New Harley Roadster! #shorts


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    Riding the new Harley Roadster on the streets of South Florida with some friends!
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    1. brian_636

      Hope y’all are enjoying the short vertical clips here and there! Hope the weather is warming up by you all soon! Brian 636

      1. jojo buhi

        Hope i see u here in the philippines..l really2 like a big bike😊😊

      2. Ricky Cadieux

        The real question is did the cop try and pull or nah?

      3. jl hicks

        Love all the content brotha! Come to tn n rip one of my bikes :)

      4. Corey Edgar

        Today was the warmest day in be ridden in months here in Washington

      5. timothy kaim

        Almost 60°s in Cleveland first ride of the year today!

    2. Dave Santos

      I'd like to see some tickets issued here

      1. brian_636

        Me too

    3. NoNoiseCo

      Get gear & ride like a Harley owner not a moron

    4. 森井健治


    5. fe rider

      I dont see that around here, Vancouver island Canada..

    6. Dank gamer 71

      #BIKE LIFE 🏍️

    7. Justin_lee_55

      Yes we are and it’s gonna be 70 degrees today here in Houston

    8. chase franklin

      Sup bro I just found your videos a couple of days ago and I like them a lot. The fact that you can reach out to your community and stunt ride at the same time is really cool. I’ve always wanted to own a dirt bike or something like that but my parents would never let me buy one. Anyways, keep up the great vids bro!


      Popo go go GO

    10. John East

      Looks wild!!

    11. Jeremy Bushelon

      I love this shit

    12. King Eli

      Im gonna buy i bike and go to these bikes meets bruh

    13. Edi Lesinger

      Come to charlotte this weekend brotha ! 🔥

    14. Kobe Moose

      When do we get the rollin stoppies on the new harley....i got all my buddies waitin too

    15. chris smith

      Nice brian!! Stay safe 😎

    16. CrispF Dounut

      I would have been scared for my life

    17. Devon Hendricks

      2022 ride of the century Jamaica 🤔

    18. YarikStuntRider


    19. Saad Mahmood Khan

      Great going Brian! I love your videos man you are literally an inspiration. 💕 from Pakistan 🇵🇰

    20. Dgzy Channel

      Boss man lemme ride with you one time.. this is dope af

    21. Lucardel27


    22. Carita P


    23. Foe

      Sick bro Nice harley

    24. Trouty

      Man, we need this stunt scene in Australia! Always rocking Brian 🤙🏽

    25. Reilley Weatherford

      Thats a dope bike brother

    26. Up North

      You kill that xl bro 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

    27. HilltopHooligan

      i wanna see it roll a stoppie

    28. OneSekcBagel

      Bring back the supermoto

    29. Olly Boland

      What of Harley you got

    30. Dom Joey

      Hi Brian love the content. Just wondering was is a good beginner stunt bike?

      1. Dom Joey

        @Ricky Cadieux okay thank you again.

      2. Ricky Cadieux

        No problem, im pretty confident Brian would have offered the same picks I did. Those are like the 4 most stunted bikes in the world right now.

      3. Dom Joey

        @Ricky Cadieux thx pal.

      4. Ricky Cadieux

        Grom, Yamaha mt07, or a 636/honda f4i

    31. daview23


    32. Woodie Dave

      Loving the short vertical videos, make them stories though too 🤙🤙

    33. exa_norii

      man reported breaking physics by wheeling a Harley

    34. Calthecool

      69th comment oh yeah.

    35. Conner Crumby


    36. Charles Oyederu

      Brian. 😏

      1. Charles Oyederu

        And ur content

      2. Charles Oyederu

        I love u bro❤️

    37. Izaak Nielson

      Nice harley Davidson

      1. brian_636

        Thanks brother!

    38. Knud fra nova

      Here before 200 like on the video

      1. Knud fra nova

        @brian_636 im always here

      2. brian_636

        Thanks for being here brother!

    39. Hmode Hmode


    40. Basheer Shahbandar

      so sexy

    41. Jonathan Piskorowski

      nice bike

    42. Kara Elizabeth

      LOVE IT😍 makin it look easy as always

    43. SupaDude16

      right past the sheriff😂👌keep up your safe rides bro they look sick with all y’all spaced out on 1

      1. brian_636

        Sick fuksss lol

    44. Josh Jury

      This is what we mean when we say we bringin coasters to the party. Sorry bruh we wasnt talkin bout those wooden pucks

      1. brian_636

        YEE YEEEE


      Lv tht harley build bro it's sick DAWGGGG!!!!

    46. Your worst Nightmare

      You make good videos and stay safe when your riding🥰

      1. brian_636

        All love homie

    47. Your worst Nightmare

      Wow nocieee

    48. tgm willy

      Never thought harley's could do this i thought they were just for crusin

      1. tgm willy

        @brian_636 please ride the supermoto more often i really love that bike

      2. brian_636

        Fun on all bikes!

    49. Messier 87

      that sheriff loved the wheelies!

      1. Messier 87

        Mike's new stunt bike looks crazy dope, n so does ur Harley bro

      2. brian_636

        For sure!

    50. Obrein Honeyghan

    51. Alondra Bahena


    52. Liohnnn

      The sheriff at the end

      1. Keep Looking Up

        @brian_636 gotta love when sheriff's act like decent humans

      2. brian_636

        LOL He was super cool and just gave us a thumbs up

    53. Makynzee Dura

      Hi you are my favorite stunt rider

      1. Makynzee Dura

        @brian_636 thanks

      2. brian_636

        You are my favorite subscribers

    54. Niek van Dijke


    55. Bullish_Dan_6IX


    56. JPMOTO_636

      Already know I’m gonna love it before I watch it bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. brian_636

        Yes sirrrrr

    57. Steven Houston

      Yesssir 🔥

    58. Chi-Till-I-Die773

      Hell yeah Brian !! Love from Jefferson Park . Lawrence and Central 💯💯

      1. brian_636

        All love to the North Side brother!

    59. Mohammed Azawi


    60. Ste_F4i

      make it look so easy bro 👌👍✌

    61. Keira Shepherd

      Hey Brian love the vids

    62. Kicking it with Alvin Kinds

      Oh wow and thanks for sharing 636. 🏍🏍

    63. Mehmet Carson

      636 gang. Just put my new tire on today.

      1. brian_636

        MEHMET!!!! Hope all is well!!!

    64. xDARK DEVILSx

      I can't wait till I'm older so I can buy myself a motorbike

      1. xDARK DEVILSx

        @brian_636 yessssir

      2. brian_636

        Keep saving up brother!

    65. Dustin Jenkins

      That thing is nice I really like it

      1. brian_636

        Thanks Dustin!

    66. Daniel Bridgeforth

      Love the Harley

    67. Austin Dixon


      1. brian_636


    68. Jet pack


    69. Tasos Stergiopoulos


      1. brian_636

        Hey Taso!



    71. Jonathan Jacob

      Damn thats sick, ride on brian

      1. Jonathan Jacob

        @brian_636 400k subs and ur still responding to comments, ur a good dude dont stop. Love from Wilm. DE

      2. brian_636

        All love Jonathan!

    72. Devon Harold


    73. Messier 87


    74. Sambax324


      1. brian_636

        Hey sam!!!!

      2. Austin Dixon

        Oh um hello

      3. Nathanel Flesher

        Love your videos