Rev Limiter Podcast #1 - Elijah Marshall


17 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Welcome to the first Rev Limiter Podcast, where we talk to riders about all aspects of the motorcycling stunt community! Today we sit down with Elijah Marshall and talk about his life and how riding has influenced him! Check him out on IG and YT HERE! elijah_marshall_
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    1. brian_636

      What do you guys think of the Podcast? Who do you want to see come on next? Make sure your subscription bell is on for new Episodes!

      1. Chaotic Flower

        @Phantom XG straight up p. Smack the back of that head we all see so much of.

      2. Chaotic Flower

        Don't tell me wtf to do

      3. Chris Jones

        ​@kingvon 2.0 haha 😂 is it bugging you that much bro? imo; I dont care. Im here for bike content, not his mug.

      4. kingvon 2.0

        bro just show your face we alll seen it before on highsidejoes ig

      5. Chris Jones

        Combo Kids - oneway alec him n his lady would be interesting conversation i think

    2. Jake Johnson

      We need more podcasts brian!! 🙏

    3. jonathan knostman

      Damnit Brian show your face

    4. Chaotic Flower

      Middle age nigga I'm 38 so what your saying is I'm an old ass man. Lol I was on a pw50 when I was 7. Carey Hart for favorite rider.

    5. Stanley Stovex

      Definitely brian keep this podcast on its way...the future of stunting may or not be on ur level shit for real

      1. brian_636

        All love my guy

    6. Stanley Stovex

      Awesome shit...keep it coming ....keep elija in the mix too.,..I wanna see how he progressed.,..

    7. AllGas NoBrakes

      Ima HEAVY corona Man as well!! Every day after work it’s A MUST!!! 🍻💯

      1. brian_636

        Yes sirrrrr

    8. Dominic Frye

      hey brian im 15 i turn 16 oct 3 and i want to start riding your probably not gonna reply but if you know where i can get a cheap bike pls let me know me are my parents dont have money rn we live with my stepdad mom and she is 80 years old and its hectic here so yea thanks.

    9. Tyler Stoddard

      Hey Brian, I just wanted to let you know I love your supermoto

    10. Kevron Spence

      hey brian, do you know of many cases of sensor malfunction on 03-04s throttle bodies?

    11. jaydangle

      Hey brian I know this comment is pretty late. However you might wanna put the podcast on spotify for people on that platform. Id love to listen to this at work

    12. Robert Parrish

      Find Old Man Roger.

    13. Cwhv

      Do hood eats at Suzies

    14. ちゃんねるM


    15. United We Stand!!!

      Way to keep things fresh!

    16. keirra Leggins


    17. Layton Encalada

      Brian can u do a high tower on your bike pls if I can post it on yt

    18. Diskord 138

      Brian WtfMf!!!!!!! How the phuck did I not know you were in an icon video!!!! You rule!!!

      1. brian_636

        Not sure my guy! It’s all love though regardless

    19. Danial Azhar

      Love your vids bro

    20. Blito _

      Get a video with brakejaminnjoe , toosick, and Cbearstunts , make these podcasts a thing !!! Be safe Brian

      1. brian_636

        Yes sir!!!

    21. jacob jensen

      Get Mike Jensen from Denmark on the podcast 👌

      1. jacob jensen

        @brian_636 I'm pretty sure that you can, maybe a Skype call or something. Is dank not talking to him or is it you?😁

      2. brian_636

        That would be so sick man!

    22. James Gerberich

      Hey! I was wondering what bike I should start off on been riding for abt a year

    23. Clay Campbell

      Stoked to see where this goes

    24. P.D.L. Stunts

      He said this was the whole point of this... to drink 🤣

      1. brian_636


    25. Elijah Marshall

      Wow I’m awkward on camera🤣🤣 thanks for having me keep doing your thing dawg 💪 can’t wait to see some others! 🤘love ya ❤️

    26. brad gtek

      Cannot wait to see the next!! love it

    27. Gabriella Damon

      Cant wait too see more podcasts in the future really love this for the channel! ❤️


      21:18 REAL TALK

    29. Tyrell Jundt

      Great video! Love the Buell talk!

      1. brian_636

        They are sweet bikes man! Wish still around

    30. Tony Alan Marchant

      You should doo a Q an A? Yo Brian check out maxwrist,s editing it would look amazing but I like the music in your videos

    31. Tony Alan Marchant

      Wheres the grom Brian?

    32. Brap Genius

      What are some of the biggest stunt life states in the US? I wanna get into this heavy

    33. Dom_ 829

      love this keep it up!! PS..let me in on one of these !!!

    34. its Chris

      Interesting, different, I like it

    35. The Combo Kids

      This is awesome! The Combo Kids would love to talk on the podcast one day bro 💪🏼

    36. Father 3 Dolla Bill Cosby - It's what it is

      Oh snap, mr 636 on the airwaves Wish you the best, broski

      1. brian_636

        Thanks brother! Hope you like it

    37. skeetuschrist

      this is awesome man

      1. brian_636

        Thanks man!

    38. G Nutts

      Pretty dope, I enjoyed

    39. Thomas Semper

      When you were talking about your friends who don't stunt...I felt that😆. Nice podcast keep it up.

      1. brian_636

        All love man, glad you relate

    40. skeetuschrist

      coolincatt's videos are pure art

    41. Brand Odd

      So you’re NOT sippin on an ice cold Kona Gold???

      1. brian_636

        We should be, stocks are UP

    42. ClutchLiger

      Bro, keep this as a series🧐👏

      1. brian_636

        Thanks man glad you dig it

    43. HighSideLife

      The podcast we’ve all been waiting for!

      1. brian_636


    44. STUNT NEWS

      I like it we were thinking it’s time for us to do the same! Keep it up 💙u

    45. bc capone83

      Brian 636 is a legend man. I started in South East London on gilera runner 125 with 180 two stroke block in it back in 2001. On the the back wheel constantly 👍👌

    46. Kyle Barn

      It’s honestly weird not to have your face in it..

    47. goochie75

      To Brian or any accomplished stunt rider reading this, im learning wheelies and currently can only wheelie for 50 60 meters seated, but when I wheelie I don't use the rear brake because I manage to control the wheelie with balance point and throttle control (although I do use brake if I go back to far) but this is very rear. My question is, do you guys or girls use back brake very much or hardly at all. Is this normal. Thanks 🤟

    48. fourtwentycg

      I'm down to listen to all these podcasts! Keep it up brother and keep riding the wave!!

      1. brian_636

        Will do my guy! Enjoy talking to these guys

    49. Dylan Shamoon

      Yo let’s go baby episode one great ?s good answers nice Brian good stuff m guy

    50. Gage

      Different, but I like it. I think these kind of videos would be really useful for people like myself who are new to the scene.

      1. brian_636

        Thanks brother glad you dig it!

    51. John Walker

      Yo Brian love your stuff, all the way from England

      1. brian_636

        All love across the pond brother

    52. frankD97

      Yall ever race at The Hill BMX in Elgin?

      1. frankD97

        @brian_636 grew up riding there

      2. brian_636


    53. Any Life Photography

      For a second there, I thought I was gonna see your face bro 😂🙏

      1. Any Life Photography

        @brian_636 😂😂😂 soon brother!

      2. brian_636

        Still not yet lol

    54. L Gutierrez

      This is a great idea, Brian. Keep em comin!

      1. brian_636

        Will do my guy!

    55. MotoSam

      Could we try to get some clearer audio. Enjoyed the video just the audio needs tweaked.

      1. brian_636

        Yes sir!!!!!

    56. Savage 636 stuntz

      Bro kickass podcast I can see this going big bro keep it going. So many ppl out there that have no clue what we do an what drive us to do it an judge us just bc we ride bikes an do wheelies ur podcast could change that homie!

      1. brian_636

        Sounds good

    57. Merullo Media

      Love the idea, can’t wait to see more in the future

      1. Merullo Media

        @brian_636 holy shit you just made my night, thanks for all the inspiration man💙

      2. brian_636

        Thanks homie!!❤️❤️❤️

    58. Nicholas Krneta

      Awesome podcast. Looking forward to more! The natural conversation makes it great.

      1. Nicholas Krneta

        @brian_636 yoo geeked to see actually respond. Love your videos man, huge inspiration fr fr. Out of Cicero. 708 love 🤙🏼

      2. brian_636

        It’s totally just unscripted

    59. Jose Hernandez

      sick podcast keep em coming brother !!!

    60. YourLocalStunter

      Welp, I found my new podcast for work.... Keep it up my G!

      1. brian_636

        All love brother

    61. Kranky Argentavis

      This channel is lit

    62. smooth betboxing

      You are so lucky brain I love your stunt riding

    63. George D

      FuggnEh good episode Snow winter days still need full sends 636 letr dance in the snow CHEERS ol boys

    64. Romeo Roberts


    65. OLEDders

      Really great video man. Hope to see more of these in the future! I found your channel last week on my recommended and its really inspired me to look into getting a bike

    66. stuntbiker88 belguim

      sponsor ok what busniss do you sponsor bro???

    67. The Banks Films

      FINALLY, I’ve been waiting for a good stunt/street riding podcast. I dig it homie. You should film it in the garage with like your bikes as the backdrop or off to the side idk. I’d listen to this shit even if it was recorded with an IPhone. So many riders you can interview too such as CBEAR, steve, Jason B, high side, Zach. Hell even if you did pods with street riders like maxy haha

    68. Blackran

      Cops keep kicking me out of my lot so I havent been progressing as much but I checked out those monkey tactics videos and now im hyped to keep riding. Dope video

    69. ethangamertestone

      nice , i like the name , i like the camera angle , and i love your channel .

      1. brian_636

        Thanks Ethan!!! All love my guy

    70. Jared L

      "what do you want from me Brian I don't talk"

      1. brian_636


    71. Joseph Dalton

      I fuck wit it

    72. Aidan Stitzer

      Get cowboy on this!

    73. Lucas Benn

      I hope you do a bunch of these. This is going to be a great series

    74. Tippy229

      Glad you guys talked about stoppies. Personally my favorite move. To anyone who has tried it or ridden. It's a move where you need speed and touch with your fingers on the front brake. Also, it's a move you can't really ease into as you have to commit and learn to kinda preload the rear and get it to bounce up. Will you wreck and have those moments that you feel the back get too high, let off the front brake trying your hardest to get the back to go down, but it's already over and you will go over the bars and tumble. Again, when you see any rider who can command a wheelie or pull a stoppie, yes we have wrecked plenty of times and it's not something mastered overnight.

    75. Michelle Pendry

      Hi Brian 636 how you’re going today

    76. Freddie the Fly

      Be better if you showed your face. Not that many moto vloggers are hiding their face anymore.

      1. brian_636

        I know, not really trying to hop on that bandwagon at the moment though

    77. Exploring With Jacob

      We wanna see sit down Steve or junkyard Kenny!

      1. Exploring With Jacob

        @brian_636 for sure bro, I would personally love to see them and guru and grampion. I feel like other people would love to as well

      2. brian_636

        They would be GREAT!!! Lol

    78. Tippy229

      Funny. Unless you have stunted and even looped out and have fallen. People won't understand and just say you're stupid because they just don't know.

      1. brian_636


    79. Norman Roland

      You should do ride out 2021 with him.

    80. Brian


    81. Easy from TN BTW

      Love the new show you def gotta do more

      1. brian_636

        Will do my guy

    82. tripl3 thr333

      if yall live near eachother both of you should do this together

    83. Ricardo Vargas

      Don’t forget about the oh shit moments. It will make u or Break you

      1. brian_636

        Yes sirrrr

    84. Ricardo Vargas

      My motivation make from block starz tv .

      1. brian_636


    85. JBStuntz

      love it!

      1. JBStuntz

        @brian_636 I’m always down my dude!! 🤘🏻

      2. brian_636

        My man JB!!! You gotta come on sometime!!!

    86. Tay TayBMX

      I wish I lived in the US there is no big stunt rides in Canada

    87. Finnernet

      Wait did you move?

    88. tripl3 thr333

      add to spotify?

    89. tripl3 thr333

      smart move to start this :)

      1. brian_636

        Thanks man! Hope y’all enjoy these!!!

    90. Idan Gavriel

      My guy is the Joe Rogan of the stunt😂😂

    91. Corey Edgar

      Love the podcast I would like to see more, Brian, my 636 is almost all set up, equipped with cocks crash cages and sub cages, ur videos really helped me build my bike, from the clean air mod to cages handbrake setup and cutting my windscreen bike almost looks like u built it 😂

    92. rureadyfor 2021

      This is awesome bro!


      It will be on ESPN IN 2025

    94. candyman


    95. Gslash25

      What happened to the mullet man?!

    96. Michael Gelinas

      Can we listen to this as a podcast? Or is it just KGup?

    97. Im Juiced

      Smash stunts! Get her ass on haha

    98. Money mancuso Money

      Love watching your videos

    99. Im Juiced

      Oh yes

    100. Kyle Graves

      Love it. Keep it coming

      1. brian_636

        My man Kyle thanks for always being here brother