Harley Crash Protection PART 2!


11 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Today we install all crash protection on the Roadster Harley!

    күнү жарыяланды 2 ай мурун


    1. TrashyJunKsterS

      The name of those pipes? Got a stage 4 harley nightster a set of matte black ones would look nice on.

    2. John Smith

      My cocks cage was a struggle too. Since the bike had forward controls originally the cage needed the grinder on one of the lower mounts. Headache. And they forgot to send the slider pucks.

    3. keirra Leggins


    4. MeierMoto

      Ver very good Video... 👍

    5. Tom Jendra

      pls make these videos not lives

    6. Restivochris-stunts Restivo

      Man getting that on was stressful mine is a 2008 and it went on smooth wonder why yours went on so hard and stuff that’s insane

    7. kaza666

      I want a go on a harley after watching your videos

    8. Kamyab A

      When ever are you to show ur face like others did, come on man , Dank did it’s time bra 😃🇺🇸

    9. Truth401

      I don’t make resolutions but I do make goals, get another bike and learn to stunt. 😂

    10. Tommy Shea

      Since you asked what we did for New Years....I watched the New Year’s Eve show on t.v. Basically did nothing. I just signed a lease and ready to move in a new place tomorrow. So my 2021 plan is to get settled, get my back SSDI checks from 2015 about to be decided on, and with 20k of that money 💰I’ll be retaining a proper attorney to litigate the estate I inherited, and we know the rest.... Oh, and one major New Years resolution of mine is to put in check my family’s bar, Shea’s Tavern here in Reno, for the past 6 years of drama, lies, unlawful money transactions created with my accounts (estate), a sloppy murder for hire & bad drinks. Feeeer sure! I want to pick up a bike to get back into balance point for while, ya know? Something I can not worry about dropping. And I want to find at least one cool chick that might exist....once again, here in Reno. In 2021 I’m also going focus on me (pardon the pun). New Years is almost like Christmas with this list! Lmfao ✌️ L&R

    11. Scarlet 76

      Happy new year. Maybe you would know how much and what type of washers to use for the upper two screws, when you screw in the bottom screws loose, first. You can grind the thickness of the washer diagonally, if necessary, to keep the screw and part straight together. One washer for screw, one washer for part. You don't need to modify parts. It will be clean and solid. Have a glory day and ride safe, ppl. 👊

    12. Jaman Rooney

      Brian the bike is a harley buy some American tools it's a half inch

    13. Ragdoll Racing

      Face reveal soon hey Brian

    14. HilltopHooligan

      forks looked like they were hitting the cage

    15. joshua jury

      Brian be dedicated to keeping his face outta the vid lol

      1. Austin Prino

        @widow-zx10 cause there is a reason he is so diligent on his public page

      2. widow-zx10

        How so... if he didnt want it out there it wouldnt have been done. He did a pod cast on youtube..... lol

      3. Austin Prino

        @widow-zx10 this is dry snitching

      4. widow-zx10

        Or watch joeys east coastin 2020 video bryans face is in that to lol

      5. widow-zx10

        Just watch the pod cast he did with dank wheelie. He shows his face lol

    16. Maxwell TIKTOK

      How many cc does that boy has

      1. Maxwell TIKTOK

        @Gavin Riggs what do u mean all of them broh

      2. Gavin Riggs

        All of them

    17. gnarlock

      If you go back to the cage, try shoving something in the lower pipe to give you leverage to pull on to get the tabs lined up. Good luck guys!

    18. Logan c

      Did you lock tight the bolts?

    19. Lucky Dud

      I have 250xr tornado🙃

    20. Levi Flores


    21. Kdizz 10

      Nice video hopefully one day I can pay you to make me a stunt bike

      1. Kdizz 10

        @Lucas van hamburg I’ll probably fuck up the bike and it will never be the same

      2. Lucas van hamburg

        Just build ur own

    22. Aim RC

      Awesome Stream Man!