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    2020 has been a rough year for us, but as far as stunt riding, action sports, and motorsports goes, almost all the motorcycle events went untouched! The streets emptied out, and the motorcycles riders celebrated! Enjoy this mash up of some footage from 2020! Brian 636!
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    The motorsports extreme sports industry when it comes to motorcycles, has been booming even through 2020, the virus, and the job loss of millions. With more free time, empty streets, and more chances to do what riders love to do, motorcycle shops have never been busier! Always make sure to have the proper motorcycle insurance company backing you when you ride in the streets. A motorcycle tech check your gasoline, oil, tires, chain and other safety equipment as well! Enjoy todays vlog! Brian 636
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    1. Selvi Selvi

      Ogm 🖤

    2. Duh Nguyener713

      what video was 44:37 from?

    3. John Jr

      How come US bikers think that T-shirt is a good crashsuit?????????

    4. Andres Rodriguez

      Holy shit Jarvis ate shit!

    5. Andrei Fasola

      Brian, what is that tiny green dual two stroke?

      1. Andrei Fasola

        @brian_636 Thanks Brian. I'm looking to get into riding. I'm looking for a small bike. I want something sooper tiny - not sure twins like that is anybody's cup of tea for the road I see their tanks are so small :) - with short racing in mind. I might do a Grom with 181 Neo BBK. Or Grom with a 300 swap. Modded frame (like this guy: ) and tank. Or at least that's what I'm dreaming of. Tbh I'm somewhat shitscared of getting into it - seeing all the bikes and accidents crap online. Not that I don't have balance but don't know what to expect, if it's worth it and whatnot: just look at how I ride rollerblades lol: . Very drawn to some stunting. When it snows I just go out with the stick car to do some donuts. I like precision driving/ riding - good skills to have.

      2. brian_636

        It is a kx85

    6. jerkin.megherkin

      Running threw red lights an everything.... So many micro penis losers who think they're above the law.

    7. Thin Ice215

      Have. To go to a group ride one day I mean where they ride for hours & hours

    8. Ste_F4i

      cant believe i missed thus one,epic blog as normal,i loke how whe riders see you they instanly start thowing it down jjst show how many of us know brian_636 😜👌👍✌🏍🏍🔥😉

    9. sS BoneZ

      Lord i Love how this video starts off all i want and need in my life to accept this rush and adrenaline and change all the mistakes i made and make them better from the wheels to the sky....amen my peeps love yall.. lmao are u as drunk as i am right now lol yo medi vac lastatt that hot chic killed it near the end

    10. Александр Плотников

      Rasha. ✌️😁ok

    11. thies rapp

      That Why Covid still excist


      Dirt Bike tires are small and different which make it easier to stunt guaranteed


        @brian_636 still prefer Sport bike instead

      2. brian_636


    13. Reza Nobrain

      13:31 awww

    14. The FlashofLife

      I know that mans was hurting when he fell on his ass tryna do that Flip

    15. Shlok Ahuja

      Fuck yeah, hope to one day roll with you Brian

    16. Noah Lvls

      Just waouh !!!

    17. kevin ohler

      were do i get one of those crash cages? i see a couple people with them. they only for the 636?

    18. Marly Adventures

      Keep watching over and over for the great footage!!!! Keep at it Brian!

    19. Gucci King

      1:43 at that moment she knew what's up XD

      1. brian_636


    20. Sahin Yildiz

      I wish i was a part of this instead of racing to my local supermarket and back.

      1. Sahin Yildiz

        I would love to man, one day

      2. brian_636

        Come ride my guy

    21. robert goldsmith

      Take a look at new comer smokie mc stunts Goldsmith channel he's getting a lot of attention in OKLAHOMA

      1. robert goldsmith

        Smokey mc stunts Goldsmith channel

    22. Cassian Baker

      "You aint eva seen a mothafucka" 14:49

    23. James Arnold

      damn seeing my boy highside joe go down and bryan636 stopping the whole ride and helping is awesome, this shit really a family/brother hood

      1. brian_636

        Yes sirrrr

    24. Jcraff3

      I don't get to see any of this! I watch the videos and enjoy every last one but I am in New Hampshire. we shred the kanc to practice for the track days and I grew up learning on twists. where do you find these cruises and other places to ride??? especially when I want to move and have no idea what to expect

    25. Anpijainen

      I bought my first motorcycle just at end of 2020, 2005 636. Getting my license in two months from now and just blasting all ridingvideos constantly :D EDIT: Much love from Finland BTW.

    26. James Crump

      trixck ass bikes. hop on a stock and im impressed

    27. Ilimane Seck


    28. Hard Luck Paint works

      What’s up Brian long time subscriber here love the content always have. I always hit the like button to help the channel. I’m broke as shit so can’t be a patron but it don’t cost nothing to help the channel n u do more bike life things. I think I speak for all of us watching by saying don’t change a thing. Good vids good history of Chicago good hood eats reviews n great riding footage and oh btw the supermoto is fucking sick. Love ya man respect life and hopefully get to ride wit ya one day. ✌️

    29. Dorian Danushi

      This is a beautiful video respect from Italy ❤️🙌

      1. Dorian Danushi

        @brian_636 of course bro

      2. brian_636

        Thanks Dorian!!! All love please subscribe!

    30. Brave Heart

      2020 most definitely was the best year to ride. they weren't checking license plates lol . saved me some money for upgrades, gas & food. enjoyed riding all summer 💪😎 ✌️🏍️

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya brother!!! All love man

    31. Thestradmangaming555

      Brian 636 I love your videos man keep up your good work . One question I wanna ask is that ski mask the slump god at the end of the video ?

    32. MaNgOiRoN

      10:36 me on the offramp lol

      1. MaNgOiRoN

        There was a big group on the katy part of i-10 a few days ago, future content?

      2. brian_636


    33. Pat W

      Nothing I love more on this planet than the fact that you can go anywhere and find a grom squad willing to throw down like it's the end of the world like the dudes at 15:50. These dudes do not give a fuck!

      1. brian_636

        Grom culture has changed the motorcycling world forever now!

    34. InkWheelie

      I might stunt a 1993 yamaha with no fairings

    35. Andreas Feldmann


    36. Eric Farquhar

      big boii on the harley with the extra long look back made me lmfao 35:35

    37. PDX SQUID

      Epic video!

    38. Colton Drake

      is it more of a thrill to not wear a helmet..

    39. Itsjohnny1515

      Can’t wait till the spring to get the bike back out

    40. muhammad awwab

      best riding year ever? it should be best pandemic riding year ever! LOL

    41. 4feitDgam3

      Best compilation ever !!

    42. HOOLIGANfilmz

      Traffic, what?!

    43. HOOLIGANfilmz

      Wow! That is some impressive footage. Minute 13 head butt, min 26 & BEYOND!

    44. First Name Last Name

      I don't have insurance and my bike is wheelies for me

    45. Adrian Olsen

      wonder why their is so much corona in America.(sarcasm)

    46. Ch33zy Fr33zy


    47. Jacob Robertson

      i cant wait for spring time.... it will be my first time ever on the road and im so hyped

    48. shagg2710

      It is NOTHING like living in Tha Chi!... #chitownmytown

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya brother!

    49. oneking Popsmoke


    50. za z

      Shout-out from STC Illinois I wanna ride up to the city when it gets warmer and try some of your hood eats recommendations

    51. J Spark

      I can agree you have cough some good shit for 2020 keep up the good work and stay safe for the big 2021 baby !!!!!!wheeeeeeeeeeee SF 415 BABY FO SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. 수은제Danny

      15:15 bro, I wonder what that korean beauty store owner did to piss off the block lol usually we all kosher but not that dude 🤔😂

    53. podium king

      Clean man dammmm

    54. Lonewerewolf777

      If this dude doesnt hit a mil soon, I'm gonna have to make over 600k accounts and sub to him

    55. Seth Rogen

      11:45 anyone know what model that bike is?

    56. Lil R

      New sub ive been missing out 👌🏽

    57. slycoop


    58. Vikeca Lifestyle

      Good video compilation!

    59. alldave

      people doing wheelies the whole time is so fucking overdone. zzzzzzzzzz, learn to ride

      1. brian_636

        Will do man! Thanks for watching anyway though!

    60. David Madison

      Can I suggest a balance point video for you? Ive been folowing you for years. Sometimes I get lucky and ride a good one out but they're basically power wheelies after it gets up. or too much brake and it comes down. #teamstrugglebus

    61. 6Rapido


    62. bryan tempelman

      Love hearing that kaw sing

    63. 6Rapido

      Yoooo Im fkin dead ☠😂😂😂 Buddy that jumped the ramp on the dirtbike oh man bet he didnt picture it ending like that

    64. ちゃんねるM


    65. v n

      @ white_feather_stunts was here

    66. Tippy229

      Still can't respect the stoppies enough. Big boy pants to pull that.

    67. I like pie

      You're a true rebel man. Subs have exploded last year too!

    68. Jordan Alexander

      If y’all ain’t supporting this man Patreon your fucking up! He goes hard for us all n this shows it🔥🔥🔥

      1. brian_636

        Thanks brother!!!

    69. T!K

      Too underated... GET THIS MAN TO 1 MIL HE DESERVES IT

      1. nova jenny

        1 million 😁😁

      2. brian_636

        Thanks brother ❤️

    70. AJ motorsport bike life 636

      636!!!!! Mafiaaaaaa gang for life 💯💯💯💯 definitely i enjoy the video love the vibe my respect and love to all you guys may God bless the fams and all the bike life people bike riders out there stay safe

      1. brian_636


    71. Covidiotocracy

      What is your favorite thing, about being told what to do?

    72. CJ Stunts

      The dude that went down, picked it back up, and clutched it up again like a boss...

    73. Dan's R&C

      1:08 god damn drz owners lmao

    74. hampus folkell

      i live in sweden want to go to the usa and ride there with my motorcycle

    75. Barnzie2Dope

      Hey man new subscriber here seen you with mad maxy and have been checking out your older videos. Im from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and well ive seen the news on what has been going on down there. The media did not show the whole picture. I truly enjoy watching you ride around and giving a history lesson on Chicago.. Very glad i found your channel. Be safe ride safe best wishes.

    76. King Eli


    77. King Eli

      I watched the entire thing but also the beat on 28:03 was fire🔥i love motorcycles i and wish to ride and own one when i get to high school .love yur vids brian

    78. Jibble Sack

      Id love to go to a next big bike meet up where can I stay tuned ?! Big fan of yours btw love all your videos

    79. mick muller

      I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm

    80. Tippy229

      Sure you've been You just don't. Reason said

    81. MSL stunts

      hopefully when i get my license i’ll get to go to a ride and a 17 hour drive is hella worth it

    82. GioPlays

      That stoppie was 100% long man

    83. Karolis Dolgaliovas

      Awesome man, just awesome!!! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    84. Alejandro Guerrero

      Only leyends watched the whole video ❤👌🏼

      1. Alejandro Guerrero

        @brian_636 yeah I've noticed 😂😂I enjoyed every second of this compilation

      2. brian_636

        Hell ya man!!! Lot of never before seen footage in here!!!

    85. Dawson Roux

      @brian_636 keep up the stuntlife , and as soon as u drop the urban camo misguided hoodies in the same color camo as ur bike imma have to get 2

      1. brian_636

        About to drop urban Camo hats today brother!

    86. ilfcaph2

      Blm is bad

    87. Ahmad Maulana

      my guy!!

    88. Brandon Ej32

      Best video I’ve seen all year 💯

    89. Devon Hendricks

      Yo fam watching ur videos it's ah blessing fam, (bike life) I'll love to see ride out like this in jamaica wit u guys too fam (SPARTA 20) love from London to Jamaica 🇺🇸🇯🇲🇬🇧

    90. Tippy229

      Sure people will give me crap, but you know I can see. Seat bouncing before endo. Check that.

    91. Tippy229

      Shit racked my side, but you put good content. I'm more of a underground, don't see don't speak rider. But your content is good.

    92. Tippy229

      Dude goes hard on his CRF. No B.S. about it.

    93. Tippy229

      Just re-watching. Snatch, click yeah shit people won't get, but we see it.

    94. Axstrofnbr

      Where that roadster vids out Brian?

    95. Jaycob Angulo

      Amazing vid 🔥I rlly enjoy watchin ur vids

    96. OneSekcBagel

      Cant wait till I can buy a bike and get a liscence

    97. Mo_Tard

      killing the game bro can't wait to be on your level with my channel

    98. Beastmode !!

      what kind of car do you have

    99. Toni Sok

      whos the dude on the buell ?!? he goes crazyyy