Live from Orlando!


38 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    We are at the lot again today to bring you live coverage of winter vacation! Brian 636

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    1. Nick nick

      First time I have ever see someone weigh more than the bike 🏍.🤣

    2. MiamiH2SX

      Great job, everyone, love the vids Brian........

    3. ちゃんねるM


    4. Corey DRIZZLE

      20:10 Omar, Representing JAX baby DUUUUVALL let's goo homie is a killa on that 636


      what happen to bold guy always ride without a single helmet. LMAO


        @brian_636 Tell him he is crazy. LOL

      2. brian_636

        Mike J??? He is still around my guy

    6. Sal Sa

      Diddy inspires

    7. Tokin

      I'm in Tampa. I wish I could met yea!

    8. Andy O

      Diddy a beast that shit was clean as hell

    9. Robert Chandler

      You guy's make this shit look so easy ,love to see you dudes ride

    10. Luftbubblan

      Looks like a great time! To the guy in the beginning: YEAH BUDDY!

    11. kevin fuentes

      Wow, I didn’t know ChumLee stunted 😎

    12. Bubba Zanetti

      Props from Portugal brother

    13. DadeDaFro __

      Thanks to your vid I now know you can wheelie a stretched motorcycle

      1. DadeDaFro __

        @brian_636 it honestly is I thought the more you stretch it the more it would possibly bend and break lmao !

      2. brian_636


    14. WALLBREAKER_935

      Duude i want the skills from the guy at the start. Major respect for the no handed circles!!!

    15. Eskii NZL

      Damn as a fellow big dude the big homie pulling those no handers gave me mad inspiration to try stunting

      1. Rich Piana’s oil pump

        If you do, record it

    16. Crispy22

      hell yea. I knew that was my man diddy lee in the thumbnail


      Fat guy killing it lol

    18. ZekoZ

      I don't understand what you are saying because I don't know English very well but you are really it`s great to watch you

    19. Tanish Pal

      You have not a girlfriend??🤔🤔

    20. The Combo Kids

      WHAT THE HELL!😂😂

    21. Eric Trimmer

      Great coverage 👏 even being there i couldn't see all this, glad we got to sesh for a bit 🤘🤘

    22. Richiewrich 69

      A lot of talent on one lot... Did the cops make y’all clear out ?✌️ bro....

    23. Timothy Brown

      DAYUMM I missed y'all 😞 IT'S cool I'll catch you guys next time lol

    24. Luca Duka

      Thought the guy in the redshirt was chum lee from pawn stars for a second

      1. Luca Duka

        @I'll have another no it’s not chum isn’t that overweight he lost some

      2. I'll have another

        It was

    25. Joseph Thurston

      Hey Brian luv vid I was on thesicshop I wanted to search by bike and I don’t see an option for 03 zx6r should I be in 03 04 zx6 ? I don’t want to get parts that don’t fit and I knw you got the sprocket for the blu bike there ???? Thanks

    26. J Boogs

      Thank gawd homie wearing the helmet!!!! Living legends!!!

    27. F4i Chris

      8:00 @stuntride95 always killin it!!

    28. Bella

      Happy birthday to you

    29. chris smith

      You guys are insane! Love it. Peace from the UK Brian.. 😉

    30. brian v

      I live by Orlando where exactly is this??

    31. Dany Titan

      Sliger 44

    32. Austin Guerrero

      I bet the guy weighs half the weight of his stunt bike don't y'all think 🤔??? At 0:22

    33. Gnarly Kook

      All them killers and legends in one lot 😎🤙🏻

    34. Ethan Walter

      Foot brake killer to start it off.


      I wanna see the stoppie on the roadster !! I can’t wait for u pull that off

    36. H.J.S.

      Your bro has got some skills , too bad he doesn't jump on some videos with you more often

    37. Footbrake Killer75

      To say ....,killers all round, would be an understatement 😜😎FMD Brian 👌

    38. sundialarmy911 PorVida Wey

      Happy Birthday Brian!Feliz Cumpleaños⚔️💣🌛🔥🌜☀️🎀🎂🎀🎉

    39. J Spark

      man the shaking of the camera is making my eyes hurt you should use a stabilizer because I can't watch it anymore my head hurts now

    40. SubFlow

      Does the guy with the green zx10 have a channel?

    41. David Wolfe


    42. TUNA YARAŞ

      brain ı love you ı am turkish

    43. Brady Heath

      I see quads and Harleys. 👀🤣

    44. Romeo Roberts

      Yea boy i was waiting for this since i saw it on insta🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

    45. Alejandro Guerrero

      8:08 shiet I wish I could go to warmer places too🤣🤣but im stuck with online school :v

    46. Nate Webb

      North of Seattle

    47. Nate Webb

      That's my idea slinger

    48. TP Aaron

      Dude I rolled up and watched you leave 😂😢

    49. Alejandro Guerrero

      I never thought i would live to see a stretched bike being wheelied 😂

    50. Tyler Gallo


    51. M B M

      That on that stretched out zx is nuts

    52. Mathew Flick

      Do a roll"in burnout ... Mathew from Australia...

    53. OGBONGJR

      Right on bro

    54. OGBONGJR

      Hell ya !!!! Everybody’s killing it... Happy birthday buddy

    55. Christian Biker

      Patrick Stephens doesn't get in the game no more huh

    56. Mobbin Out


    57. Hector Roman

      Dam I wish I still had my bike. Would've loved to meet up with yall. Im in Kissimmee

    58. Reece Marshall

      Damn man I wish I was there im in orlando and work for orlando harley and im right down the street but had to work today BIG SAD

      1. Reece Marshall

        At the orlando harley south in Kissimmee

    59. twisted wrist

      Fuck bro your in orlando an my bike is down shit

    60. Lucky Dud

      Yeahhhh i can do all this and much my dreams kkkkkk

    61. Rj Cantu

      My homie Diddy killin it!

    62. 2wheeled Heathen

      Sad i had to miss this one maybe ill make one

    63. josh akers

      Homie giving a fat boy like me some hope! Killing it!!!

    64. Ahmad Maulana


    65. Topendra Gamming

      I liked vedio at 666 and made it 667

    66. rureadyfor 2021

      I said last year I'd make it to winter vacation this year but my 6 dirty 6 is currently in pieces waiting on parts for the new build 😒

    67. Aaron Bell

      Those poor fork seals 😭😭😭

    68. t.m. pho

      Imagine the scrap from the zx10 😂

    69. AllGas NoBrakes

      That’s a Biggem’ on that lil ass bike in the beginning 😂🤣😂

    70. Harold S

      Anything more in orlando?

    71. James Shelswell

      Awesome video brother I need to get across the border and get to where you guys are at ✌️🇨🇦

    72. Truth401

      Jealous cause it’s 10 here in the North East. Just went out to start my bike and couldn’t sit out there with it 😂

    73. Easy from TN BTW

      Well that’s the first time I’ve seen someone coaster a stretched liter bike 🤯lol I wanna see a clip of the Roadster rollin stoppies

    74. Christian Figueroa

      are y'all meeting up somewhere else later? I've got a ninja and would like to go I live 5 minutes away from that warehouse

      1. I'll have another

        Yes meet us on 5th street

    75. FastGamer3563

      I got there at 5pm and it was over

    76. bc capone83

      Yeah boy 🔥🔥

    77. Parkway Rider

      Dude killing it on the ZX10 !!

    78. King Eli


    79. Mxrider

      Dope live 🔥💯🤟🏻

    80. Norman Roland

      Motorcycle ride out 2021

    81. Roberto Flores

      Hope to go next year and tell matt fro csp to send my my parts already 😂

    82. stuntbiker88 belguim

      Hi bro from belguim

    83. Fight4ur1stAmnd

      Big dog got mad skills, no excuses for anyone claiming too this or that to stunt, it's all about the practice time you put in

      1. ᄋ설티토드

        Right. Literally gave me more confidence. I always said maybe I’m too fat too unfit, the bike can’t handle my weight. No excuse at all. I just need to suck it up n figure it out

      2. Fight4ur1stAmnd

        @I'll have another its ok you've never made it to balance point, I guess power wheelies are better than nothing

      3. I'll have another

        Ok dad

    84. Paul M

      Yo brian636 bro hit a highchair stoppy for rpm

    85. Espiros Stunts

      Diddee Lee 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    86. martienio1

      Love this👌

    87. iDestroy_gamer05

      That’s the only one ik

    88. iDestroy_gamer05

      Orlando Fl

      1. Harold S

        Anything more in orlando

    89. A.L Jayden077

      Im suprised styff like that can happen without people screaming at them for not social distancing

      1. Ricky W.

        All the exhaust fumes deactivate the airborne covid particles, Facts...

      2. Rich L

        Covid can't catch you in a wheelie.

      3. Keep Looking Up

        They're adults they can do as they please

      4. brian_636


    90. WALLBREAKER_935


    91. Yassar Malki Bey

      Heaven 🙏🏽

    92. fred gatz

      where is this lot located =

    93. Nathan

      big poppa was killin those circles

    94. Brandon Cochran

      Figured gxxer brah would have showed up

    95. Johnny Boy Media

      Ugh wanted to go so bad

    96. Dini Lord

      Idk how I got here but that was crazy