Harley Crash Protection LIVE!


5 миӊ. көрүүлөр0

    Today we put the crash bars, cage, and 12 bar on the Harley Davidson Roadster 1200! Brian!

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    1. keirra Leggins

    2. Aj

      I can tell you first hand chase is not a legend in Detroit

    3. Tony Alan Marchant

      Love ur vids my bruva from the U.K.

    4. Infectious Butthole

      Bro, the backround music has got to go.....Seriously makes your vids hard to watch these days...

      1. Tony Alan Marchant

        I love the hoodeats background music makes Chicago seem pleasant not that I know I'm English

    5. Blake VanDam

      Think I just fixed my f4i charging issue today that I've had for I can't tell you how long maybe 8 months my God that was a pain in the ass 2020 cursed my bike, wish me luck it stays fixed 🤘

    6. Chesky S.

      Over 300k?!?! It was just yesterday that you rode the windy streets of chicago in a speedo...

    7. TP Aaron

      You’re the reason I’m trying to sell my bolt for a sporty

    8. TylerDD

      Crash bar company?

    9. Ahmad Maulana

      my guy🤟🏻

    10. Jack Johnson

      You and a couple other people are the reason I am so much in the motorcycles me and it changed my life. To the point where it’s how I make my living man I sell motorcycle parts and I cannot be fucking happier. Motorcycles legitimately changed my life. Thanks Brian

      1. Armando Ruvalcaba

        Same hes the reason I always wanted to ride and last year I finally went through with getting my moto license and I bought an mt07, I even got to see him at doomsday this year, it was awesome

    11. Billy B

      It’s gonna be so sick once it’s complete ✊🏼

    12. Sundown Headsup


    13. WarCub 5150

      What's up. Love the bike happy new year

    14. MJ Roberts

      Happy new year from ATL brotha