Her First Time on 2020 ZX6R #Shorts


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    Professional rider smash stunts jumped on lowlife’s new stunt build on a closed road! Ashley’s first ride on a 2020 Zx6r! #shorts
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    1. brian_636

      What’s up guys! Hope you enjoy this short clip of Ashley on the fresh 2020! Subscribe and check out my channel if you are new here! Brian 636❤️

      1. Juan Baltazar

        I wish I had a dirt bike that should be

      2. Wischi Waschi

        Ach ja dein Meinung interessiert mich einen scheissdreck

      3. Wischi Waschi

        Non i dosn,t enjoy i want to kotz die alte soll liebe normal arbeiten gehen und kohle machen

      4. Joseph Centola

        She's a beast I love the bike sending love and respect from Boston 💯💖💖🙏🙏

      5. Matthew Langdon

        Yamaha r6

    2. Harry Robison

      Very nice

    3. Vanessa Bernard


    4. cowboy williams

      Im sure she's Asian well if she wrecks im sure there are plenty more.

    5. Keith Wyatt

      Ninja bike I have one my self

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya

    6. B Glock


    7. CMB STYLE

      i hate stunt bikes that still have the plastic in the front by the headlights, with those dirtbike handlebars i feel like it’ll look better with a naked front end

    8. Juan Baltazar


    9. derry jones

      You go girl I love women that can grab a bike by the bollocks 👍

    10. Ron Gray

      This is not her First time Riding A Motorbike! Keep Lying!👎🏾

    11. Xavier Bell

      That’s no longer a bike, shit looks like an small ass Decepticon SMH.

    12. Barry Bray

      Got to love this girl. All the girl I put on back of me won't ever ride too drunk. He'll an old girlfriend I used to bungee cord her to me to make sure she was still in decent shape when we got home. Kinda miss her she was good time.

    13. JillyBean860

      Go girl!

    14. Motor Scootin

      Get off the street if you are going to do wheelies 😠

      1. brian_636

        Will do sorry for hurting you

    15. Chris Watson

      I'd wife that girl tomorrow. Slap a ring 💍 on that finger. I bet she's fine as hell too

    16. Wischi Waschi

      Auch wichtig das zu können

    17. Jonathan Pereyra

      Nice 👏👏👏👏🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷👋

    18. Ricardo Vargas

      He’ll yeah turn up

    19. Ricardo Vargas

      Hell yeah . Turn up

    20. Javier Sagarnaga

      How do they get these paint jobs?

    21. Ricky World

      Hope you have health insurance?

    22. Rolex Rollie

      First time my ass.. she uh Ryder.

    23. Jasonups5

      You know when you stop riding she’s gonna go find another rider. Just so you know. But hey little man there’s plenty of females out there 👌🏻

    24. manny ramires

      Must be a Virgin also

    25. JohnyTheHat

      good equipment, safety hoody and snickers

    26. Snaggle Channel 3

      She's gonna crash any moment

    27. ChristianX Z owner

      Good roaring..this one had throath

    28. r_ elentless01

      Always find it funny when these people eat shit😂

      1. brian_636

        So funny right

    29. King Auba

      She looks so small to that bike lmao

    30. Trey Ivey

      Maybe her first time on THAT bike! But not her first time on a bike.

    31. Anonyme Bande

      I need a girl like this in my life

    32. Nicko Jo

      Not going to lie got a hard on watching this.😏

    33. Allen Edward

      Her first time huh 🤔 she’s a natural!

    34. Joseph Centola

      Love the bike, she's a beast of course she was going to whip that thing sending love and respect from Boston 💯💙💙🙏🙏

    35. John Coles

      Who cares. Obviously it's not her first time riding

      1. John Coles

        @brian_636 come on. I've been riding my hole life.

      2. brian_636

        This is her first day riding

    36. Tracy D

      Not first time

    37. Stefano Mino

      Grande 6 bravissima

    38. Fletcher Power

      I wisb my firat ride went sum lile that but no i decided running in to a box truck was a better option

    39. weyland lavasseur

      Pretty till she crashes

    40. Texas Dark horse

      Doesn’t look like her first time

      1. Kamic J

        @Texas Dark horse 😂😂😂😂😂

      2. Texas Dark horse

        🤣🤣🤣 if it was a 2030 and she rode it like that it wouldn’t look like her first time on that either. You literally woke up and saw a comment thread and wanted to jump in it🤣🤣🤣

      3. Kamic J

        On a 2020 bike, read the title better Before you comment

      4. Dave LaBute

        @Texas Dark horse it was just meant to be funny, not directed at her personally...get over yourself!

      5. Texas Dark horse

        @Dave LaBute not at all i just dont reduce women to sexual jokes. I was talking about riding bikes and i stayed on subject. Oh and I dont smoke either I’m too old for both of those things😂

    41. Jnr Griessel

      you probably driving a yamaha yz250 of yz450 not talking about the speed bike

    42. Zane E.Knucles

      Hell yeah!!! Boss Bitch baby!!!

    43. Todd Conklin

      Definitely not her first time riding with the big dogs LoL


      Wow impressive👍👍👍way to go,,,,

    45. Dick Trickle

      So why do all that to a super sport? Taller bars, and all that. Why not just buy a naked or something that comes more set up already? I feel like it’s ruined for actual sport riding now

      1. brian_636

        It gives it more of a BMX type feel brother

    46. Jimmy Plays123

      i dont care about the girl but that bike god damn

    47. Karani mandavir Mandavir

      Mas novidades

    48. Bruh Bruh

      Fall off the bike do it you won't

    49. Michael Rebello

      Finally, a girl who rides above a 250 😂

      1. Des Taylor

        Busa (biker) bunnies of jackson mississippi is about 40 Chicks deep..all busa

    50. B-Dang

      I cant even wheelie and I'm 35 years old lol

      1. B-Dang

        @brian_636 the man himself lol love your videos I've had my 04 R6 for a long time its probably time to get them on lock down.

      2. brian_636

        Start practing big dog!

    51. Ryan Johnson

      Please wear some gear if your gonna be doing this, go down that asphalt will eat through that hoodie and leggings before you even start sliding and ruin what I'm sure is a very nice body.

    52. Jim Madonna

      That was bad ass!

    53. Mmmmmdoritos

      Anybody know what helmet she's wearing?? Thank you

    54. ShOtZFiReD 401

      That is the most beautiful thing u can see in the world a woman on a bike 💙💙🤣

    55. Kinzley Guy

      That thing sounds nasty! And I see you on the supermoto!

    56. Molly2478

      Small but mitey

    57. TNL Capo Lean

      no cap that bike is nice asf

    58. Clutch JayDog

      Brian you have encouraged me to do stunt bike trick what bike should I start off on

    59. Josiah_ JN

      Now thats a woman!

    60. Mike's Bikes

      Happy birthday

    61. David Davis

      Happy birthday my guy !

      1. brian_636


    62. Tarren Sanchez

      Dang I wanna girl that rides

    63. matthew bonbon

      can you do a review on that bike bro. all the way from🇵🇭

    64. ChapDaddy

      She f*ckin rips man

    65. Geoff Roth

      That thing sounds so nasty! Bad ass as always brian.

    66. TUNA YARAŞ

      ı love you

    67. Dan wisbey 2991

      That bike is sik bro 🏍💨👊👊😎

    68. Diskord 138

      Hey someone said you need to ride with more girl, and I believe I said more girls need to ride on one wheel. Man Brian_636 delivers!!!

    69. Norman Roland

      That female rider the truth

    70. Aiori Moto

      How i wish i have too

    71. Happy Panda

      Ashley’s a badass!

    72. Ste_F4i

      just a natural on it 👌👍✌

    73. Ivan Garcia

      that KRT livery turned black and white is 💪😎

    74. Diskord 138

      Sick, love the little look at the end, smooth.

    75. Maxim Corbett

      I would smash stunts

    76. JPMOTO_636

      I’m gonna have to sneak my phone in to class again for hood eats tomorrow

    77. John Doe

      A ninja on a ninja

    78. Conner Crumby

      Makin it look easy lol

    79. Dylan McGuire

      Lol, shes on lowlifes 636 huh?I thought I recognized the bike

    80. Jerry Campos

      Bri showing some love ayeeee

    81. Conner Browning


    82. Keith Waller

      Killin it

    83. Johnny Boy Media

      Smash is a beast 💪

    84. THErealistREALIST

      lmao they make bikes look so big

    85. Avi Zisman

      How do you find lots to ride at

    86. slycoop

      636 💖

    87. FeedOnSpeed

      smash stunts is literal goals 😍

      1. Rafael Rafa


    88. Andrew Aydie

      Would Wife.

    89. Erdem Kucuk

      That 636 is so clean😍

      1. Imdrex6 03

        Lowlifestunt 636

    90. Radcliffe Adams

      Easy nuh bad girl

      1. primo sparazza


    91. its Chris

      I just double tapped the video like this was instagram😂 pray for me

      1. Eve MCBARNETTE

        @brian_636 Very 🔥

      2. Kinzley Guy


      3. brian_636

        Prayers up loling

      4. Red


    92. REAPER

      Looken good 👌👌

    93. Righteous Reasons

      First bike was a 01zx6r now have an 01 gsxr 1000 and that just made me fall in love with it all over again..mama....i'm coming hooome!! Lol

    94. Aim RC

      That sounds looks CLEAN

    95. Christos Nikolaou

      Anyone knows if the busa giveaway is for US only ..?

    96. fourtwentycg

      Damn, what a killer!

    97. stark愛ツ

      Simps in the chat

      1. brian_636


      2. Dylan McGuire

        Simp pimp'n

    98. exa_norii

      now i want that zx6r leme go check the price........................... ok thats the end of that

    99. Money mancuso Money


    100. 6Rapido

      Tell her I said hi 😂