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    Riding and destroying a pair of Louboutin Red Bottoms at Wrapp it Up before a dinner date! Hope you guys enjoy this insane video! Brian 636!
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    Kawboy, at Wrapp It Up, bought and prepared these real pair of Louboutin red bottoms to test out his clear bra application and see what it can really stand up to! After a few foot drag wheelies however, the luxury shoes started to fall apart! Please do not ride in shoes that you ever intend to have as dress shoes! Hope you enjoyed seeing these ones destroyed though!
    #LouBoutin #RedBottoms

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    1. brian_636

      What is up guys! Hope you enjoyed this INSANE video! Support more adventures HERE! www.patreon.com/brian636

      1. Chatotree chavez

        TSR🤟 C YA!

      2. calango _moto

        @James T cara se icreve la

      3. calango _moto

        @James T kkkk

      4. calango _moto

        @Kimani Cohall kkk

      5. sSHaDoW cRUiZer2o3


    2. Aaron Few

      I love the way you spelled it the way most people say it 😂

    3. Dezz MF

      0:37 1:16 why would you do that if you’re legit wearing dior j1s which is around like 12k or something

    4. Matt Assenmacher

      what year and bike?

    5. Ethan Pettigrew

      yall talkin bout the red buttoms but man road up riding in dior 1s as well

    6. Clingy

      This is Very painful to watch

    7. A DUBZ

      Louboutin, not Louis Vuitton 😂😂😂😂

    8. Calthecool

      This some James Bond shit.

      1. brian_636

        Hahahahhaha hell ya brother

    9. Top 7's

      brian bro head over to rap it up do you know what that means who would put that name for a place wrap it up is put on a condom

    10. Git Around

      Its not "Louie Batons" Youre mixing up two different brands

    11. drip

      Homie had the dior 1s on I wonder if them jawns was real

    12. Sam

      Some sort of beauty in destruction

    13. Luis G.

      When is tsr?

    14. Trinidad Sanchez

      Expensive toe drags!

    15. Trinidad Sanchez

      Hell yeah You sick fuk Looking sexy! If you want it you need to Chase it Let's gooooooo!!!!!!

    16. Law Abiding Citizen

      Fashion is dumb and pointless anyways LoL BikeLife!!!!!!

      1. brian_636

        Bikelife baby!!!

    17. yhootoob

      It's just a trailer park girl, man. It's just a trailer park girl. One turns up, DEAD, behind the strip mall dumpster, tonyte, then, three more show up at tha trailer park, dught next dae. Life in the dugh park, mang. LYFE!!!! .... en dugh phark.

    18. Take#2644 26

      What is the name of the bike you ride

      1. brian_636


    19. Jack390

      brian_636 because of you I installed the crash cage on my RC, and I don't know what I'm gonna do next🤣🤣🤣

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya my guy!

    20. Sievhong Chantha

      Sound good 😁😊

    21. Sonar

      Manman said he'd ask for me but who's your graphic designer

    22. Swift Leo

      is that a wight heel sock i see

    23. srs.Formula

      What bike you ride?

    24. Tippy229

      Love it. Red bottoms, and I even walked away, but we all know that sound. Let her F'ing eat.

    25. imthenextproblem

      I am a shoe person but didn’t feel any sort of way, if you did that to air mags or red October’s I’d probably cry honestly

      1. brian_636

        Hahahhahhahahaa Thats awesome

    26. Esk Mystic

      Its dope asll seeing a youtuber that lives close to you I live in Elgin

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya!

    27. pandos bandos

      Ha ha ha! Good video 👍 Those were good shoes too 😁😁😁

    28. R Wilkinson

      28 people are cut they couldn't afford these shoes! Great vid Brian, Liked it as always.

    29. nazreal white

      so were not going to talk about the dior 1s he had on in the intro

    30. Dylan Barnett

      The like-dislike ratio really shows how much we love you man, much love from Chicago. Maybe I'll catch u riding around some day

    31. *violently sips tea*

      1:30 just put them on and already damaged 😭


      wowww i saw ur face

    33. Malcolm Morphis


    34. David Polak

      Yes sir

    35. Nikita 954

      hi)) I have a Kawasaki zx6r 2006 need to do something with the engine for the stunt? thank you in advance))

    36. Hampus h

      why just why

    37. Brian Collins

      Gotta have the sock to protect the shifter foot from wear😂😂

    38. El pedorro Medallas

      As soon he put it on was already damaged the bottom area what up with that?

    39. Panda Ridez

      Yo !! Sliding your foot on the front side 😂😂I was like he’s definitely f’ing those shoes up 😂

    40. Waver_ Nook

      Noooo not the drag 😢

    41. vldmelvin_

      Is it legal to drive without a lisenceplate in chicago?

    42. SLLM

      Man your like tha Grand master of stunts . Big fan

    43. Austin Erickson

      What year is your bike

    44. HRSorry

      Commenting so that one shoe geek sees this and shit themselves . Love the video!

    45. jason lech

      The Louie's I've seen come in a beautiful wood box not cardboard and tissue paper?


      Krn super good bro 👍✌✋

    47. MateoDani

      *dropps off louboutins in air diors”💀💀

    48. L0rd_GrIm

      Just shows that expensive are worse than the air force 1 which are like 8 times less 😂😂

    49. Motorcycle Throttle

      I was like, that's a cool thumbnail on the video. After I clicked, I was like that's actually a great video too.

    50. UsmoKe Crak

      nice lou butons lol

    51. Olaf Gromotka

      The 24 people who disliked are tryna spend their entire life savings on some louis bouittons lol

    52. znx

      Brian seriously you are the best i love watching your videos you are such a positive man keep going🙏

    53. Austin Dixon

      Would a grom be way too big for someone who is 4’10 105 pounds?

    54. The Prestons

      See you at TSR🤙

    55. Mr 350 snake

      I usually keep a sock wrapped up around the toe of my shoe

    56. Meme Academy

      Ahahhaha great... Brian!

    57. Jarrit2012

      It sucks you never show up in my notifications or timeline for my subscriptions anymore wtf.... I miss so much shit now

    58. Charles Kazee

      What is tsr

    59. Jadon Smith

      Nice 👍

    60. cobra stuntrider 13 prostreet

      Cool nice shoes brother keep stuntride

    61. Dark Wolf

      u look so good in a tux

      1. brian_636

        Thanks wolf!!!

    62. suagemanson

      You ready for the DGR

    63. 73_Jewels_73

      Gotta say I love keeping up to date with ya! You just impress! Stay safe and healthy out there!! 🤘

    64. Guntur Wibowo

      oh my

    65. Ant Ven

      must be nice to be rich

    66. Austin Guerrero

      A question I **NEED** a quick response to : What exactly would you say / tell to your parents about chasing yours of a being a motorcyclist / a pro stunt rider, even though they're against it and say that you (w,c)ould die.....alongside more things?? They tell me to watch Yt videos on how dangerous motorcycles are and that I have an extremely high probability of becoming paralyzed from my neck down. They really think that's gonna stop me. My dad especially says that I don't have the same protection I have than I do w/ a car, even though he subliminally tells me to get a car. Someone just offer me realistic advice on how I could / should go about handling this dilema.

    67. DIRTBIKE D

      man has dior jordans talkin about the redbottoms

    68. Hunter Wooden

      I just bought the misguided grey snapback and 2 keychains

      1. brian_636

        Thanks for the love Hunter🙏

    69. I like pie

      You treat you Nike's better 🤣

    70. Anonymous

      U should do a video over you’re GoPro setup

      1. brian_636

        I just might my guy!!!!

    71. Alexfrmda6

      Sheeeshhh my boy got them Tomas Jefferson 14s on 🥶🥶🥶

      1. brian_636


    72. PeanutButtaFlava

      Notice Brian didn’t drag his hand, I wouldn’t mess up a nice pair of gloves either😂

    73. King Eli

      Now i know what "bloody bottoms" means

    74. King Eli

      Wonder if you could do the crip walk in those...

      1. brian_636


    75. karina santafe

      hi did my a lay

      1. karina santafe

        im alexander can you say hello to my in your next video i form venezuela i love your videos can you talk in spanish

      2. karina santafe

        me gustan muchos tus videos para cuando sea me voy a comprar una moto como la tuya

      3. karina santafe

        @brian_636 hola pana mio

      4. brian_636


    76. karina santafe

      hola me gusta mucho tus videos

    77. Lex352

      Woulda been fine if he didn’t drag his toe straight on the asphalt

    78. JCC CCC

      Warning! This is an Ad!!! 👎

    79. Finley Nottingham

      Weird flex but ok

    80. Malakai Thomas


      1. Malakai Thomas

        JK btw

    81. RetroBathingApe

      Are those the DIOR JORDAN 1s?😅


      Me when the video started: “Damn, my man Brian looking FRESH! Looking like the fucking CEO of Brian_636 Misguided Inc. or some shit 🤣”

    83. Cross Cut Entertainment

      “I’m modern day goodfella, I’m ray liota”-Wale

    84. dagez

      Bro, what do you think of Arttu Stenberg.

    85. Artur

      My brother is going to have a wedding next year, this is how im gonna pull up there haha

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya brother!!!

    86. Footbrake Killer75

      Best vlog bro 😎😂🔥👞

    87. Dino Deljusa

      Are we going to ignore thos Diors🔥🔥🔥

    88. kai swindler


    89. qSnufy

      My man said fuck red bottoms fuck $1,200 shoes I’m just gonna do a foot scrap and ruin it in one trick 🤣

    90. Steve Thorne

      impressively ugly shoes lol

    91. E Swizzle

      My mans going to TJ to rip some wheelies smash some tequila and a few nose beers all in one trip

    92. Dan

      I wanna say they’re worth more now !

    93. Edwin Rijos

      that's some sick riding my dude good shit.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    94. Bearded Tortilla

      Love your videos man. i live close to chicago, hope to ride with you some day. saw you at doomsday 2020 las year at the stunt show.

    95. Stever

      Why does the dude who wrapped it look like a buff ass Usher?

    96. candyman


    97. Keith Brown

      So no one peep Dior 1s before

    98. shady381

      Awesome video Brian.Man you are looking sharp bro !!!Don't mourn the shoes .They went out in a blaze of glory

    99. Freddie the Fly

      Nice vid man! Looking forward to Tijuana video. Tequila, tacos, Coronas, donkey shows, and maybe some riding too.

    100. Marcus Lindsey

      When you drug the top of your foot 😮