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    Today we go back to the stunt riding tutorials that built this channel with a demanded how to wheelie a dirt bike, educational video on a Yamaha yz450f! Enjoy this motorcycle tutorial video, Brian 636!
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    Learning how to wheelie a dirtbike, supermoto, or any motorized cycle is something that takes time. Do not rush while learning balance point, or how to control your wheelie with the rear foot brake. Make sure you are wearing a DOT approved helmet and proper protective gear. Before every ride on the Yamaha Yz450f supermoto, and Kawasaki zx6-r motorcycle we check the Motorcycle Insurance, gasoline, tires, chain, and oil are all inspected by a motorcycle tech. Always wear your DOT approved helmet, leather gloves, and motorcycle insurance company. Please ride safely and enjoy the motovlog! Love you all!
    #HowToWheelie #Dirtbike

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    1. brian_636

      TUTORIAL!?! It has been to long guys! WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE NEXT?? Happy New Year, Brian 636!


        bro you need 60 fps in ur videos man

      2. Mr E

        Would love to see you stunt a SurRon X!!!

      3. v n

        What's up dude I got to confess I haven't seen videos in 6 months a lot of work has gone in the way but to night I'm watching them all back to back. You boy @whitefeatherstunts

      4. Jamaican Yardi Boy 636

        Do stoppie tutorial

      5. B Kong

        Grom next then your harley

    2. Slopyguy

      I'd like to learn how to wheelie with my 50cc 2 stroke during summer but not sure how it will go

    3. DJ DOUG

      I think the best example of balance point is sitting in a wheelchair balancing on the back wheels

      1. brian_636


    4. T J-R_6

      Do a tutorial on the grom😬☹I passed balance point already looped the bike😭

    5. willy rasubala

      sir when you past the balance point did you hold that rear break or hold relase hold release ?

      1. brian_636

        It is a press only when past the balance point

    6. ちゃんねるM


    7. OneSekcBagel

      1:00 waaaahteh teh teh teh taaat teh

    8. Tommy T

      what sprocket size are you running on the sumo YZ450F setup?

    9. Timoutheus Bradley

      What is your helmet model? And where did u get it..?

    10. Lil Kamikaze

      is this possible on a crf 150f the only way i can get it up is when i’m on the throttle while still then dumping clutch but i can’t get my wheel up while moving it feels as if the bik doesn’t have enough power

      1. Lil Kamikaze

        @brian_636 ok thanks bro

      2. brian_636

        Yes sir!!! 100% on that 150!

    11. Maniito B0

      If I know how to wheelie a pedal bike like a pro is it going to be easier to learn?

    12. Max Schneider

      Where is the dirt bike?

    13. Edi Lesinger

      Love this one btw

    14. Edi Lesinger

      Drifting tutorial???

    15. I like pie

      Your tutorials are always great.

    16. EURO

      - - - - > BACKFLIPS - - - > Definitely need a tutorial on that - - - - > Better yet, urban backflips

    17. Mike Roudbai

      Awesome content, been watching for quite a while now, love the hood eats too! But any chance you can do one for stoppies???! Keep up the great work brother!

    18. Diskord 138

      Love the tutorial. Getting close with my dr350, sumo so great timing. Have black, grey and red digi camo, and maybe a wisco top end to go. Keep up the good videos.

    19. CasperDaPyro

      I love your friends. I swear they like to troll you while you film 🤣🤣🤣... part 2 stoppies!

    20. sandro begiashvili

      You make it look so clean and easy that I feel like I could coast it on the very first try. Nice videos!

    21. Mr E

      Love your videos would love to see you on a Surron X!!

    22. Chris Prange

      As usual great EZ to follow info just break out the big toe an give it a little tap tap tap aroo lmao love everything you do an thanks for sharing all your hard earned knowledge stay healthy ps I’m sporting my misguided wheelies not hurting you T shirt just got my dream 4x4 truck looking to slap a misguided logo across the whole windshield or back glass to show my respect

    23. KullatStellerBurn

      Managed to pop my first couple of wheelies thanks for making this

    24. Goldgunner 05

      Next step, to get the money for a bike! :)

    25. Aye its Zer0

      love your content❤️ maybe some fork skins on ur SM 👀

    26. NeedyDawg

      i got my license and mt 07, and i was throttling up for a few days, found balance point by accident... thank god for engine break on that beast, did clutch ups for a few days now i can ride out second gear, learning to upshift this summer for sure :D

    27. Gary Everett

      Gr8 tutorial Bri 🤙. Rolling burnout next dude

    28. pyro pheonix

      Got mine for Christmas

    29. RealMTL

      What am I doing here? I have no plans on stunting my bike but I can't look away.

    30. Billy Beck

      Hahahaha the SpongeBobs clip was exactly what I was thinking of

    31. Justin Heiden

      Hey Brian, any tips on learning to wheelie in 1st gear? It always feels so twitchy compared to 2nd. I don’t wanna chase out something without knowing how to save it though... thanks!

    32. Żenada

      I have a challenge for you. You drive two wheelers and what do you say to record the movie "HOW TO WHEELIE A QUAD"

    33. Tommex

      Impressive, But can you wheelie a scooter??

    34. Liri mrkusic

      Would love one on supermoto wheelie transitions

    35. SP Motovlog

      hallo bro, salam dari Motovloger Indonesia

    36. Poor4kie

      What about 2 strokes? They don't have much engine breaking

    37. my Fuhrer

      Y you add background Music when its already loud in the background

    38. Aneudy Torres

      Nice One.

    39. Regent OG

      I dont even got a dirt bike I just came hear to like the video

    40. Eric Hainey

      happy new year back flip it

    41. Josh Clark

      When your tapping the rear brake do you stay steady on the throttle? Love your videos thanks for all you do!

      1. clutchitup 856


    42. Landon Lonsinger

      I just met this guy on Omegle yesterday and have been watching his channel for the past 4 hours

    43. Glyxy

      Hi when are you face revaling

    44. Myles Holyoak

      Rolling burn outs would be a good tutorial. That's pretty much my favorite stunter move.

    45. Qba 636

      Please do tutorial how to spreader to high chair.

    46. WashedupMazzo

      Simple and clean, very nice tutorial!! Happy new year from Italy Brian!

    47. Chief127

      Yo if you want a cool little town to ride in its about 3 hours away from Chicago. The town is called Washington.

    48. Aim RC

      You Gotta Ride Through Orland/Palos some time!

    49. Dave165

      Here is a shout from over the pond , love your vids bro.

    50. x2psycho

      When learning to wheelie should to know good posture? Like don't have your arms straight

    51. dan tsy

      Got it. Imma go out on my dad's r1 tomorrow to practice

    52. Sharon Wade

      Thanks b I finna start a bigger st.louis bike life

    53. Joe Maffei

      Happy new year brother!! Can’t wait to see the awesome stuff you do in 2021! Love from Philly!

    54. Trinidad Sanchez

      Awesome video!!! Great teachings 😁🍻🌮

    55. Ricardo Vargas

      Happy early New Year's brother

    56. M C

      The bike clean as sheet.

    57. Berelli Minor

      Oof. The mic hurts. You never sound like that

    58. anthonycurtiskeller

      I’ve ridden bikes for 17 years on multiple types and BY FAR my supermoto is easily the most fun of any type of bike

    59. saddrums

      Would you say a bigger 2 stroke is more similar to a bike with more cylinders ( more touchy)

    60. drz david

      Dirtbikes are easy ehh 🤬🤬, jk nice vid bro

    61. John Stiles

      If u were my least fav I wouldn’t have watched u since day one

    62. Alex Esparza

      Fucking sick! I think riding dirtbikes gets you pretty far when going into street riding for sure. Makes me wanna break out the little pit bike

    63. Owen !!

      great tutorial and i just got a crf250r so ya

    64. Axstrofnbr

      Hey Brian my mom has Covid-19 your vids helps me feel better and thank you keep killing it🤘

    65. Sjsnsbd Dndnndd

      Man thank you. I have a big problem im tryyn wheelie my honda 125 cg. I stop, put in in first and wheelie it with my left foot on ground. I reach balance point but as soon as i let go the gas im getting down and i feel i dont need use brake its have so much engin braking. And if i keep the gas open i looped out no mather how much i press my foot brake. Some one help me please😭😭😭

    66. Boid

      Second most important thing, after the foot brake ist body position. Dont know why everybode seems to forget about that in tutorials. Try balance point wheelies when properly sitting on the tank of a supermoto ... 500% more difficult that sitting on the back of the seat. Cheers though

    67. Cyrill Irminger

      Are you in 1st or 2nd gear?

    68. Victor Pallot

      What jacket you wearing and where can I get one?

    69. bc capone83

      I can power wheelie but never hit past the balance point. Scary but it will happen one day 😂👍✌🏼

    70. Fridtjof_DE

      I'm 16 years old and live in Germany. Because of that I'm only allowed to ride motorcycles up to 15hp and 125ccm. I have to rev my Yamaha WR125R (125ccm, 4-stoke, 15hp) nearly to the rev limter in first gear to get it to the balance point. It has to be so easy for you to get the front wheel up. But after two weeks of practising I'm doing my first short balance point wheelies.

    71. Yung & Reckless bikelife

      My favorite motovlogger/ stunt rider

    72. ILLICIT

      Happy New Year!

    73. Jonathan Sadon


    74. Fabz Rust Rider

      Happy New year everyone love from UK 🇬🇧 FabzRustRider 💯

    75. ModdingGotte

      how isnt there snow where u are?!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    76. Lars Wilhelmsen

      Love all your videos! but I do get extra excited when I see that supermoto of yours :D happy new year

    77. stuntbiker88 belguim

      happy new year bro :-D and super tutorial

    78. nggudal casper

      I am Indonesian!

    79. Gavin Thomas

      Stoppies pleaseeeeeee

    80. Adam Nawłatyna

      Great job what you do👏 stoppies and rolling burnouts please🤓

    81. Freddie the Fly

      Very good tutorial

    82. BigBoreEnduro

      One thing i've realised over the years is too like pretend your brakes the throttle. Like instead of being choppy on and off the throttle to chase it. keep the throttle steady and use the rear break on and off. Idk if that makes sense

    83. Grom Daily

      Please do tutorial stoppie for grom

    84. Mitchell Benavidez

      Wish you would of explained the clutch up more

    85. ReesesPiecesBoi ouellette

      No 230 motors 😅😅

    86. Chris Dub636

      Next How To Idea "How to use Clutch and Throttle to wheelie on the 03/04 636" I'm talking like showing how to use a combination of the 2, maybe a side view showing where balance point is on the 03/04 636. Love the videos bro. The other how to wheelie/slow wheelie videos are very helpful at the lot. BTW where can I get some gloves like that? 🤘🤘

    87. Tinta Online

      Watching from Bali

    88. ryan plays

      I might get a dirtbike because you inspired me to driving bikes

    89. Joe Moto

      Bro love your channel! I've learned alot from you I'm building a stunt bike rn and just learnin trying to soak in everything ur saying. Never thought about stunting til I saw ur channel been popping wheelies and burning out ever since. Happy New year bubba!! MY GUY! LOL

    90. infinite 4 destruction

      I wish you would reply just once lol but I love your vids keep up the awesome content!

    91. infinite 4 destruction

      Do you know where ottawa, Illinois id love to ride with you one of these days

    92. Ashton Mauney

      Let’s go

    93. Ben VanLue

      hell yeah dude love the 450

    94. Devin Rakers

      I recently got a dirt bike so I was looking for this bideo

    95. Aaron Allen

      How to scrape on a grom

    96. BeachGSXRfun Love life

      Pfffttt street and dirt are so different... Get off the pavement squid if you really want to give a tutorial

      1. BeachGSXRfun Love life

        My first thumbs down on your vids

    97. Michelle Pendry

      Hi brand 636 how are you today Merry Christmas and happy New Year in 2021 Australia Bike life forever

    98. Austyn Mcneil

      I can wheelie on a atv but a dirt bike its difficult

    99. lionettigamer420

      U da man

    100. Austyn Mcneil

      So more break control more than throttle