Live From Charlotte!


19 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

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      That redbike litteraly sounds like a ghetto bird


      I find it hilarious how that guy is just screaming the whole time

    3. Stephen lovell

      Ok i know i am late af but that building lot your stunning in i built part of it

    4. Brandon Clark

      Charlotte keep it up!!!

    5. osti

      U inspired my to buy a bike been here since day one yeee baby sick vid

    6. M

      Bikes hitting the rev limiter gives me anxiety.

    7. Avery Bla bla

      I live in south Carolina next to north Carolina

    8. Edi Lesinger

      Charlittt! Was dope meeting you man and watching you work on your craft 💯

    9. Straightup 631


      1. brian_636

        My man!!!!

    10. Ted Jones

      Great content man keep it comin... ride hard ride safe bro

    11. oConshien

      Yo where was this? Had no idea

      1. oConshien

        @brian_636 I'm out here in the CLT riding almost daily, just getting comfortable with my new wr250r doing little clutch ups here and there. Born in Chicago though, I've been binging your Hood Eats series mate all week, cheers 🍻

      2. brian_636

        On the south side brother

    12. Sammy B

      Damn ... I would of so been there.

    13. Travis B

      Orlando Hitters to Charlotte Drifters, what's coming live next? Daytona Rippers?

    14. Alphâ Wolfe

      Lit 🤟👍

      1. brian_636

        Always a good time!

    15. DropLowz_Customs

      Can i get some info on when these charlotte lot sessions are going down?

    16. Perena Skachill

      You need to show us what you can do on a 2-Stroke

      1. brian_636

        I need one man!

    17. Caleb Adkins

      You should swing by Belmont! It’s right by Charlotte and they got some bangin restaurants!

      1. brian_636

        Hellll ya

    18. Ronnie welch

      Y'all gonna be out there tomorrow I was gonna ride out there dame my buddy was there didn't know it was the mega sesh broke my dame foot last night so I was being lazy all day hate I missed it but you guys killed it as always 💯

    19. Chronically Wolfy

      Cook to know you are only a couple hours away, im in Fayetteville, sadly i dont have a moto yet but take care and drive "safe"!

    20. Tyler Gallo


    21. Moneygod00

      Quit cussing

    22. Kenrick Morgan

      You are not answering

    23. cain sample

      The combo kid? What? 😂😂

    24. unclejo3

      well dang, this would have been worth the 2 hour trip down there.

    25. Myles Holyoak

      Ha Lot will be black by the end of the summer

    26. Carlton Elleby

      Aww mane yesssssirrr butt Raleigh is the best in NC!

    27. fourtwentycg

      Damn I needa get out and work on my wheelies n shit. I just been out hitting trails, doin my dual sport shit.

    28. NorCal

      I LIVE FOR THIS SHIT BRO!!! Thank you for bringing it 👍🏻

    29. NorCal

      They must have giant rear sprockets to do those slow wheelies. I've been practicing mine 🤘🏻 😎🤟🏻


      Missed the live stream oh well here now Yo from UK

    31. Jonah

      Yesirrr reppin NC 🤙🏼

    32. Work Hard

      Got damn... Dem boys slang’n those bikes.. They be like “we ride heavy bikes bruh”... Hell Yeah 🤘🏼

    33. Richard Burns

      Did you video this with a shake weight in your hand?

    34. Hjalte Skovbjerg

      I dont have a motorcycle but im doing wheelies and stopies on my mtb and when im getting a bike i Will do wheelies and stopies like you keep doing the good work👍👍

    35. Hjalte Skovbjerg

      Keep doing the good work i love your videos and you Are my biggest idol

      1. brian_636

        Will do brother all love

    36. YarikStuntRider


    37. sSHaDoW cRUiZer2o3

      You LoviN LifE yeT pEople Cmon LeT thE woRLd KnoW yoU Lovin It ..Livin iT ..And MakiN iT LiVErr!!!!!!!!!sLap Yaself ...iS tHat Da Guy??

      1. brian_636


    38. Ricardo Vargas

      What’s up with the killer hitting the streets

      1. brian_636

        We hit the streets a bit

    39. Bm_xr

      Nothing but madmen, I love it, I wish I could be out there

      1. Bm_xr

        @brian_636 I’m on a 2000 SV650 right now, but I’ve been looking to get a 637, my neighbor behind me has one, gonna see if he wants to sell it so I can really get stunting

      2. brian_636

        Hell yaaa

    40. Ricardo Vargas

      I hope one they to be as good as u guys .

    41. Perry Bryson

      Wat up I live rite at ashville nc bro and I watch every time you post wat up lol I am Fighting my wireing harnes on my 636 and a rod in my gz250 and I am gonna get a bigger position and a nos shot port and polish the head also . But shit I just saying hey bro lmfao

    42. Squid Moto

      Putting the cages on my mt07 then im heading to tear up west oakland. Sending love from the west coast.

    43. Ken MacDonald

      hay bro I hope you read this hurt my lag and now im in the er

    44. King Eli


    45. Jboycruz

      I wish I could meet you but I’m not home I’m in Atlanta for the weekend :(

    46. Space Palace Entertainment

      The laugh at the end is priceless that's how I kno u psycho 😭😭😭

    47. Alex Long

      Listen to them tires cooking dang.

    48. King Eli


    49. King Eli


    50. CORYSart

      Some much tire smoking in this video it needs a surgeon general's warning label on it

    51. Chris W

      Wow, the Hog action!!! Welcome to NC

    52. Alex Long

      Sounds good

    53. Alex Long


    54. Jay v

      ayy mans in my city Steele Creek

    55. Jay v


    56. I'm dober


    57. Chizz Chizz


    58. SnowTYB