THE BEST 636 FOR YOU! (Kawasaki Showdown)


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    The Kawasaki 636 has long been considered the king of stunt bikes. It is often between the 2003-2004 and the 2013-2018 Zx6r that people debate. I break down some specs on the two motorcycles and hopefully clear up what bike is better than the other 636 for different riders! Enjoy this two wheel vlog! Brian 636!
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    These two motorcycles, although ten years apart have alot in common. The Kawasaki ninja zx6-r had been around for several years before they decided to up the output to 636cc from the standard 599cc sport bikes. I discuss horsepower, torque, weight, seat height, wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, drifting and circle wheelie on each of these motorcycles. Before every ride on the street, we check all essential parts on the Harley Davidson 1200 sportster stunt bike, Yamaha Yz450f supermoto, and Kawasaki zx6-r motorcycle. Insurance, gasoline, tires, chain, and oil are all inspected by a motorcycle tech. Always wear your DOT approved helmet, leather gloves, and motorcycle insurance company.
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    1. brian_636

      Hope you guys enjoyed this video on my two 636's Help support videos and vlogs like this on my Patreon!

      1. v n

        What's up dude I got to confess I haven't seen videos in 6 months a lot of work has gone in the way but to night I'm watching them all back to back. You boy @whitefeatherstunts

      2. Sean Obrien

        Just got my merch love the sweatshirt and hat!

      3. joshua jury

        I wanna stunt my 675R. Is that a good idea?


        Hey that's Columbus park I was just there hitting some jumps on my Pit bike

      5. Spartan Angel

        Like the way the rolling burnout is different

    2. Eduardo Jacome

      I’m wanna get into stunting, wasn’t sure which years to look at and this helps out. At the end you said the 03 parts are harder to find so I’m think of getting a 13 to start a build and learn. Your opinion?

    3. BigBoreEnduro

      so now im confused. ive got a 2005. is that a 600?

      1. brian_636

        No sir a 636

    4. Corbin Culbert

      Why not 05-06?

      1. Corbin Culbert

        @brian_636 I’ve always wondered why I never saw em in the streets and now I know thanks Papi!! 🙏

      2. brian_636

        It has a half plastic gas tank and a terrible subframe

    5. mrcla55yguy

      Love the information dude. Always great details about what’s happened in all your vids. That+ wheelies= I’m sold lol

      1. brian_636

        Thanks for being here my man❤️

    6. ShOtZFiReD 401

      💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 love both bikes

    7. Nibroc Lair

      Looking for a 636👌

    8. Keyshaun Williams

      I Remember You Had Only 6.2k Subscribers Now You Almost At 400k Congrats My Dude On The Progress💯

    9. FierceMotorworks

      Can you make a video explaining the pro's and con's of starting stunting on a small bike like a Grom versus a "full size" bike like a 636, Honda 600, SV650, etc

    10. clutchitup 856

      My 03 636 is written off i got rear ended by a cargo van flew 80 feet didn't break a bone ,gonna get a 13 636 next

    11. dogukan yesil

      2003 636 is king

      1. brian_636


    12. Bamboo 3MP

      I WISH TO GOD I HAD THE CONFIDENCE TO THROW MY 2016 636 around like you do bikes bro lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    13. Erik Dutter

      Ey I think you messed up and put a video in your long ass commercials 😂

    14. Kraken Stuntz

      they did have an 02 636 in euro my friend. look like a zzr with a 636 motor carbed

    15. Danny Joseph

      If/when you do put a steel cage on your 13 I would LOVE it if you could please do a tutorial on it. Thanks man!

    16. روضي

      lm from Iraq🇮🇶 i Love so much pro my bike is 2003 Kawasaki😊 I LOVE 🇮🇶🇮🇶❤

      1. روضي

        @brian_636 ❤❤

      2. brian_636

        Alll love brother!

    17. NEB_ JOKER

      Im trying to find a 03/04 636 theres this one in Houston its black and red with a nice red grip but the website its on you csn only email the sellers and the dude hasnt got back to me yet but ill keep looking

    18. Walter V

      Bryan can I have your 2 cents. I just bought a 05 r6 but upon further inspection I noticed that the frame has a big scrape on the upper right side by the radiator. And behind the engine block has some sort of bondo type of patch. The bike runs great but am scared this might cause me an accident . Do you think I should sell it?

    19. Carita P

      I would get the new 636.

    20. Andre Fortez

      What would you consider a good price for one of these bikes used? How much would that expected price change if it was previously stunted vs one that was never stunted?

    21. keirra Leggins

      Love the intro

      1. brian_636

        Thank you Keirra! Merry Christmas

    22. ZX ZEUS

      The 1st 636 was actually a 2002 carbed Euro model. Get facts straight before making hard claims Brian. 🧐 You have a ton of followers that are now misinformed. 😖

    23. NinjaBwoiJordy

      Brian! My dude, my fav KGupr! You ssid to giggle if someone says 01-02 636....but there is such thing about the 01-02 636! Yes it still carbs but its still a 636 A1P, they bore it up that yesr before they came out with the fuel injected one.

    24. Vikeca Lifestyle

      Nice bike! I like 2013 more!

    25. Alberto Maytorena

      ay bruh bruh I saw you in Los Angeles yo I was hype I said that Brian 636!

    26. Leslie Burke

      Dude wtf is this guy doing with this bike??? I can't even cover my bike well 😭 I'm such a noob. This is is a legend

    27. Stanley Stovex

      Great vid....I think the comparison is a little unfair given the almost 20yr difference. The mapping on the newer is probably so much more cleaner. A feat that had many ecu flasher and even manufacturers trying to figure shit how the time goes it get any better...but it does with the right intent ...Soo newer 636 wins hands down...I think most of the newer 636 power probably comes from tuning and some other fine minute shit...honestly if top notch stunts says it pulls given he is an f4i guy it must...nuff for me...the newer bikes don't seem to have the lag that older bikes do...probably cuz of the mapping and shit like that...even if the engine is rebuilt every year...not knocking but...probably just doesn't compare....damn fine vid...keep that shit fucking coming

    28. Ids Roskam

      What kinda exhaust does your 2013 636 have?

      1. Ids Roskam

        @brian_636 thx for liking my coment

      2. brian_636


    29. Paul Motour

      I love all your video brian636 big fans over here.i need to build me one and start learning some stunts.waiving from dallas

    30. Devon Morgan

      Is this bike faster then a 07 gsxr 600

    31. Cashout brosdeanis

      I rember u bein at 10k now look

    32. Halfzac

      im glad you referred to the 0304 as the "old" 636

    33. BlackTop

      13-18's got that power 💨💨💨

    34. Cyclegenix

      Love the video! I have the 2020 Volcano orange 636 and I love it! I am in the market for a stunt bike since I cannot tear my 2020 apart. Thank you for making this video, I think I will definitely be looking for a 03-04.

    35. ian cordes

      I just bought my first bike a 2017 ktm duke 390 and honestly I want to be able to ride like you your awesome

      1. brian_636

        All love my guy

    36. Stickie Quickie600

      Dope bikes💪🏻

    37. GSXR TWIN

      I love both of them 🤩

    38. rmuckluck

      How many bikes do you have, like 5?

    39. Chase Cooper

      He has a shinko...I dont feel bad for buying those anymore

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya man!!!!!

    40. brandon hodge

      The new ones get warmed up faster while riding vs the older ones stay cooler

      1. brian_636

        100% man

    41. Anthony Nixon

      Love your videos bro.. so when you wear rubber gloves do your hands freeze?

      1. brian_636

        No, it keeps them warmer man!

    42. ciukcia nedurakas

      u are wrong,they did made a 636 from 2000 to 2002,google it! i used to have one too

    43. nick james r3dbull4lif3

      03/04 is my favourite

    44. Düfek Films

      Why dont many people stunt the 09-12's?!

      1. brian_636

        Their are a few who do man!

    45. ashton davis

      im leaving for marine basic in a week any advice

      1. ashton davis

        @brian_636 thxs man thank u for your service

      2. brian_636

        Good luck my guy, just dont quit!!!!

    46. Joe Shmo

      Dope gloves 👌

      1. brian_636

        Thanks brother!!!!

    47. dredlocked07

      So a 2005 wouldn't be a 636?

      1. kawosz636 j

        It is :) 599 and 636

    48. Abc123

      My dream is to get as good as you, but fear balance point still after 1 year:(

      1. Brazilian Jef _It's just what it is

        1 year is nothing. Keep going. 5 years in you'll be more comfortable

    49. RK stuntz

      you need a tune for youre 03 04 i think that make a huge different in idle pulling and overall power. 03/04 636 have a lot of valve overlap, thats bad for idle quality and power, i don't know about the overlap on a 13+ 636. i think overlap and fuel make the biggest differents between these bikes. for the 13+ the same storie about a new tune, it runs hot because it runs lean. for emision bullshit kawasaki let the bike run on the lean side, you have take the restricte exhaust off and put a shorty on it so now it runs very lean. jason britton do have for a 13+ a custom mapping for stuntriding i think? _ about the high rear end on a 13+, no one ever tried to lower the back off the bike?? i think the problem with scraping on the highway is a lot better with a lowering. the problem is that the front fork rake will change, so be carefull with that.

    50. Racefeeling

      I'm owning a 636 (03/04) since 7.5 years now and I can't get enough of it :D Still have other bikes beside that Kawa but I can't imagine to give it away one time. Best model from my perspective (and I have ridden the 2015 model). Greetings from Switzerland

      1. Racefeeling

        @Canadian Kamote Life I'm gonna check it out right now :) Thanks for the hint. Well, I did shortly get rid of it because of an accident (which wasnt my fault but whatever) and I shortly bought another one. Had a 03 and now a 04 but as you know, it's the same model :) Too bad to hear that you lost your licence... But it happens wayyyyyy to fast :D

      2. Canadian Kamote Life

        @Racefeeling I hear ya, don’t ever get rid of it, I did🤦‍♂️I miss my 04 😢(lost license 🤷‍♂️). Agreed best model 👍, check out some of the crazy s@$t I’ve done on my 636😊😉🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    51. Antonio496X

      Hey Brian. Just wanted to tell you to keep up the great work. Love seeing your ride!

    52. Noah Wyrich

      Idc wut anyone says the 03 looks better than the 13 in my opinion

    53. Theo Holliday

      The 2003 is sooo much nicer

    54. Ben Wilson

      Yo you should make a vid on how to find good lots!

    55. jake beaudry

      When you say rebuild the motor yearly.... what do you actually have to do with it? I was wondering how well the motor holds up to the abuse

      1. legacyofblake

        he abuses it with coasters + rev limiters. Im surprised it last that long sometimes.

    56. XenoDragonSlayer

      Why do people call them a 636? I don’t call my cbr1000rr. My 1000. I call it my cbr or liter bike.

      1. Canadian Kamote Life

        The motor has 636cc displacement, that’s why everyone calls them 636’s not 600’s.

    57. ForeTean Games

      Great vid! I've been wanting to get a new bike to start stunting, I can do tank stands and seat stands but those aren't nearly as fun as a rolling burnout! Thanks for the mechanic glove tip, it helps so much in this 30f Indiana winter weather! Keep up the great vids man!

    58. A Z

      You’re gay

    59. Dookin with Dan

      Great video man!

    60. Christos Nikolaou

      Great video like always brother ❤️ ❤️

    61. Romeo Roberts

      2 beauitful bike 😍🔥🔥🔥

    62. Diskord 138

      Sweet, they both look sick, they are sick. I just got a old school Triumph speed 4, 2003, it is amazing how strong those old ass bikes can be.

    63. Kawiboy636

      03-04 636 😍🤟‼️

    64. 701Gangstatainment

      had to say it, there is a 2002 zx6r 636, it did not pass USA Emissions, but KAWASAKI did make a 2002 636, not this style. zzr style.

    65. Canadian Kamote Life

      YA BUDDY!!!!!!! Man what a phenomenal video🤯👏👌👍, so much detailed information. You killed it yet again👏. I miss my 04 now😢. You know I'm not a stunter, I like hauling ass, rippin up the pavement, but when I dropped the engine to do maintenance in the winter. When I first seen the front motor mounts it was very clear, that was a weak point. I only did 3 small wheelies, in the 2 1/2 - 3 years I owned it. Each of the 3 wheelies, I cringed as the front end came down. Well its back to the dirt bike and the mountains for me next season. I picked up a 09 CRF450R. Man keep up the awesome job your doing, love these type of videos, just like the stunt tutorial videos you did👌👍. I'm gonna message you tm.

    66. IceFire 425

      YAY! Another video!

    67. skeetuschrist

      Yeah guys get the 13+ so us 03/04 guys can still get parts lol

      1. brian_636


    68. skeetuschrist

      I just bought an 03/04 hahaha

    69. Krieger

      636 transmission is shit boi. Second gear goes always

      1. Krieger

        And I'm a huge fan of yours btw lol

      2. Krieger

        Maybe one you got had already rebuilt second gear. If you rebuild it then it's all gucci

      3. brian_636

        Have never had mine go🤷‍♂️

    70. ClutchupCat

      awesome video man, now I need a 13+ haha

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya you do big bro

    71. Clarence

      Fuck it I scrape the stock exhaust on my 07 zx6r

      1. brian_636

        Helllll ya that’s gangsta my guy🤘


      Brian you should build your back up 03/04 with all the 13+ conversions parts

      1. JACOB MYERS

        @brian_636 steel frame 13+ steel subframe with 13+ front end and farings and 13+ swing-arm. Stunt bike Build series would be dope

      2. brian_636

        That would be sickkkk

    73. Carol Ellis


    74. HaZe Folo

      Sorry to correct you but there was a 02 636 - the 636a Or at least it existed in Europe I mean it makes sense or why should Kawasaki Saft the 636 series with the B version?

      1. brian_636

        Not in the US there wasn’t my guy

    75. Brett Leffer

      Love it bro

    76. The Assassin

      Brian you need to get an FZ/MT 07 and test it out for a while and make this video again! Now which 636 you choose is up to you lol. Hell when you come down to Texas for any rides I’ll happily give you my bike to test out 🤣

    77. mick muller

      I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm...

      1. Kasper


      2. brian_636

        I love you lol🤘

    78. Alejandro Guerrero

      I'm 17 🥲 i was 10 only 7 years ago

    79. Steven Horner

      Is it bad that I've watched most vids you've posted in the past year and also watched most of your old vids and didn't know that you own a newer 636?

      1. Steven Horner

        @brian_636 Apparently I missed the ones with it in them. Lol

      2. brian_636

        That is wild! It’s been in a few videos!

    80. Abc123

      You Need to try a mt 07!

      1. MonT- 09

        Or 09

      2. brian_636

        Yeah I do!!!

    81. Ben VanLue

      can we get another 450 video Brian?! love the video brother

      1. brian_636

        Yes sirrrrr

    82. Sun Vall

      I got me a 05 636 wouldn’t change it for a unicorn 🤣 love the video!

      1. jp kellerman

        Thank you very much I orderd mine :)

      2. Sun Vall

        @jp kellerman search it up on eBay servo buddy exhaust valve eliminator

      3. jp kellerman

        Same here. Wouldnt trade it for anything. Just wondering if you know of any way to clear the error code I got on the cheap, I ripped the motor off the exuast valve witch is now stuck open, she runs beautifully and to be honest there is zero regrets from letting her breathe but would be nice if the warning light would be functional again, you know incase it had to warn me about anything instead of being permenantly on letting me know the exuast is unrestricted.

    83. mike eger

      Great information and nice video a bit of info mixed with a few stunts thanks 🙏

    84. its Chris


    85. Joe Maffei

      Awesome video! Love the comparison! And those one handed Ralph Louie circles are crazy smooth bro! One of my favorite stunters in the world right here! Love from Philly!

    86. Z125 Mike

      Have you seen anyone using the Kawasaki Z line of bikes for stunting like the Z650 or Z400? And whats your opinion on them?

    87. Steven c

      8 mins in i thought he preferred the 03/04

    88. Nick Treaae

      Any major issues or differences from the 03/04s and the 05/06s?

      1. kawosz636 j

        I have 05/06. In 05/06 : more power, better brakes,better frame but not subframe,better swing arm,tank is half plastic half metalic, thats all :)

    89. PattyCakeStunts

      I loved this video !!! I’ve owned. Sec gen 636 . N now I got the third gen 636 and I loved them both . I never owned a first gen , but I always wanted one , they had the bullshark look to them , so cool at time ... Thanks for your videos Brian , You remind me why I love Kawasaki So Much !!!🔥🔥😎Ps: thanks for getting all the years right . Most people got no idea what they got, just cuz it’s says ninja 🥷 on the side !!!

    90. JVPLAYTV

      They look both great

    91. Anonymous

      Just the video I was looking for Thanks Brian!

    92. Tommy Shea

      Yes Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!!! That was A+ content!!!!

      1. brian_636

        Thank you Tommy!!! Please share my guy

    93. candyman





        @brian_636 dying from exams. Ur vids light up my mood bro

      2. brian_636

        What’s upppp!

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    96. Calvin Cato

      My guy!!!!!! Hit me up I’m in Chicago right now till the 23rd

    97. Roaring Pistons

      People that disliked this video ride f4i😂😂😂

      1. brian_636


    98. Roaring Pistons

      I am looking for an 03/04 636 right now but they're like unicorns to find minty stock and even when you do they're so overpriced and with money you spend to go travel/get off work to get it you'll end up spending just as much as for a 13+ (kind of) and like you said good luck finding stock parts or another motor! I want an 03/04 so bad and have cash waiting to buy the right one but if I can't then 13+ it is then which I was thinking you can buy salvaged (with minimal damage) for cheap then swap frame and subframe because you'll have to eventually anyways...

    99. EVAN.norwalk California


    100. EVAN.norwalk California