THE BLOCK IS HOT! (#HoodEats Eps. 29)


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    Today we head to the south side neighborhood of Chatham in Chicago on the Yz450f supermoto to try some Jerk Chicken and get to see Chicago Fire Department put out a HUGE structure fire!
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    Before every ride on the street, we check all essential parts on the Harley Davidson 1200 sportster stunt bike, Yamaha Yz450f supermoto, and Kawasaki zx6-r motorcycle. Insurance, gasoline, tires, chain, and oil are all inspected by a motorcycle tech. Always wear your DOT approved helmet, leather gloves, and motorcycle insurance company. Please ride safely and enjoy the motovlog! Love you all!
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    1. brian_636

      What is up guys! Hope you enjoyed this new episode of Hood Eats! Help support my channel and videos like this HERE!

      1. Joseph Mottes

        @brain_636 sorry for blowin you up but trying to get ur attention hey brian_636 ive watched most of ur videos ur a badass dude the shit that u do is crazy but also the video that u made that was like memories over the years you've lived a badass life and ur a great person. the reason y im writing on this is because i dont know how to contact you any other way but my best friend he was like my brother almost 20 years of nothing could come between us friendship he was killed in motorcycle accident on 10-09-20 on the 210 freeway in irwindale its like the los angeles area anyways why im writing to you is because how you are always in these rides like this one where the freeway is like stopped anyways to the point i probably sound like a dumb ass but i want to do something to really pay respects to him he loved motorcycles so much it changed his life when we bought ours together and since he died ive gone to a dark place and i think something like that would be great so if you can help me how ever i would really appreciate it i know you don't live out here but maybe you could puit me in touch with someone who does live out here it doesn't even have to be that big but ya heres my number and if anyone else sees this and can help please text me thank you 909... 808.... 6647

      2. v n

        What's up dude I got to confess I haven't seen videos in 6 months a lot of work has gone in the way but to night I'm watching them all back to back. You boy @whitefeatherstunts

      3. TMI_ JOKER

        So is doomsday happening tomorrow?

      4. Jack Contello

        King von didn't get killed by a cop he got killed by another rapper I forgot the name of the rapper that killed king von but you can look it up news are just lying idiots and people believe them so they become stupid like Democrats, they were the ones wanting slavery and they are giving money to the black community to make the lazy and buy drugs and other stuff like that

      5. HYDRO KU5H

        BRAHH big heart broo, yumm bro sick vid 🔥🔥🔥♥️♥️

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    3. alex sluder

      he knows his history

      1. brian_636

        Thanks Alex!! Hope you enjoy this series

    4. Simmapallen

      I hope you didn't litter after your lunch?

    5. Cameron Kelley

      Love your content!! Would you recommend any websites or shops where I could get a street legal dirt bike?

    6. Taylor Ishmael

      What is the bike called that he is driving?

    7. Levente Tar

      5:23 Damn i did not think Brian will talk about Hungarians ever wow, where are my Hungarians at?

    8. Spaczeツ

      Dayum bro you really from the hood respecting everyone

    9. LG Defexts

      You do know that von didn’t get killed by a Atlanta police officer right it was quando brother

    10. Davontae Sashington

      I lost my old main account so now im subbed on 2 different accounts anyways loves these hood eats and the reviews you do on the food and the areas you go

    11. Robert Budd Dwyer

      We need more supermoto videos 😢

    12. Aidan Brass

      The super moto should just be the official bike of hood eats

    13. Yuukio

      i'm just listening to ur amazing voice man ur chill af with that lofi backround music and a beautiful engine. man i love this

      1. brian_636

        All love my guy

    14. w0monty

      Brian: Population of Blacks White People: RACIST Black People: damn he's educating

      1. brian_636


    15. w0monty

      Gangs went from protecting their neighborhoods and mild drug use to just 13-17 year old's shooting each other over baby shit its so infuriating

    16. Anthony Vogt

      Your amazing bud was thinking making a supermoto outa my 98 yz 125 and you should do a ep.on tommys and get a gyro

      1. brian_636

        That would be DOPEEEE

    17. MAMMAsgotTOAST

      Chicago is the windy city because Wisconsin sucks and Indiana blows.


      I seriously just like the way how all the bikers like you or the bike community just get food and sit in some random place and just take in the moment seriously appreciate it mate btw visited Chicago pretty amaizng place would like to meet you as well mate cheers and also stay safe

    19. Jacob Bryan2

      How you ride without getting pulled lol

    20. BrandonPrive1432

      "expect people to not see you when you're riding" , bruh, you're doing a wheelie, on a offroad bike with no lights,, i love it, don't get me wrong, i just love when motovloggers are pissed they almost get hit when doing stupid shit themselves. keep it up tho i do love it.

    21. System Failure-

      I learn more from his history lessons than I do throughout all my classes

    22. Bubbafet8u2

      I stumbled upon your Chicago riots video and now obsessed. I love the vibes you send off, always nice and respectful. You gotta start a zoom class where you rip your bike and teach about Chicago's history. A question; do you drive with no plates? And if so, do cops never pull you over? I'm from Canada and a small snowy town at that so I don't see this often.

      1. brian_636

        Thank you brother and welcome to the family! We respect the cops and they respect us back! All love my guy

    23. PekzCS

      shouldnt be hard for people to not kill.. they're crazy in america like they're playing GTA 5 irl

    24. Dean Martin

      I couldn’t sleep and it’s too late to ride my zx10r so I started watching your hood eats. Mad respect. I can hear it in your voice you really love your city. Even respecting Von and Duck. Respect from the 919 brother. Keep it up 👍🏾

    25. Dimitris FTW

      I like the fact that you are talking about Society and history of neighborhoods,crime rates and stuff,so people outside the us can see that america is not what they show us on hollywood movies,and that people there is struggling to survive like the rest of the world.i ve traveled in 19 states and alot of Citys but chicago is the place i have the best memories,and 9 first cousins!!.sorry for any spelling mistakes but english is the second from 4 languages i speek and i am getting old too..hahahaha!Peace from Greece brother!!

    26. kidfrankie 7

      Yo my guy Brian is too cool. And i mean like genuine good. No ego involved.. I got nothing but respect for you bro. 🥇💪🏾🙏🏿🙏🏿🎇🏍️🏍️🏍️

    27. Mr. Splitter

      Yo man that's dope what you doing and Chicago I feel you I like most of the food you promote as well even though you're not getting paid for thank you for your inside when I go into town expressly doing my Trucking I would definitely look it up keep making your videos keep doing your thing don't stop

    28. goku 2


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    29. icem113

      That's so sexy

    30. SunDude123

      I learn more about us history watching hood eats than my actual class. 😂

    31. DeShawn

      Love it

    32. FreckleFaceKris

      Love the series please go to Harolds chicken

      1. brian_636

        I need to do a Harolds!

    33. rxspxct _

      yo this dude can be a history teacher lmao

      1. brian_636

        Thanks homie

    34. LD100

      Another great video

      1. brian_636

        Thanks LD!!!! All love brother

    35. PROD. SLICK

      What bike is that ur riding

    36. Ropsu Z

      Damn these Hood eats Episodes are the best shit to kill time, keep up the good work, much love from Finland❤️❤️!!

    37. Fortnite GamerGirl

      I love all your vids!!!!

    38. Mulec

      Great vid as always my dude! Must see more videos with the supermoto! Love from Sweden

    39. One Sabez

      Oooo sick bike!!!

    40. VanillaChoco

      does this bike have a plate?

    41. Laura Sanchez

      11:58 "This chicken is kinda spicy although I am kind of a chicken when it comes to spicy stuff" damn brian got bars 😂

    42. S H

      Always informative and mad inspiring 👍

    43. Bailey

      Love your vids and love good eats and it’s grate what your doing. Hey from the land down under

      1. brian_636

        All love Bailey!!!!

    44. Rougarou

      If you double the length of your fuel line and coil it a couple times in the gas tank, then maybe you can stoppy for 15 seconds longer before engine starves for gas.

    45. Frank Muniz

      I got to say I love your history about Chicago you're just like that guy on Channel 11 they talked about everything in Chicago and I can sit there and watch it but you're just interesting because you're right there I am from Chicago I live in the Logan Square Humboldt Park area I am a motorcycle rider myself baby it's was really nice and I love Chicago keep up the good work I just found your channel the other day and I can't get enough of that Brian I did a few United Chicago runs it's always good to have someone from your hometown do his thing so keep up the good work

    46. Mikuzi

      It was looking better black

    47. Waleed Shahnawaz

      Bro love u from pakistan love u soo much ❤❤

    48. Brian_ 616

      Yes sirrrrrr ✊🏼

    49. Zayvth Streams and highlights

      New to the channel I’m getting a dirt bike I’m 16 and 6”3 any bike request

    50. Djinns

      LOVE IT

      1. brian_636

        Thank you brother ❤️❤️❤️

    51. david_xad

      Great video fam!

    52. Luis Ovalle

      im from around belmont cragin it would be awesome to see you ride around the hood and learn some history from where i grew up from, plus we got some pretty good restaurants everywhere. also love your vids :)

    53. John

      You’d be my favorite history teacher

    54. Matthew Nolen

      Man i know nothing about bikes and the history of gang presence in poverty-ridden areas but im absolutely addicted to this series.

    55. Kent Kollath

      looks like the fuel pump is mounted from the bottom of the tank and teh fuel pickup sock/filter is standing upright. if you could find a different filter/pickup sock you might be able to fix the starving while in stoppie. holley makes this hydramat that wicks in the fuel so even when the tank is low the hydramat holds the fuel thats wicked in.

    56. Sim Sohal

      You make the best videos ever bro and I love the respectful humble vibe keep doing your thing brother ❤️❤️❤️ love from Australia Melbourne 🇦🇺

    57. Hayden Franks

      some new things at the vloggy merch store - - stay warm everyone!

    58. GATITO

      Where is the Harley content Brian?

    59. Jan Munkler

      It was my Birthday on the 22nd of November.I bought a new bike!And I'm stoked about getting back into riding.I haven't owned a bike since September of 2013.Seven years with no bike.I saved up so I could buy a new bike in cash.Paid it off! Insurance was cheap but got full coverage for $250 for the whole year!I'm happy and back in the game.Hooah!\m/\m/

    60. Bow Madness

      Fuck covid

    61. WarriorSlippy

      The thumbnail looks like a GTA five screenshot lol

    62. Bonavita

      Do the cops not care that u don’t have plates?

    63. Chase Jackson

      Thank you for the sticker pack brother love the blue and white mix

    64. R F

      Keep up the good work

    65. Alex Rayner

      Been in Law Enforcement for 25 years, what you are doing here is a turning point! I'm telling you. Keep it up. Great videos and community engagement. Love the history lessons about Chicago. Stay safe! A.

      1. brian_636

        Thanks Alex! Love to have guys like you here watching and giving insight! All love brother!

    66. Mono Brambila

      Bikelife🔥🔥🔥 check has out On Ig broski @meadvalleyriderz 951 hittas🤙🏽🤙🏽

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      Ima recteate ur bike on the crew 2, its too good

    68. Jayden Chohan

      Rip von 🙏🏾

    69. Worm- 187

      Like what you do on your hood eats, the history of the town/areas to the of of restaurants. And in this video especially telling people you don't care on their views on things. We can all like the same stuff and still have different views on things in life! When I start my own channel I might take some things from you lol, gut a friendly heads up and keep up the good videos next bike season!

    70. Aidan Duffy

      god that bike is too damn clean

    71. II PSYCHO II

      Damn ain’t watched ur channel in a min like a few months good to know that ur still good👍

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      Anyone else think this guy was the best in his history class

    73. Juan Garcia

      Were you in Travis Scott- can't say video?

    74. V-TWIN

      I notice you lane split all the time is that legal?

    75. Brittany Kroptavich

      King von didnt get shot by a cop

    76. Clarkee

      Brian can you do the next hoodeats with zack goes and dank wheelie all the old group aswell would be a good video

    77. Stefano Chiodi

      imma clear this up.. von wasnt shot by APD.. He was shot by a member of Quando Rondo's onterauge. keep that in mind plspslspspls

    78. Blue

      dad can you show your face when you hit 1 mill why did i say dad lol

    79. Glyxy

      I remember your videos 1 year ago I used to watch them and I just got recommended them

    80. CasperDaPyro

      Hell yea! Its amazing how many people dont know the truth about Chicago's nickname. Sucks so many rappers pass young just for clout and hatred. Detroit is an example of what happens when you take industries and other high paying jobs from families in need and people wonder why the hood is like it is. I have my reasons I dont play into politics and this year as well as the example I just metioned are 2 of them. Also love watching first responders working. Im a bit of a light chaser though lol. Love spicy food 😍🤤

      1. brian_636

        Wild man! All love my guy

    81. Taylor Kruchten

      So are there just no cops in Chicago or do they just not care whatsoever? 😂

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      Look at yo gloves

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      Keep it up Man U puts a smile on my face every video ur a awesome inspiration

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        Thank you brother! Glad I can keep them coming!

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      Trump 2020!

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      Love your vids!

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      Bro he should go to Naperville the ops really out here shooting

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      Absolutely love the hood eats episodes and the history lessons from it. Keep up the good work! 👍

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        All love my guy!

    88. sS BoneZ

      fast forward to 10:20 if u wanna hear brian fight back his LISP problem with the word MOST sounding daffy duckish lmao so funny

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        HAHAHAHHAHHAAHA I am daffy duck!

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      just imagine all the people he had to whack to get that sickazz suprmoto god i absolutley love it my G happy Thanksgiving

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      Hey Brian what spark plugs do you run in your bike?? Im about to change mine and not sure what’s best👀

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      Lil Durk puts on all of his shooters on rs

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