Full Zx6r Service LIVE!


19 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Today we are servicing the 2004 636 with oil, oil filter, chain clean, brake pads, and cable lube! Hope you guys enjoy this live! Brian 636🤘 Join this channel to get access to perks:
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    1. Darren Adams

      Do you recommend following the break in procedure per the owners manual for a brand new 636 or just ride it how you intend to?

    2. prateek.

      Brain facecame video bno plese

    3. Kawasaki DownUnder


    4. Gio

      does torquing down the oil filter matter? i always see videos where the dudes like “torque it down to 40nm” - is it bike specific or ur just built different?

    5. Frosy

      I love you so much

    6. Richiewrich 69

      What up my man hope everything is good with ya

      1. brian_636

        What up Richie!!!

    7. King Eli

      Florida gang where u at👇

    8. Justin Flores

      What does everyone think about running the costco/kirkland brand heavy duty diesel oil for their 636 instead of the Rotella t6? They have good deals for a 1 gallon 3 pack.

    9. JayDaGod

      Your channel is the reason I'm about to buy my first bike ever, been watching for 2 years now

      1. brian_636

        Thanks Jay! Glad you are here brother

    10. sSHaDoW cRUiZer2o3


    11. Tay Jacobson

      Do you know anyone who stunts a 99 Sv650? Looking for builds.

    12. Norman Roland

      every thought a bout doing ride outs and hood eats in ny like buffalo ny and nyc

    13. Taylor Tohafjian

      Is there any tips or videos on how you changed the back light color to your Speedo looks sick....cheers

    14. Chrystyan Tate

      I always enjoy your videos I'm only 16 but I'm looking forward to riding bikes with you one day keep up the great work man

    15. Sylvia Aguilera

      Brian you need to come here to Puerto Rico to a ride its amazing with all the motorcycle can ams but need to be carefull with the police😂😂

    16. Steven Bolt

      Another viewer from the netherlands!🙌🏼

    17. Anne Frank Elon Musk

      Now this was extremely helpful, your the best KGupr

    18. Frank Alridge

      Audio loud,A when u a come a Jamaica u have fans down here too

      1. brian_636

        Id love to come down there brother!

    19. Ahmad Maulana


      1. brian_636

        Thanks Ahmad!

    20. Jay Lott

      You need a yz125 in your line up!!!

      1. brian_636

        That would be sick!!!!

    21. Kevz Revz

      valve clearance? i thought you said full service?

    22. Corey Edgar

      I just bought shell rotella t6 yesterday and the oil stabilizer yesterday that u recommend from a previous video

      1. brian_636

        Its the best man!


      No drain plug crushwasher?

    24. Ben Berry

      Hello Brian, ive been looking into getting a grom for a while and was wondering what mods you have done to yours? I know alot of people put new oil pickups and was wondering if you think its necessary when doing wheelies

      1. Ben Berry

        @brian_636 thanks for the response man, its a relief i wont need to do an oil pickup as im not the most knowledgeable on mechanics, Keep up the good work Brian and ride safe 👍

      2. brian_636

        Nothing my guy, no pickup just sort bike bars👌

    25. Kawamon90 ZXZ9

      I’m digging the ZX6R or GSX 750 as my next bike.

    26. Alyssa Pennington

      i love u

    27. Brap Genius

      Hey brother, when you got into this world how did you find others in the community? I’m building my first stunt bike this spring but I don’t know anyone anywhere near me who stunts. Was just curious how you got into it, thanks.

      1. Brap Genius

        @Tyler McNeely that’s great info brotha thank you. I’m willing to do it by myself if I have to but I’d much rather learn with others

      2. Tyler McNeely

        Check facebook as well. If you can find the main page (for me in georgia its Georgia2WheelNation) within that you will find a bunch of different kind of riders and hopefully some fellow stunters who can tell you other pages to join up to. Lots of them meet up daily to ride

      3. anxiety

        @Brap Genius Alright, let me know how it turns out :)

      4. Brap Genius

        @anxiety thanks I’ll give it a shot

      5. anxiety

        Hey, I'd say try to find bike rides on twitter and join up one an meet others.

    28. Andres Lopez

      Bryan can u fix my dicati desmoduo 2002 Doesn’t start

    29. Burnzy Boy

      Motobro blurred it out 🤘

      1. Erik Ellguth

        What blurred? I'm watching both of you and don't know.....

      2. brian_636


    30. معراج الروح

      I wish I came in time I was at school

    31. Tony Marshall

      Huge fan bro, shoot out

    32. Tony Marshall



      am i the inly one that mised the live for 10 minutes?

    34. Anthony Barto

      You ever use valvoline VR1 oil?

    35. Mason Kiggins

      I wish I could de like you

    36. Staf_Exc

      You are a nice guy!

    37. Steve Langston

      Wut part of chicago u from fam I watch u all day

    38. Cristhian Cedeno

      Huge fan brother. God bless man. Keep it up bro u fn rock

    39. dinuka kumara

      hii brian

    40. Kareem Stewart

      Why pree man

    41. Kyle Miller

      A little disappointing to see advocating WD40. It will penetrate and dry the o rings in the chain. It's a moisture displacing agent. Not something you want in a place that needs to be lubricated, and undried WD can prevent your lubricant from penetrating where it needs to go. Other than that, I love the T6/Lukas combo, have been doing it for a year, and have directed many people to your video on that. You're easily my my favorite rider on youtube. Your tutorials for lot practice have helped me a lot! Definitely a man of the community and not his own ego.

    42. Carl Jahn

      Are you gonna ride in Michigan

    43. Carl Jahn

      Are you ever gonna ride in michigan

      1. stevelubs

        He comes for murder the mitten in GR august

    44. Makynzee Dura

      Hi I’m a big fan I met you in Milwaukee

    45. 1 Am BONKERZ

      Im at lunch now why did you end befor ei could watch live i am mad

    46. GAZA jAVII

      Brian could you say why you wouldn't own a f4i stunt bike

      1. GAZA jAVII

        @D. Ramsey you ok bro ?

      2. D. Ramsey


    47. Cody Petansky

      I need a cheap stunt bike

    48. Ethan

      noo i missed the live once again :(

      1. GAZA jAVII

        You missed out

    49. Tommy Kern

      Whats up man!