"THAT'S A HARLEY!?" (#HoodEats Eps. 31)


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    We head to Orlando Florida on the 2016 Harley Davidson Roadster stunt bike build that I recently completed! On Hood Eats today we grab Gringo Loco Tacos in downtown on the motorcycles! Enjoy this vlog! Brian 636!
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    Taking a trip with Nasty Nate, Smashstunts, and a few other friends to downtown Orlando to try out some awesome tacos on the new Harley Davidson 1200 Roadster and pop some wheelies with friends along the way!
    Before every motorcycling ride on the street, we check all essential parts on the Harley Davidson 1200 sportster stunt bike, Yamaha Yz450f supermoto, and Kawasaki zx6-r motorcycle. Insurance, gasoline, tires, chain, and oil are all inspected by a motorcycle tech. Always wear your DOT approved helmet, leather gloves, and motorcycle insurance company. Please ride safely and enjoy this Hood Eats with Brian 636 vlog! Love you all!
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