Spinning in 5th Gear👌 #Shorts


145 миӊ. көрүүлөр18

    Burning some rubber on a rolling burnout outside of Charlotte! Enjoy this quick #shorts

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. brian_636

      Hope you guys are digging the new short videos! Have a good Monday people🙏

      1. Merrick Williams

        @brian636 hey bro i hope you enjoyed them beers lol

      2. AJ motorsport 636 bike life family

        Yeeeeeyeeeee definitely love the short video cool burnout man that 636 is a problem💯💯💯636!!!!!! Mafiaaaaaa gang for life for life

      3. Mehmet Carson

        Love them. Didn’t need that tire anyway hahaha

      4. Josh Jury

        @Up North damn 🤯

      5. Up North

        @Josh Jury dyna low rider s 2016 stage4 👍🏼 145hp 138trq awesone bike

    2. live and let live

      125cc? No chance your bouncing off the imiter like that cruising at 40

    3. Matthew

      When the biker shows up the supra

    4. PepeAle FrancesAlvarado

      Super , sin la mamada

    5. manjeet rani

      It has h2r or zx 10 r

    6. Pro Gamerz R . D . X


    7. Samuel kjr

      When Gta stunts in real life....

    8. Extra Nexus

      It’s only a matter of time !!

    9. Dolly


    10. gg Hhh

      Wow very nice

    11. Dmitriy Panasyuk

      How do you do that I wanna try on my 250 😅

    12. LeggyBulrush69

      Saving the planet step by step

    13. John Cannon

      My favourite thing about your burnouts and stuff is you always look back and check if it was good or not

    14. Hailey Floyd


    15. Zzy Foster

      GTA 4 be like

    16. Nelly

      Ok now I more move like that and straight to the dealer for you know what!

    17. ミスターハーデス

      バカだな〜タイヤ磨り減るだけで 何得意がってるの❓バイクのパワーが有るから誰でも出来るわ!アホ

    18. Edi Lesinger

      704 charlotte baby

    19. Jack Holoman

      This is all a man needs from life. This right here.

    20. seth thomas

      I tried this once, smoked turned out to be the clutch..

    21. Nick

      Sick video

    22. Ollie Lune

      How do you burnout like that on a R1?

    23. Tony Surma


    24. Donovan Goodacre

      Dang brian_636

    25. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ


    26. Ovtndmntn721

      Life is good

    27. Antonije Staniša

      Brian please do a 0304 vs 0506 636 video

    28. Austin Guerrero

      For some reason you so badass doing it with the helmet you're wearing n the GoPro on it

    29. Niklas S

      We need them daily #Shorts vids brian.. dailyyy. i need my fix while waiting for the snow to smelt..

    30. Moto Legends

      Yo man I love all of ur vids they are so good keep up the good riding

    31. Rad Roads NZ

      You dropped that in 5th?

    32. Wei Zhong Xian Fumario & Beans

      Living the life

    33. STUNT NEWS

      well hellooooo

    34. pelonchaz Chinelo Ortiz


    35. Straight Torque master

      Super dope

    36. Og 420

      Just make a tik tok for this vids

    37. Dj donut Mcintyre

      Is a yamasaki ym50 a good starter bike for a 16 year old

    38. Motorcycle Throttle

      Rolling burnout with style.

      1. Extra Nexus


      2. Extra Nexus

        With death!

    39. Myles Holyoak

      I'm not sure why but the rolling burn outs are my favorite. They all have skill to them obviously. But I think it's just the power the smoke the drifting between ppl the sound, all that goes into it.. I love watching them.

    40. Jonathan Mcnabb

      Aahhhhh ...I hate my tire..!!!

    41. darkskull


    42. Jonty


    43. Harsh panwar

      Heavy driver

    44. جعفر الباش

      حبك ستنر اني من عرق

    45. Sihem Abdelhak

      Yo chill man

    46. Ronnie welch

      Now that's how you start the week off 5 gear that's wild there I mostly roll the tire in second or third guess I'll be trying to learn how to roll the tire in 5th any pointers brother hate I missed you guys in charlotte bet I don't miss mega sesh next year love the short vids bro you guys besafe down in florida 💯🤘🤘💯

    47. Pct_ruvim Lol

      Yo can you do more spinning vids like that but in like a doomsay

    48. SneakyTurtle510

      For sale on Craigslist: Never raced, babied, fresh oil change, ready for new owner Does 5th gear rolls every Morning

    49. THErealistREALIST

      rollers and drifting are going to be the new wheelies lmao

    50. Kicking it with Alvin Kinds

      Alright now my Dude. You’re getting it. Cool and much love.🏍🏍

    51. Victor Ofo

      Sick af.

    52. fourtwentycg

      Fuckin screamin!!!

    53. En Usko

      mad kuusaa

    54. Pk_stunts _


    55. Marquise Smith

      like show bike 🏍 💯💪🤟

    56. Richiewrich 69


    57. Mathew Flick

      Hi Brian it Mathew from Australia...that was unreal roll"in burnouts... Ur biggest fan Mathew... All the best to you and family and friends and be safe...🇦🇺

    58. Chris Johnson

      There's just something about a rolling burn out that gets me so fired up

      1. brian_636

        THE SOUND!

      2. Zarnex gaming

        That's why they are my favorite

    59. TheOneTheOnly KB

      That’s so mint altoids went out of business.

    60. Samuel Steele

      What is your favorite bike that you don’t already own?

    61. Josh

      Can someone tell me the bike? That's not an H2 Carbon is it? Can't tell/.

    62. Associate Forum

      Insane... ✌✌✌

    63. Yeti spaghetti

      Update on my new bike. My dad was riding it home because I'm not old enough to ride and it broke. I need to put a new head gasket in it, push rods, and I need a new cover for my sproket Wish me luck I'll have to get a job this summer to fix it

    64. Ricardo Vargas

      Turn up . Yessss fuck it up

    65. Ste_F4i

      never disapoints 🏍👌👍✌🤙

    66. raylazuli

      Sounds great

    67. Jako Dippenaar

      Love it im gonna get myself a cbr 1000 rr

    68. Dragonyze

      That’s sick as hell!!

    69. Full send Tv

      Every time I post a short video I got so many more views

    70. Full send Tv

      Shorts are were it’s at

    71. J j601

      Go head, I’m not mad at you at all👍🏻

    72. Lucid Alex2008

      Keep it up get better

    73. Lincoln K.

      Much love be safe thanks for drop

    74. Yeti spaghetti

      Man thx for the great content your great and I just bought my first bike at 15

      1. C Spray

        Go hard, jack Miller started riding at 14

    75. Voodoo reviews

      You defo could have whipped 6th gear out of that bro

    76. Solid Entell

      Short vids are were its at! Off the chain

    77. 4NPUSHA ;P

      I’m in the middle of learning this too lol 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼✊🏼 man you are wild🔥💜

      1. brian_636

        Hell ya man! Take it slow!

    78. Blue Roar Music

      It's my bday today and that make me so happy

      1. brian_636

        Happy Birthday !!!

    79. Carl genis

      Brian_636 was that done by shear power alone or was he riding his font brakes too? Sure seem scetchy as hell

      1. Fuhgeddaboudit

        Absolutely he's riding the brake, and I doubt that was 5th!

    80. Yair Sandoval

      Yessir 🔥🔥

    81. jezeus

      your tire guy must love you

    82. Sekamek

      Release the POV

    83. Skinzo

      Watching your videos with a misguided shirt on wishing one day that would be me lmao 🙏🙏

    84. Hunter

      Can never not love a nice rolling burnie

    85. George Mooe


    86. k1d Ultra

      Duck n Dive ^^


      .imagine the tyres after that

      1. Smitty84


    88. its Chris

      Anything you post is worth watching

    89. Kawizsquad Hanners

      He’ll yeah that’s how it’s done o yeah got the misguided decals in the mail today they look bad ass got they laying in the sun right now to slap on my bike 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

    90. MOTO MAC

      nuts bro love it

    91. MSL stunts

      what’s up dude how you been

    92. Fredooo Gh

      Much love hero watching you from Ghana stay blessed boss

      1. brian_636

        What is up in Ghana brother!

    93. Ethan Gerrard

      I want to get it to the stunting world but it seems super hard so would you recommend a bike for stunting?

    94. joey Chula

      Had to break in that new shoe🏍💨💯💪

      1. brian_636

        YES SIRRRR

    95. MSL stunts

      Yoooo what’s up mannnn how you been

    96. Bilboswaggens

      This weather so nice I'm bout to head out rn

    97. MrHentaiKing


    98. Craig The Gamer

      Nice bro

    99. Josh Jury

      Gotta love the 3rd person view rolling burnouts

      1. Austin Dixon

        @Josh Jury lol

      2. Josh Jury


      3. brian_636

        YEE YEEEEE

    100. ANM Music

      nice burnout !!