Hitters in the Rain (LIVE!)


19 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Winter vacation in the rain! Enjoy this Live! Brian 636

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. T J-R_6

      0:13 that kid is good😳

    2. v n

      white further stunts was here ✋😎✋

    3. Jahandad Basra

      Yoo bro been a long sub how ya doin

    4. doryanos


    5. Alejandro Guerrero

      I ENVY that kid immma 18 and I still can't stunt🤣🤣😭😭😔

    6. Pyromaniac2450

      You inspired me to get an 04 636 as my first bike, I sent pics on insta. I absolutely love it and am currently saving up for a cage so I can start learning to stunt without destroying the bike

    7. Diskord 138


    8. Diskord 138

      Looks wet, hey it 37 in Ohio

    9. Diskord 138


    10. Christian cedrick Rodulfa

      Hi im from the philipines subcriber

    11. Qba 636

      What's the name of this event?

      1. kawosz636 j

        No name.. 😅

    12. Ronnie welch

      Happy birthday brother 💯 hope you had a great day

    13. Ronnie welch

      Thought bro was about break his phone lmao that bitch glued to the tank lmao kids a killer 10 more years he's gonna be a certified killer awesome video bro couple of my bros are down there from north Carolina

    14. Michelle Pendry

      Your friends are so cool bikes life forever

    15. Michelle Pendry

      Hi Brian 636 how you’re going today

      1. Michelle Pendry

        @brian_636 I m good ❤️

      2. brian_636

        Good yourself?

    16. Ahmad Maulana


    17. Anatol Sivakof


    18. Savage 636 stuntz

      So many killers bro!!

    19. Colton Drake

      666 Like we out here

    20. Mike Tin

      dude not hating. worst video that you ever made. huge fan js

    21. Jon Dave

      I was like number 636😧😧

    22. Mathew Flick

      It must be harder doing stunts in the wet...

    23. Starfox_WR-45e

      I really need a woman just like either one of these @ 6:47 or 7:47 The type that isnt phased by anything you throw at her. lol

    24. Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties

      The little kid needs his own episode how and when he started riding the backstory

      1. brian_636

        I think I can arrange that

    25. gsxrJOE92

      Luv ya brotha!! I'm trying to tell everyone today. U never know when tomorrow won't be there like u expect....

    26. Tippy229

      Welcome to Orlando, FL. You go Lakeland, Clearwater, it only steps up.

    27. Tippy229

      Boy on blue can make it true. He knows his shit.

    28. Tippy229

      180, foot tap then spin out. Skill.

    29. Tippy229

      Little kid. Stand to hop up, savage. That's not easy.

    30. fourtwentycg

      Hell yea my dude!! I'm bout to take the ol' dirty drz400 out in the snow! Just fixed her all up, and I need some seat time! No more fucking up my shoulder!

    31. WarCub 5150

      Bro that kid is savage

    32. Yassar Malki Bey


    33. Rubber Neck

      Great skills.

    34. Two Motion

      Welcome to the Replay Club, the comment section for all us wisecracks who were too busy doing something else.

    35. علي عادل


    36. Davin Mitchell

      Meet you at ace cafe Thursday got so much respect for you man sorry about grabbing your arm after the hand shake tho was just in shock man your my number one hero

    37. keep on truckin outlaw life

      Hell yeah Brian love from Detroit city

    38. Pillah Dont Play

      Yo Brian! can you email me a list where you got your mods for your 636?

      1. brian_636

        Yes sir

    39. Jack Johnstone

      What is the popular choice of tyre and how much air pressure in the wet cold conditions , please?

    40. 20Focus01

      Trash👎👎👎 we where told no dirt bikes and no street bikes without cages. I guess you guys can't follow your own rules but thanks for kicking the people out of there that made this stunt lot what it is today. This wont happen like this again

      1. Koul_24


    41. Richard W


    42. 4/18 lopez

      Homeboy get yourself a holder for your phone that way the shot doesnt jump around.

    43. INEEDA DAB

      Lil man stole the show, respect bru!

      1. brian_636


    44. Sete Sakaria

      Dang I wish I could learn to stunt!!

      1. Kevin Geiger

        @Sete Sakaria dude I was thinking about this comment when I saw that video. Keep your eye on the prize brother! Diet, exercise, and mindset! You got this!

      2. Sete Sakaria

        @Kevin Geiger just watched his live today and the first rider stunting was a big dude, no more excuses now!

      3. Sete Sakaria

        @Kevin Geiger physics, I’m 400 lbs lol, trying to cut weight so I can jump back on a sport bike.

      4. Kevin Geiger

        Whats stopping you? Buy a bike, buy stunt parts, put in your time.

    45. Michelle Griswold


    46. Michelle Griswold


    47. PoorSeas

      First bike recommendation?

      1. mitchell kennedy

        @PoorSeas Get whatever you feel comfortable with. it really depends on you. I would stay away from full on race bikes like the R6. They are costly to maintain over something de-tuned a bit. All the new bikes also have "Modes" and traction control. So you basically can't lift the front wheel.

      2. PoorSeas

        @mitchell kennedy already figured out to not buy new, but as someone who has no experience riding, is a 600 a good idea? I’ve gotten other suggestions telling me to get a ninja 400, r3 and even an r6

      3. mitchell kennedy

        Something used but not beat up. MT07 is going cheap like 4gs used. DO NOT BUY NEW. you won't learn trying to not scratch it. Also that is lots and lots and lots of power. just stay safe and don't ride to close

      4. PoorSeas

        @INEEDA DAB k thanks

      5. INEEDA DAB

        You know damn well he's gonna say 636 lol but any 600 bike will do

    48. Keep Looking Up

      damn how tdf did i miss this

      1. Keep Looking Up

        prob cuz i was nsortin lnes in chuggin fireball jk lol

    49. TCR_ COOP

      Them bikes fiyahh

    50. Anthony Portis

      Wish I was there currently stuck in Texas. I was in STL a bit ago on the Aprillia

    51. Easy from TN BTW

      Damn that’s a lot of talent in one parking lot

      1. brian_636

        What I’m saying! So many guys that I look up to brother!

    52. Moto FPV

      Wish I was there. Will probably be there for bike week though

    53. Sweet pea

      Bro love you videos and love your bikes

    54. Brandon Clayton

      Just goes to show how well motorcycle tires grip the pavement. Crazy

      1. Gooklog Ander

        Its gripping so well because of the type of concrete they're on.. nothing grips better than this stuff. This can be done on streets too but way less traction