for the Caribbean and first I will cover hotel stay and meals for a fun saturday

    73. Alpha & Omega Couture

      Here is my IG RG3 riderthenexlevel

    74. Alpha & Omega Couture

      So help me to get phone number to a spot where I can order all kinds of parts from

    75. Alpha & Omega Couture

      Brian I need a major connection to parts that can ship to me as needed to Haiti. Here is not much places we can order from except Amazon and Ebay and it can takes months before receiving parts.

    76. Alpha & Omega Couture

      My hometown go Brian 636, this is RG3 Rider the nex level from the Caribbean of Haiti and DR , don't forget to give a shot out on your video for A&O Moto Sport Design By Joey in Haiti. We need to plan for you to get here when the country is bit calm down,

    77. John Tumey

      Damn, I wish I knew about these meets, I’d ride whatever to roll thru. Houston needs some love and meetups for a 2wheel all day fucking romp!!

    78. Baked_MRG

      Bro absolutely love all your videos! Keep it up 🤘🤘🤘

      1. brian_636

        My man!!! Thanks for the love❤️

    79. Freddie the Fly

      It's always a good time until someone throws a fish

    80. Sierra 117


    81. Steve Thorne

      lol I thought american's could hold their alcohol

      1. CasperDaPyro

        Only the ones not mixed with a bunch of different ethnicities.

    82. Asad Dar

      Damn I deadass live 2 mins away from gator land 407!

    83. evafrass jj

      Intro 🔥🔥🔥


      Why was the fish thrown at the guy whats up with that!? 😂

    85. SliickRick773

      fire as always

    86. Foe

      Nothing Like Thursday lol.

    87. Dylon Nelson

      Huge fan from Pa near pittsburgh love the history mixed in some of your videos and of course enjoy the absolute chaos keep up the good content!

    88. ⸻ ⸻

      5:58 *Next time please stay home . . . TOXIC BEHAVIOR*

    89. Ges Who

      Brian should be at a milll subs

    90. Montrell Thaggard

      Let's go

    91. David Polak

      Yes sir

    92. Anthony Vogt

      Just bought a gsx-r gonna stunt it

    93. Hawks Storm

      mybro does buying misguided merch help you out

      1. Hawks Storm

        mybro i need disco code im in aus its 58 for a hat

    94. Myles Holyoak

      Awe... The late night drunk fights. Gotta love em huh 😏😏

    95. Shooting&Editing

      Let’s fucking goooo

    96. Shane RR

      He was squeezing it i would of let the snake wrap around him and squeeze him back lol

    97. Itz Thrillzy

      Good vids as always wished it was longer tho 🤘

    98. Mathew Flick

      Hi Brian it Mathew from Australia it raining really heavy here TODAY on Saturday is day to WACTH ur vlogs...all the best...u U should till people how much air put in there wheels...

    99. halflife876

      So Brian No face Reveal Yet

    100. Joel Pierre

      I live right in Altamonte Springs in Orlando i wish i could have been there.